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Our Mobile App Development Services

Design and build superior digital products with seamless user experiences across all platforms. From ideation to delivery, we offer full-cycle app development, integration, and ongoing support.

Custom App Development

  • Our custom mobile app development services deliver tailored solutions, enhancing user engagement and functionality. Experience innovation, quality, and support from concept to launch and beyond.

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Cross Platform App Development
  • React Native Development
  • Flutter App Development

Mobile App Modernization

  • Revitalize your app with our Mobile App Modernization services. We enhance functionality, update technology, and improve user experience, ensuring your app stays relevant and competitive.

  • UI/UX Redesign
  • Technology Upgrade
  • Performance Optimization
  • Cloud Integration
  • Security Enhancements

Product Design

  • We create visually stunning, user-friendly interfaces that engage users and enhance overall app experience.

  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Prototyping
  • Branding Integration
  • Responsive Design

Mobile App Consulting

  • Our mobile app consulting services guide you through strategy, design, and development. Leverage expert insights to optimize your app for success and market impact.

  • Strategy Development
  • Market Research
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Technology Assessment
  • Monetization Strategies

Mobile App Integration

  • Our mobile app integration services connect your app with existing systems and APIs, enhancing functionality and streamlining workflows for a superior user experience.

  • API Integration
  • IoT Device Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Cloud Service Integration
  • Social Media Integration

App Migration

  • The NineHertz offers cloud services, including cloud migration, management, and optimization, to ensure secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that enhance business agility and performance.

  • Cloud strategy
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Managed services and support
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Migration Services

App Support & Maintenance

  • We ensure optimal performance, timely updates, bug fixes, and user support, keeping your application running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Bug Fixing
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Regular Updates
  • Backup and Recovery
  • User Support

Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Our app experts guarantee optimal app performance through comprehensive functional, usability, performance, security, and regression testing, ensuring a seamless user experience and reliability.

  • Functional Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Manual Testing

We are #1 Mobile
App Development Company


A renowned app for the world’s #1 athletic and apparel brand with over 300M+ customers.


An online food delivery mobile app, facilitating over 3M orders every day.


Home designing app trusted by 10M+ contractors for building and remodeling.

At our Mobile App Development Company, we transform ideas into innovative apps, blending cutting-edge technology with stunning design. Our passionate team crafts seamless experiences that engage users and drive success in a competitive digital world.

Start Your Journey To Success

Develop A Robust Mobile App

    Our Proficiency in Custom App Development

    Where ideas meet innovation, we specialize in bespoke app solutions, blending creative vision, technical expertise, and precision to deliver exceptional digital experiences that elevate brands and captivate users.

    iOS App Development

    Our iOS App Development team focuses on creating high-quality applications for Apple devices. Our experienced iOS developers utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver user-friendly, innovative apps that provide exceptional performance, ensuring a seamless experience for users on the iOS platform.

    Jeet-App Delivery Manager
    Our Expert
    App Delivery Manager

    Android App Development

    Our Android App developers involve building tailored applications for the Android platform using latest technologies to deliver intuitive, high-performance apps, ensuring a rich user experience and seamless functionality across a wide range of Android devices.

    Kumar-Lead Solution Architect
    Our Expert
    Lead Solution Architect

    Cross Platform App Development

    We enable the creation of versatile applications by combining the best of web and mobile technologies. Our Hybrid app experts design and build apps that run smoothly across platforms, ensuring an engaging user experience and efficient performance.

    Jack-HR Head of App Development Company
    Our Expert
    HR Head

    React Native Development

    Utilizing the power of React Native, we design cross-platform applications that offer native-like performance and user experience to streamline development while ensuring a consistent look and feel across devices.

    Sourabh-Mobile App Development Team Lead
    Our Expert
    Team Lead

    Flutter App Development

    Harnessing Flutter’s capabilities, we develop visually appealing, high-performance applications for multiple platforms enabling you to reach your audience faster while maintaining exceptional quality and functionality.

    Hemant-VP Sales & Marketing for application develpoment
    Our Expert
    VP Sales & Marketing

    Progressive Web App Development

    Combining the best of web and mobile experiences, We design fast, reliable applications that function seamlessly across devices. Users enjoy offline capabilities and instant updates, enhancing engagement and accessibility without compromising performance.

    Monika-PM Lead of mobile application development
    Our Expert
    PM Lead

    Our Technical Prowess in Bespoke Application Development


    • 375+

      App Launched

    • 15+

      Years of Experience

    • 150+

      Dedicated App Developers

    • 92%

      Client Retention

    Trusted by Leading Brands

    Our clients include industry leaders and startups, trusting us for innovative mobile app solutions that drive success and engagement.

    Dive into Our Remarkable App Development Journey

    With a customer-centric approach, we are an award-winning mobile application development services company that offers the best mobile app development services. Check our case studies and hire dedicated developers for all your mobile app project requirements.

    Food Delivering App for a Multi-Chain Restaurant

    Crafted a food delivery app to increase orders and facilitate convenience for customers. The application helps add the menu, get orders, receive payments, and contact delivery partners with a single dashboard.

    Country USA USA
    Platforms iOS, Android
    • Payment Gateway
    • Push Notification
    • Bill Estimation
    • In-App Navigation
    • Real-Time Tracking
    Food Ordering App

    Movers and Packers App for a Logistics Company

    We developed a seamless application to make the moving process easier for customers and skyrocket the client’s revenue. Just a click to shift your home, office, or anything.

    Country UK United Kingdom
    Platforms iOS, Android
    • Payment Gateway
    • Live Tracking of Movers
    • Route Optimization
    • Manage Quotation and Bookings
    • Analytics and BI
    Movers and Packers App

    Edge-AI Platform for a Furniture Brand

    Incorporated a vertical-specific computer vision functionality for enhanced customer experience and better decision-making. Augmented reality provides a better idea of the product in real space.

    Country USA USA
    Platforms iOS, Android
    • Product 360-Degree Spin
    • Product Configuration
    • Featured Product List
    • Product View in AR
    • Floor-plan View
    Furniture Brand using Mobile app development services

    Shopping App for a Retail Giant

    Designed a shopping app to list all the products, offer discounts, make transactions, and increase sales. Better management of inventory leads to higher profit and business expansion.

    Country USA USA
    Platforms iOS, Android
    • Inventory Management
    • Vendor Management
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Multi-lingual Support
    • Social media integration
    • Voice Search Optimization
    • Real-time Order Tracking
    • AI-Powered Personalization
    Shopping App

    Fitness App for a Gymnasium Chain

    Our experts designed software to track health records, exercise intensity, and personalized diet plans. Integrated wearable devices make the session more effective, accurate, and result-driven.

    Country UK United Kingdom
    Platforms iOS, Android
    • AR/VR
    • Wearable Integration
    • Real-time Insights
    • GPS Tracking
    • Personalized Workouts
    • Health Monitoring
    • Video Coaching
    Fitness App

    Traveling App for a Tourism Company

    We built a tourism app to facilitate easy booking, cashless transactions, and customized services for customers. Users can choose from stay options, food cuisines, modes of transport, and everything else from the app’s interface.

    Country UK USA
    Platforms iOS, Android
    • Location-based Services
    • Travel Notification
    • Language Translation
    • Itinerary Planning Tools
    • AR Tours
    Traveling App

    On-Demand App Development On-Demand App Development

    An on-demand app connects users with services instantly, providing convenience and efficiency. Users request services through the app, which facilitates real-time fulfillment, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

    • Food Delivery Apps (e.g., Uber Eats, DoorDash)
    • Ride-Hailing Apps (e.g., Uber, Lyft)
    • Home Services Apps (e.g., TaskRabbit, Handy)
    • Healthcare Apps (e.g., Doctor on Demand, Teladoc)
    • Grocery Delivery Apps (e.g., Instacart, Shipt)

    Appointment Booking App DevelopmentAppointment Booking App Development

    Our appointment booking app development service streamlines scheduling, enabling users to book appointments effortlessly. We create customizable, user-friendly solutions that enhance efficiency and improve client engagement.

    • Medical Appointment Apps (e.g., Zocdoc, HealthTap)
    • Beauty and Wellness Apps (e.g., Styleseat, Booksy)
    • Business Meeting Apps (e.g., Calendly, Doodle)
    • Service Provider Apps (e.g., Thumbtack, TaskRabbit)
    • Event Booking Apps (e.g., Eventbrite, Meetup)

    eCommerce App DevelopmenteCommerce App Development

    Our eCommerce app developers create engaging, user-friendly platforms tailored to your business needs, enabling seamless shopping experiences, secure payments, and efficient inventory management to boost sales.

    • Retail eCommerce Apps (e.g., Amazon, Walmart)
    • Marketplace Apps (e.g., eBay, Etsy)
    • B2B eCommerce Apps (e.g., Alibaba, ThomasNet)
    • Subscription Box Apps (e.g., Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club)
    • Social Commerce Apps (e.g., Instagram Shopping, Facebook Marketplace)

    Travel & Booking App DevelopmentTravel & Booking App Development

    Our travel and booking app development offers custom solutions that streamline trip planning, allowing users to easily book accommodations, flights, and activities all in one place.

    • Flight Booking Apps (e.g., Skyscanner, Kayak)
    • Hotel Booking Apps (e.g.,,
    • Vacation Rental Apps (e.g., Airbnb, Vrbo)
    • Travel Planning Apps (e.g., TripIt, Google Trips)
    • Car Rental Apps (e.g., Hertz, Enterprise)
    • Local Experience Apps (e.g., Viator, GetYourGuide)

    Our baseline standard
    for project delivery.

    Award-winning company, recognized for innovation and excellence, proudly receiving industry accolades for outstanding solutions and service.



    projects executed successfully



    industry sectors industry sectors

    • Achievement in Customer Satisfaction 2023

      Achievement in Customer Satisfaction 2023

    • America's Fastest-growing Companies 2023

      America’s Fastest-growing Companies 2023

    • Top 100 Global Outsourcing Providers and Advisors 2023

      Top 100 Global Outsourcing Providers and Advisors 2023

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      Best IT Service Provider of the Year 2023

    Transform Your Idea into a Revolutionary Mobile App, Let’s Build it Now!

    Transform Your Idea into Mobile App

    Go Faster with AI-powered App Development

    Our method has led to a 30-50% productivity increase for our clients


    Mobile App Design


    • Defining feature and UX flows – 60% Faster
    • Drafting concepts and prototypes – 40% Faster
    • Converting UI concepts to code – 50% Faster


    Custom App Development


    • Bug Detection – 80% Faster
    • Unit Test Generation – 70% Faster
    • Regression testing – 70% Faster


    Mobile App Testing

    QA & Testing

    • Defining feature and UX flows – 60% Faster
    • Drafting concepts and prototypes – 40% Faster
    • Converting UI concepts to code – 50% Faster

    Our Flexible Mobile App Development Hiring Models

    Our flexible hiring models ensure you get the right talent, at the right time, to deliver your custom app development project successfully. Choose the model that best fits your needs, and let’s build a powerful mobile app together.

    Dedicated Mobile App Development Team Hiring Model

    Dedicated Team

    Dedicated experts working exclusively on your project, complete control, and flexibility assured.

    Fixed Price Model

    Fixed Price Model

    Fixed price, fixed scope, and timeline, predictable budget, no surprise costs guaranteed.


    Hourly Basis

    Pay by the hour for development work, perfect for small tasks or ongoing maintenance.


    Hybrid Model

    Customized blend of models, tailored to needs, flexible pricing, and adaptable scope.


    Your Next Great App Awaits

    Let’s discuss how Materialize Labs can help bring your project to life.


    Why We’re the Top Choice for Mobile App Development?

    The NineHertz utilizes the Agile project management methodology to impart perfection in each of their food delivery app development lifecycle. Beginning with the idea, we take every step ahead only after achieving the quality standards in the previous stage. Our development process is crafted to reduce the app’s time-to-market.

    mobile app

    Free Estimation

    Get a detailed, no-obligation estimate, tailoring solutions to your project’s unique needs.

    On-Time Delivery

    We guarantee timely delivery, ensuring your app launches on schedule, every time.

    Budget-Friendly Apps

    Affordable app solutions without compromising quality, ensuring your app fits your budget.

    Personalized Approach

    Dedicated team, tailored solutions, and direct communication for a personalized experience.

    Free estimation
    Free estimation

    Code Authority

    Expertly crafted code, following industry standards, ensuring maintainability and scalability.

    Agile Development

    Rapid iterations, continuous improvement, and flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.


    Regular updates, complete project visibility, and open communication for a worry-free experience.

    Free estimation

    Revolutionary Technologies Powering Our Mobile App Development

    We utilize these advance technologies to create advanced mobile applications, our innovative technologies ensure superior performance, security, and user engagement, setting new standards in app development.

    • AngularJS


    • ReactJS


    • Vue.js


    • JavaScript


    • CSS3


    • HTML5


    • TezJS


    • Node.js


    • PHP


    • Java


    • Python


    • Express


    • Fastify


    • .NET


    • Meteor.js


    • Nest.js


    • iOS


    • Android


    • Swift


    • Flutter


    • Ionic


    • React Native

      React Native

    • Xamarin


    • MySQL


    • PostgreSQL


    • SQL Server

      SQL Server

    • MongoDB


    • Oracle


    • DynamoDB


    • SQLite


    • Firebase


    • Laravel


    • CodeIgniter


    • MEAN


    • CakePHP


    • Django



    • Google Cloud

      Google Cloud

    • AWS


    • Azure


    • Azure DevOps

      Azure DevOps

    • Docker


    • Kubernetes


    • Jenkins


    • Selenium


    • Gradle


    • Magento


    • Shopify


    • Kentico


    • WooCommerce


    • NopCommerce


    • Joomla


    • Kentico


    • DotNetNuke


    • WordPress


    • Sitefinity


    • Power BI

      Power BI

    • Zoho


    • Salesforce


    • Servicenow


    • Tableau


    • MS Dynamics CRM

      MS Dynamics CRM

    • ZeroThreat


    Leading Mobile App Innovation Across All Industries

    Transforming businesses with forefront mobile solutions, our app development team deliver innovative, user-friendly apps that drive engagement, productivity, and revenue growth across diverse industries.


    Transforming healthcare with innovative app solutions, enhancing patient engagement, streamlining clinical workflows, and improving overall well-being, with robust security and compliance.

    • EHR App
    • Medical Records Application
    • E-Prescribing App
    • Appointment Scheduling App
    • Telemedicine App


    Revolutionizing financial services with secure and scalable app solutions, enhancing user experience, streamlining transactions, and driving business growth, with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

    • Core Banking System
    • Loan Origination App
    • Payment App
    • Budgeting App
    • E-banking App


    Empowering learning with engaging app experiences, enhancing student outcomes, streamlining educator workflows, and fostering collaborative environments, with interactive and immersive technology solutions.

    • Educational Games
    • Learning Management System
    • Assessment App
    • Multimedia Tutorial App
    • Student Progress App


    Optimizing production with industrial app solutions, enhancing operational efficiency, streamlining supply chains, and improving product quality, with data-driven insights and real-time visibility.

    • Supply Chain Management
    • Production Planning App
    • ERP Software
    • PLM Software
    • Accounting Software

    Logistics & Transportation

    Streamlining logistics and transportation app solutions, enhancing route optimization, fleet management, and delivery tracking, for faster and more efficient supply chain management.

    • Route Optimization App
    • Inventory Management App
    • Warehouse Management System
    • Demand Forecasting App
    • Fleet Management App

    Travel & Hospitality

    Designing exceptional travel experiences with innovative app solutions, streamlining bookings, offering customer engagement, and personalizing hospitality services, for a seamless and memorable journey.

    • Tour Operator App
    • Accounting App
    • Booking Systems
    • CRM Tools

    Real Estate

    Streamlining listings, enhancing buyer experience, and connecting agents and clients seamlessly, for smarter real estate transactions.

    • Property Management App
    • Investment Analysis Tool
    • CRM App
    • MLS App
    • Compliance and Legal App

    eCommerce & Retail

    Unlocking commerce potential with innovative app solutions, driving sales, and delivering seamless shopping experiences, through intuitive interfaces, smart recommendations, and efficient order management.

    • Payment Gateways
    • CRM Systems
    • POS Systems
    • Inventory Management Systems
    • Order Management Systems


    Empowering wellness journeys, tracking progress, providing personalized coaching, and fostering community engagement, for a healthier and more active lifestyle with our fitness app solutions.

    • Fitness Tracking Apps
    • Virtual Coaching Platforms
    • Wearable Integration App
    • Performance Analytics App
    • Facility Management App


    Interactive media app solutions delivering seamless content, personalized recommendations, and social sharing features, creating a captivating entertainment experience for users on the go.

    • Streaming Platforms
    • Gaming App
    • Social Media Application
    • Music and Video App
    • AR/VR App

    What Clients Says

    Our track record speaks for itself”. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most successful brands in the industry and have earned their trust through our commitment to excellence. We’re a proud Digital Marketing Agency focused on quality results.

    Christopher Graham
    We have been working with The NineHertz for our MVP Launch project for more than 3 years. The Project was delivered in less than a year and completed all the discussed competencies and features. Our application received marked thousands of downloads within a few months post-deployment. The experience with The NineHertz has really been fantastic. Their communication and response allowed me to have keen control over my project and foster perfection in every development phase. Thanks to their professionalism and quality service, we are now engaged as a long-term digital support partner for our MVP and the organization’s online presence platforms.
    Christopher Graham

    Christopher Graham

    Co-Founder / CEO – Chilling Inc.

    Roosevelt Bowman
    I worked with The NineHertz for my development project with little or no software development experience. Their expertise and excellence in UI designing and core development have really brought my idea to life. The communication was so great that I never felt something going out of track. The project was delivered at the very time. The development team, sales team, and testing team have been well-responsive to providing project and deliverable updates frequently. Looking forward to working with them on version 2.0.

    Roosevelt Bowman

    CEO of Career Accelerator

    Jade Punski
    The dedication that The NineHertz team exhibited during the project is really remarkable. The graphic designer at the company was really able to bring my thinking to life with their creative designs. Having deployed my application, I still receive appreciation from my users for the seamless, and informative user interface. The team does share a lot of suggestions that helped me make better decisions. All the deliverables were achieved on time. I will really suggest The NineHertz to anyone looking for a digital software development partner.
    Jade Punski

    Jade Punski

    Co-founder/CEO – Dog Park

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand that you might have questions while getting started with Mobile App development. Don’t worry, we’ve answered them here.

    We are a team of skilled mobile app development consultants who have delivered apps in several fields like iOS, android, Xamarin, etc. We offer app development services for business niches like eCommerce development, gaming apps, finance apps, etc. We have over 12 years of experience and have looked in several dimensions to deliver robust apps.

    We can develop native or hybrid mobile applications in several different technologies like iOS, Android, Xamarin, Flutter, Ionic, etc. You can decide whether to create a native or hybrid mobile app based on your use case. If you want to integrate the mobile app software with the hardware of the device, we suggest to go with native mobile apps.

    The NineHertz takes complete responsibility from ideation to development and then deployment. We ensure to build the app according to respective app market guidelines and make it available to end-users.

    We have worked with over 600 clients in the past 12+ years for mobile app development services. Some of our top associations include – (names of clients)

    Application development services include the designing, ideation, and production of mobile applications which is done by designated teams. At (company name) we also provide a thorough technical consultation to understand your requirement and suggest the right tech stack for your business.

    The cost of building a mobile app completely depends on the hiring model you choose. Currently, we offer three hiring models. The first model is the dedicated team model where it is a pay-as-you-go model based on a monthly rolling contract. The second is the controlled agile model where there is flexibility involved and the budget is limited. The team and requirements are offered some flexibility because of the changing conditions. The third is the time in the material body which is an hourly rolling model and it is suitable if you have a stretched project size with wavering conditions.

    In order to build a mobile app, a team is killed in coding languages for android, iOS, Xamarin, Ionic, etc. Along with that, we also have a team of designers who design wireframes and product visuals so you can see the app before it is even developed.

    There is no best platform for mobile app development. It completely depends on the requirement of the app and which platform suits it best. Android and iOS are only technologies facilitating the creation and hosting of apps.

    Building and launching an app in the App Store is one part of the story. However, to survive in the App Store, you need to constantly market your app and develop an App Store optimization strategy that can help you stand out from your competitors. Along with that, apps also survive on user reviews and user generated content that helps to build its credibility in the App Store. Also, you need to constantly update your app with recent updates so that it remains relevant to the user.

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