In today’s rapid growth of applications, specially in IT sector, the various firms need to be highly in tune with the latest technologies or else they are vulnerable to the the risk of losing market profits due to outdated means of their work. Application Migration refers to the process of taking an app from one platform to the other, say for example from one cloud architecture to another. The existence of many variations and to migrate an app from the existence platform to a new one is not so much easy. The whole process involves the development steps of complex schemes and algorithms.

We at the NineHertz working as one of the best Application Migration service provider firm for apps. We have the proven track record of successful migrations in last 9 years. We apply this technique in several planned steps which include plan crafting, installation, customization, test operation, data transfer and lastly support services.

Apart from these app migration services, we also provide website conversion services into successful iOS or Android app. We have a expert team that knows better than the best how to convert or migrate an app. We employ all kinds of well established ways of migrating that helps you to improve your ROI and reduce risks of losses.

We at The NineHertz provide complete package of migration services of database, Operating System platforms or architectures. We elegantly work in such a way that your platform becomes more attractive and more user friendly. By upgrading to advanced latest technologies and platforms, your cost of maintenance goes down and the quality of maintenance goes up. The converted apps are also easy to be integrated with other apps and all these factors lead to better business profits.

How we work

  • First of all we do a thorough inspection of the app upon which we have to do our work.
  • Then, we work towards identifying that new architecture or latest technology which is most suitable for the app.
  • Then the new environment is developed and optimised by our experienced team members.
  • Lastly, the apps are then taken to the new platform integrated, implemented and tested thoroughly.

Technical detail of our top notch application migration services:

In the pre phase of project development, first of all we create a strategy, identify our inventory and define our roadmap. Then we move forward to choose the best possible environment. Then comes the main phase of app migration in which we redesign the architecture, work on OS and programming languages and do a full or partial redevelopment.

Afterwards, we migrate the database server do the cleansing and perform schema translation. Last is the quality control step where we perform improvements if needed, run series of parallel tests, provide help desk services and fix bugs.

We have been very successful in converting desktop application to smartphone apps and app migration in past years of our services. We keep ourself highly updated and our total focus is on customer satisfaction. For any other query, contact us.

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