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The client for this project was a product marketing startup based out of Belgium, Europe.


The client saw an opportunity to create a decluttered social media application that allowed users to meet like-minded people and create communities based on their interests. The social media applications that are present in the market today do not focus on the quality of content. The client was keen on the quality of content and its validation from the other community users.

The client had the following requirements regarding the Application –

  • User Control and Addiction:

    Existing social media platforms atomize user control, fostering an addiction to unverified, and potentially harmful information. The challenge was to regain control and empower users with a healthier digital experience.

  • Content Validation and Monetization:

    The NineHertz team had to develop a platform centered around high-quality, inspiring content to counter the current trend of superficial engagement. The aim was to develop a system that ensures only verified, high-quality content and implement a unique content monetization feature to elevate the overall user experience.

  • Advanced User Filtering:

    With the prevalence of fake accounts disrupting communities, the client wanted The NineHertz to develop advanced user filtering to ensure that only genuine individuals are active on the platform, safeguarding the integrity of the users’ network.

  • Efficient Networking and Information Retrieval:

    The project required design features that improve networking by creating a smooth experience for users to organize roles, establish networks based on relationships, places, and interests, and receive real-time updates.

  • Story Sharing and Media Management:

    This challenge included designing a user-friendly interface for quick image and video uploads, implementing efficient tag-based search functionalities, and ensuring a smooth live-streaming experience for interactive engagement with audiences.


  • UX and UI Design:

    Starting from an easy onboarding process, we formulated an intuitive user journey with concise steps and engaging visuals. The goal was to create a flexible information architecture for seamless integration of app elements, offering an adaptable user experience. We also focused on inclusivity by creating a design that welcomes users of all backgrounds, fostering a sense of belonging and representation.

  • Principle Features:

    A variety of registration options, advanced search functionality, and automated user profiles were developed to improve the user experience. The intuitive UI ensured compatibility across mobile devices, providing a consistent experience. To facilitate meaningful connections, we designed an intelligent discovery engine, for networking features, such as friend addition. The development process aimed at leveraging technology to create a global interactive space while addressing the technical complexities.

  • Content Quality:

    A community-powered moderation system was developed, relying on community input to ensure only genuine, verified content was displayed. This approach aimed to create a close-knit community fueled by high-quality content.

  • Content Monetization and Management:

    nnovative content monetization functionality was introduced, automatically incentivizing content creators while maintaining a seamless viewer experience. Users could categorize their connections, rate them, and define their network based on interests, locations, relationships, and more contributing to nurturing a diverse community.

Results & Impact

  • Seamless User Journeys:

    Easy onboarding, flexible information architecture, and seamless element integration significantly enhanced user engagement, and increased satisfaction impacting in creating a more inclusive and interconnected user community.

  • Enhanced User Features:

    Diverse registration options, advanced search, and automated profiles improved user accessibility, streamlined networking, and consistent cross-device experience.

  • Empowering Content Dynamics:

    Community-powered moderation and innovative content monetization helped in achieving an inclusive close-knit community incentivized creators, and created significant platform engagement.

Technologies and Tools


  • Android
  • iOS-Swift
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • Kotlin
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • MS
  • SQL

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