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Transform your Equestrian events with our expertise – offering custom Horse show management software development.

Horse show management software development

Key Features of Our Horse Event Management Software

Being top software development service provider, we design horse show booking software to streamline your equine events. Manage paperwork, event finances, participant data, and everything in one place. Access the information anywhere, anytime.

Online Entries

Quickly publish equestrian events to your website with horse show management software. So, competitors can enter the event through Event Diary which is directly embedded on your website.

Online Entries for Equine event booking software development

Collection Ring

The collecting ring feature helps to manage the entrance of horse riders into warmup areas, withdrawals, and no-shows, all at the same time. So, it fosters a stress-free experience for riders and organizers.

Collection Ring for Horse event booking software development

Drawn Orders

The module enables the horse show organizers to draw all the rules, regulations, and orders and publish them in one click. The competitors can then access the information about orders from the portal.

Drawn Orders for Horse show software development

Cloud Security

Horse show software ensures that all participant confidential information, event details, and monetary transactions are securely stored and backed up, offering peace of mind to organizers and participants

Easy Show Set-up

The horse show software helps to load affiliated show configurations in a few seconds automatically. Even for the unaffiliated shows, the organizer can create an event template to set up a new show anytime.


Ensure accurate and efficient scoring with the Judging feature. The judges can effortlessly input scores directly into the system, providing immediate results and reducing the possibility of errors, while also making results instantly available to participants and spectators.


Manage all finances with integrated Accounting features. Monitor entry fees, generate invoices, pay vendors, manage payments, and produce financial reports, everything within one horse management system. The feature ensures transparency and ease in financial management.

Facilities Hire

Equestrian event management software helps customers to book any of your facilities directly through the app. Be it arena stables, training areas, conference rooms, or anything else, everything is available on a single module.

Real-Time Results & Scoring at Your Fingertips

Witness instant outcomes and elevated event management through our cutting-edge real-time scoring system. Judges and scribes use tablets to enter scores directly, instantly updating scoreboards, the mobile app, and the announcer’s dashboard.

Comprehensive Horse Profiles

A platform where riders create detailed profiles showcasing competition history, horse documents, and multimedia uploads. Integrating the top equine industry databases in horse show management software, we promise precision and real-time updates.

Convenient Ticket Management

The organizers can effortlessly buy tickets, handle refunds or cancellations smoothly, and manage complimentary tickets for horse owners. Horse riding booking software puts an end to the concept of waiting in long queues to get tickets or refunds.

Prominent Sponsor Management

Prominently showcases sponsors across the platform, incorporates eye-catching banners, provides special discounts, and entices new partnerships. These strategies not only highlight sponsor contributions but also foster a vibrant and collaborative business ecosystem.

Highlights Of Horse Show Software

Manage horse event Rider Registrations

Manage Rider Registrations

Reshape the way you process rider registrations with comprehensive horse event booking software. Collect and organize rider details, track registrations, and ensure accurate information flow.

Process Event Paperwork

Digitize and manage all necessary documentation like waivers, health forms, and much more. The feature ensures complete, accessible, and secure storage of all paperwork, streamlining equestrian event management.

Process Equine Event Paperwork
New Revenue Streams in Horse event management software

New Revenue Streams

Offer exclusive services, premium content, and additional products through the equine management software. Diversify income sources and enhance financial stability to drive the growth of your events.

Streamline Vendor Management

Coordinate and manage vendors, handle payments, track orders, and ensure smooth communication. Horse show software helps deliver a seamless experience to all stakeholders involved.

Horse event management software
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Take control of your events with all-in-one equestrian event management solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have any questions about horse show management software development? You can find the answers here-

Equestrian event management software streamlines a lot of processes ticket booking, refund, horse details, participant data, communication between all stakeholders, finance management for the event, and much more.

The cost to develop horse show software depends on a range of factors which include features of the app, platform for software development, location of the developer, timeline of the project, software complexity, and the list goes on. Have a consultation session with our experts to get the right estimate for your horse event management project cost.

There are several features like cloud security, easy show set-up, judging, accounting, facilities hire, real-time results & scoring at your fingertips, comprehensive horse profiles, convenient ticket management, prominent sponsor management, etc. that you can expect from your equestrian event management app.

Depending on the software requirements and technologies used, it takes anywhere between 4-6 months to develop a horse show software. However, the accurate timeline can only be determined by analyzing all the requirements of the software.