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Our client, a British businessman, came to us with an original idea that revolved around neighbourhood gatherings. The customer wants a social media app developed that would allow users to find and join in local events with one another based on their geographic proximity.


There are the several challenges that are faced by the client before we have implemented our solution:

  • Location Issues:

    Users are unable to find each other locations and events with inaccurate location information or missing maps can be difficult for users to find and navigate to.

  • User Adoption:

    Convincing users to switch from established social media platforms to a new, niche app was a significant hurdle.

  • User Engagement :

    Traditional event listings often lack features for users to interact, share their experiences, and build connections around local activities.

  • Lack of Personalization:

    Users may struggle to find events that align with their specific interests, timeframes, or locations due to inadequate filtering options.


To address these challenges, we have implemented the following solution:

  • Geolocation Technology:

    We had implemented advanced geolocation technology to ensure precise user location data. We have utilised reliable mapping services to enhance the accuracy of event locations.

  • Incentivized Onboarding:

    We implemented a streamlined onboarding process that allows users to easily migrate their data from other social media platforms, saving their time and effort. To encourage user adoption, we offer attractive incentives, such as exclusive access to local events, discounts from local businesses, and access to special features within the app.

  • Enhanced User Engagement:

    We have integrated interactive features such as live event feeds, comments, and photo sharing to encourage users engagement. We have implemented a rating and review system for events, allowing users to share their experiences and recommendations.

  • Personalized Event Recommendations:

    We have developed a robust algorithm that analyses user preferences, past activities, and location to provide personalized event recommendations. We have implemented a smart notification system that alerts users to upcoming events tailored to their interests.

Results & Impact

  • Improved Location Accuracy:

    Users can easily locate each other and navigate to events with the enhanced geolocation technology, leading to a more seamless experience.

  • Increased User Adoption:

    Incentives and a user-friendly onboarding process contributed to a higher rate of user adoption, attracting individuals to the unique benefits of the app.

  • Highly Personalized Experience:

    The personalized event recommendation system ensured that users can discover events aligned with their interests, leading to increased satisfaction and retention.

  • Enhanced User Engagement:

    Interactive features result in increased user engagement, as users share their experiences, connect with others, and actively participate in local events through the app.

Technologies and Tools


  • React-Native
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Google-Maps-API

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