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Create award-winning mobile application for your business idea by choosing our top-notch flutter app development services of The NineHertz. Our pride of best Flutter app developers in India and USA develop natively lookalike cross-platform application for various mobile platforms.

  • Ranked among top Flutter development company in India Ranks among top list of Flutter app development companies
  • User-friendly UI designs of Flutter apps User-friendly UI designs of Flutter apps
  • Best and transparent Flutter app development servicesBest and transparent Flutter app development services
  • Well-defined Flutter development process Well-defined Flutter development process
  • Optimized Flutter app development cost Optimized Flutter app development cost
  • Budget-friendly Next-gen Flutter applications Budget-friendly next-gen Flutter applications
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Why Choose Flutter App Development for Your Next-Gen Mobile Applications?

The IT industry has always come up with new technological advancements and inventions. With the new idea, Google came with Flutter and in no time it covered the IT hub. It is an open-source cross-platform mobile application development framework that uses DART to develop Next-Gen apps.

Hiring a single developer will make you an Android and iOS application. This will save time as code doesn’t have to be written again. It also saves the cost of hiring more resources to develop the apps. In a single developer cost, you can make two applications(Android and iOS); and reach a wider range of audiences to meet your business profits.

Due to the widget customization feature, the user has more options for designs. This means now you can add any type of graphic with no limitations. Flutter is the newest mobile app SDK that facilitates app development with thrilling motions, animations, and UI using a single codebase.

When it comes to building the user-friendly Flutter mobile application in Android and iOS, our team works on a reliable mobile UI framework and delivers top-class cross-platform development services.

Are you looking for a native Android and iOS mobile application for your venture? Hire Flutter developer to design Flutter apps leveraging the robust, high-quality, secure, and flawless UI, widgets, APIs for your cross-platform applications.

  • Custom Flutter application development services

    Custom Flutter application development services

  • Backend & API Development for seamless user experience

    Backend & API Development for seamless user experience

  • Flutter development for Android platform

    Flutter development for Android platform

  • Flutter development for iOS application

    Flutter development for iOS application

  • Overall Flutter cross-platform development services

    Overall Flutter cross-platform development services

  • Connection enabling with wearable devices

    Connection enabling with wearable devices

  • Voice-enabled Flutter technology solutions

    Voice-enabled Flutter technology solutions

  • Data analytics by Flutter experts

    Data analytics by Flutter experts

  • Applications based on the Dart programming language

    Based on the Dart programming language

What are the Benefits of Flutter Mobile App Development?

Being highly-demanded Flutter development company in India, The NineHertz creates the tremendous widgets, sophisticated Native apps in record time, and deliver the quality cross-platform development services. Here’s a few reasons why Flutter framework is accepted on large scale for mobile app development?

Best Flutter App Development Services

Flutter for Desktop

Flutter supports desktop-class applications running on various OS. The single code concept of Flutter is applicable for desktop as well. It means, with Flutter one can reach a wide range of audiences by running app son desktops also.

Flutter for Web development

Flutter has already a wide acceptance due to its single code feature and dart advantage. For web development, it is an extraordinary method where users can experience all the advantages of UI & can run the app on all OS and web.

Flutter for Embedded Devices

Flutter has conquered the embedded devices by integrating the embedding API into small smart devices. Google has already started using its features for Smart Display Operating System and working to extend in the future versions.

Flutter for Hybrid App Development

When compared to other hybrid frameworks, Flutter helps creating robust & stunning widgets for iOS and Android applications platforms. It is being the first choice of most of the Flutter development companies that provides a wide spectrum of customization.

Flutter for Dart App Development

Flutter uses Dart, a programming language using JavaScript, ensuring fast app execution, high-performing applications, and easy rendering. Flutter has support libraries to render apps for all the widgets written in Dart.

Flutter for Native App Development

Native apps can be the most high-grade start when you are at the edge of the beginning brand-new venture. Experimentally one can choose for Android at the initial level and later use the same code for enhancement of reach in the form of iOS application.

Flutter App Development Industry Solutions

Flutter mobile app development has a broad range of features that makes easy customization for all types of mobile application development. The NineHertz has worked with various key domains and benefited their business growth graphs.

Want to learn more about our FLUTTER DEVELOPMENT SERVICES?

What are The NineHertz Flutter App Development Expertise?

Flutter framework has React Native style views architecture and is a choice for native programming experts. With its Dart advantage and hot reload feature, Flutter is found reliable and easy to create a mobile application for all platforms.

Why To Choose The NineHertz as Flutter App Development Company?

Out of several Flutter app development companies, The NineHertz stands out-of-the-crowd for its wide range of cross-platform app development services. We assure the on-time delivery and best technique for your Flutter mobile application.

Best Flutter UI Designs

Material Design for Flutter helps implement designing of platform widgets. The first look, i.e., the UI designs are made by Flutter framework experts which results in desirable outcomes.

Connect With Flutter Experts

Get regular updates of your Flutter mobile app development process by our team. We keep you updated with your Flutter development workflow.

Certified Flutter Developers

We have a team of certified and experienced offshore Flutter developers available in India, the UK, the USA and other major countries. We follow the International Coding Standards.

Fully Safe and Secure

Flutter has secure and trusted authentication plugins. We promise to keep your idea safe and develop a secured Flutter application that boosts your productivity.


We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance, you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

The market has a lot of technologies for mobile app creations and the mobile applications are evolving and will continue to grow in future. Flutter app development has optimised creation of mobile applications and offers a wide range of design and customization. Therefore, there are more chances to grow and dominate other mobile development frameworks.
  • Flutter is an open-source, free to use app development framework
  • It works on Dart Programming Language
  • It provides a wide range of widgets for creating UI/UX views
  • It utilizes C++ rendering engine to draw widgets
The app architecture Flutter uses is based on reactive programming.
Flutter development by Google comes with a lot of advantages:
  • Hot reload feature
  • Quick launch of app
  • Easy customization
  • User-friendly designs
  • Don’t get dependent on native API functions
  • Excellent performance
You can enjoy enormous benefits for your business if you are using the Flutter framework.
Cost of developing the Flutter application is not as expensive as we think. Though it can run on both Android and iOS but it is less expensive than Android and iOS development. This is because we need one developer to perform coding for both mobile platforms. It saves much of the money and is ofcourse cost-effective.
People always create apps on both android and iOS platforms to reach a wider audience for their business. Earlier, two separate processes were followed to make Android and iOS applications. Flutter has saved time by following a single codebase approach which allows developers to run single code on both platforms. Comparatively, it takes less time to develop Flutter than Android or iOS application. Save time by using Flutter app development for your applications.
In Flutter app development, one can create native lookalike mobile applications for Android and iOS devices using a single codebase. These features allow developers to spend less time including and thus increase the speed of launch. When the user needs any changes according to market needs or his choice. Other platforms may face huddle in changing them. But Flutter helps you to develop the app in any way. With its widget traits, one can customize the application, i.e. adjust features according to the desire.
Yes, you can integrate with the 3rd party software tools API likewise you build your Flutter mobile app with Node.JS, Angular, Firebase and others.
With Flutter, you can develop 2D mobile apps required to run on both the Android and iOS platform. It is well-suited for building apps that are focused on delivering brands first design and apps look like native platform. Also, you can whip up feature rich apps utilizing functionalities like network, geolocation, camera, storage, 3rd Party SDKs and more.
Flutter is recognized for building apps with excellent performance. It helps developers to easily achieve a constant of 60fps. Applications developed using Flutter starts quickly because these apps run via natively compiled code without any requirement of interpreters.
Not only Flutter supports widgets but also provides a wide range of widgets to create an app’s view and interface. They are fast, extensive and customizable. One can create complex custom widgets as per the application requirements by nesting different widgets. Applications developed using Flutter offers a natural look and feel regardless of screen size.
Yes, Of course, We have a team of experts who will guide you throughout your app development to make sure you understand each of the features very well and suggest changes according to your choice. Your queries related to Flutter app development will always be sorted by our certified Flutter app developers and other team members.
We always emphasize on client satisfaction policy and therefore, sign NDA to keep your idea confidential and make sure we follow the standards of agreement. We also follow data security guidelines and abide by the legal policies. The information is distributed according to the hierarchy and need in task.
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