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A globally recognized luxury hotel chain with operations in over 30 countries and over 200 properties, came up with the requirement to enhance their platform. Despite their excellent reputation for providing comfortable accommodations, the hotel chain recognized the need to enhance its guest experience to stay competitive in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.


Before our solution was implemented, the client has faced the several issues:

  • Generic Guest Experience:

    The hotels faced the challenge of providing personalized experiences beyond basic room preferences. Many guests felt like they were receiving generic recommendations and lacked a sense of personalization during their stay.

  • Limited Staff Resources

    With a lean staff and high guest volume, Hotels struggled to provide real-time assistance and proactive recommendations to guests. This limitation hindered their ability to offer exceptional service and meet guest expectations.

  • Content Creation Bottleneck:

    It took a lot of time and resources to create engaging and original content for each location, such as descriptions of restaurants and ideas for things to do. To keep content relevant and up to date for visitors, hotels needed a more effective method.


To overcome these challenges, the customer proactively collaborated with NineHertz, and utilized the power of Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft PowerApps. Together, they implemented the following solutions:

  • Generative AI for Personalized Itineraries:

    The app utilized Generative AI to analyze guest preferences and real-time data (such as weather and local events) to generate personalized itineraries with unique activity and restaurant suggestions tailored to each guest’s interests.

  • Microsoft Power Apps for Dynamic Conten:

    Led by the team of Microsoft Power Apps certified developers, NineHertz leveraged Microsoft Power Apps to create a dynamic content management system within the app. This system automatically populated the app with fresh, location-specific descriptions and recommendations based on guest data and local trends, eliminating the need for manual content creation.

  • AI-powered Chatbot for 24/7 Support:

    The app integrated a chatbot powered by Azure Bot Service, developed by our skilled Microsoft Cloud certified developers, which used natural language processing to provide 24/7 support to guests. The chatbot could answer inquiries about hotel amenities, local attractions, and itinerary modifications, freeing up staff for more complex guest interactions.

Results & Impact

The implementation of generative AI, Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft PowerApps delivered significant benefits for hotels:

  • Increased Guest Satisfaction:

    The app received positive reviews for its personalized recommendations and 24/7 support. Guests appreciated the tailored itineraries that catered to their interests, leading to higher satisfaction levels and positive feedback.

  • Boosted Revenue:

    Personalized recommendations resulted in increased spending on hotel services such as restaurants and spa treatments. Guests were more likely to book activities suggested by the app, generating additional revenue streams for hotels.

  • Optimized Staff Efficiency:

    The AI-powered chatbot handled routine inquiries, allowing staff to focus on providing exceptional service and addressing more complex guest needs. This improved staff productivity and efficiency, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Technologies and Tools


  • Microsoft Cloud
  • Microsoft Power Apps

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