Elevating Handicrafts: A Journey of Digital Evolution

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Customer had a well established handicraft business operating in a specific locality, and was facing many challenges in managing and operating the business. The business primarily operated through a physical store, selling handmade crafts, textiles, and artwork. The products were liked by local people but the business was unable to meet the growing demand and faced operational efficiencies.


Prior to using our system, the client has faced several challenges:

  • Limited Reach:

    The business was primarily dependent on customers visiting its physical stores so it could only establish connection with local people. This limits its potential for growth and expansion.

  • Inventory Management:

    The business had difficulty keeping track of its extensive inventory, leading to stockouts and overstock situations.

  • Manual Process:

    The company used manual procedures for tracking orders, communicating with customers, and producing sales reports. This process was time consuming and required significant effort.


NineHertz has suggested the solution that can help the company to overcome the challenges in meeting the increasing demand and increasing operational efficiency.

  • E-commerce Integration:

    We have developed an application and an e-commerce website that can help the company reach a wider audience beyond its physical location. This would allow customers to browse and purchase products online, by reducing the pressure on physical stores.

  • Inventory Management System:

    We have implemented an automated inventory management system that can keep track of available stock, prevent stockouts, and avoid overstock situations. This ensured that the business meets demand without the complications of manual tracking.

  • Customer Relationship Management:

    The CRM system can manage orders by tracking the entire order lifecycle. It helps in processing orders efficiently, tracking deliveries, and handling any issues that may arise during the order fulfilment process.

Results & Impact

The implementation of these solutions led to a significant transformation in business operations and outcomes.

  • Increased Sales:

    The launch of the e-commerce platform increased sales by allowing the business to connect with a larger customer base beyond its physical store.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency:

    The automated inventory management system streamlined operations, reducing instances of stockouts and overstock situations. This led to better resource utilisation and improved profitability.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience:

    The CRM system helped in managing customer orders more effectively. Customers experienced smoother order processing, timely deliveries, and improved issue resolution.

Technologies and Tools


  • React-Native
  • PHP
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon Web Services

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