Transforming Shift Management Innovations in Nursing Workflow

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The client is a multi-specialty hospital in Canada managed by a Trust since 1967. With 400 beds and 2000 employees managing 30,00 ER visits, 14,000 surgeries, and 21,000 inpatient admissions annually.


  • Nurses and staff faced difficulty signing up for shifts using the existing workforce scheduling solution, managing it all through traditional methods like registers.

  • The Nurse administrative staff had to manually enter the nurse’s shifts before creating a detailed schedule, which increased their administrative workload.

  • Staffing coordinators needed clear visibility and ease to adjust the nurse schedules. They also needed a more effective way to create, manage, and compensate for the shifts day and night.

  • The hospital wanted to increase nurse engagement and create work satisfaction to create a healthy work environment.


NineHertz team has designed and developed a scheduling Mobile application for the hospital nurses to manage the residents and also allow them to synchronize the workflows of in-house staff with the following elements:

  • Nurse Profiles –

    Allows registered nurses and other Admin staff to create a detailed profile within the app.

  • Shift Search –

    The Nurse Managers and the nurses can search for available shifts based on location, date, time, and specialty.

  • Shift Booking –

    The hospital can post the staffing requirements, available shifts, skills, and job descriptions. For nurses, they can show their availability and also book a shift according to the hospital’s requirements.

  • Availability Calendar –

    Both healthcare professionals and facilities maintain and update the availability calendar for easy scheduling.

  • Shift Management-

    Facilities can manage the available shifts, review applications from the nurse, and approve job requests.

    Keeping the elements as our main focal approach we created an easy-to-use user interface to help our client mainstream the staffing solution. We incorporated the following features:

  • Master Schedule Creation:

    Nurse managers use an Application to create the master schedule.

    The Application automatically considers:

    • Availability of nurses.
    • Licenses and skills of each nurse.
    • Preferences of the nurses.
    • Time-off requests are based on predefined rules.
  • Self-Scheduling Process:

    Once the master schedule is created, nurses and staff engage in self-scheduling. They can sign up for open shifts that match their licensure and qualifications.

  • Nurse Manager’s Review:

    After self-scheduling is complete, the nurse manager reviews the schedule. The aim is to balance the workload distribution among the staff. Ensures proper coverage for all shifts.

  • Day-to-Day Adjustments:

    Staffing coordinators are responsible for managing day-to-day adjustments.

    Adjustments may be needed due to:

    • Call-outs.
    • Fluctuations in patient census.
    • Other changes in supply and demand.
  • Real-time Notifications:

    Open shifts are dispatched to qualified staff in real time. Staff members receive notifications about open shifts.

Results & Impact

  • A nurse scheduling mobile application proves to be an efficient way of streamlining schedule creation and management while increasing nurses’ autonomy.

  • Real-time visibility enables the administrative staff to ensure adequate shift coverage, reduce burnout, and optimize patient care.

  • Mobile application is effective for nurses to sign up for partial and incentive shifts and note preferences and special considerations improving nurse engagement and satisfaction.

  • One-click reporting makes it easy to track on-call nurses, callouts and floats for accountability and more balanced scheduling.

Technologies and Tools


  • Swift (iOS)
  • Java ( Android )
  • Laravel
  • Highcharts
  • Twilio

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