Applications Built with Beacon Technology 11

  • Resource Tracking App

    Resource Tracking App

    Incorporating the power of iBeacon and location-based technology we have developed a full-fledged system for tracking your resource like logistic tracking mobile app for a shipping company, pet tracking app, etc.

  • Indoor Navigation and Positioning

    Indoor Navigation and Positioning

    Using beacon technology, we have built a precise indoor positioning system. The iBeacon indoor navigation app has helped people especially visually impaired people to navigate easily in malls, halls etc.

  • Healthcare App Solutions

    Healthcare App Solutions

    Transferring medical data between Beacon devices or BLE enabled devices. With the implementation of the beacon and IoT technology, we have created apps that can monitor patients health like, Blood Pressure, Sugar Level, etc.

  • Automation


    Automate everything around your be it home, appliances, commercial sector or any other area. We incorporate beacon technology to all manual work like turning ON or OFF the air conditioner without pressing any button.

  • Interactive Tour Guide

    Interactive Tour Guide

    Enhancing your tour experience we develop innovative and easy-to-use apps. From art galleries to museums to Zoo to ancient forts or places, we have developed apps that will notify users about the nearby attractions and will provide information in multilingual voice, text or videos.

  • Push Notifications for Excellent Marketing

    Push Notifications for Excellent Marketing

    iBeacon has made marketing experience for the businesses very easy. When your potential customers are in proximity, you can notify them about your hot deals, discounts, etc. Ibeacon technology bridges the gap between your business and your customers.

iBeacon App Development Company

Get the smart way to connect your life with technology. Connect with iBeacon development services of NineHertz.

Fill your devices with loads of offers and deals nearby and pay them without the card. Own an iBeacon app and create a greater impact on your consumers. We help you to make your dream come true of linking the venture with iBeacon technologies at an affordable cost in the industry.

  • User-friendly
  • Customized
  • Free expert consultation
  • 100% data security
  • No extra and hidden charges
Fantasy Sports App Development
Fantasy Sports App Development
Fantasy Sports App Development

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iBeacon App Development Services

From small app to intensely coded app, we offer a rich scale of iBeacon app development services at NineHertz. We help you to deliver customized in-store shopping with meaningful notifications and needed offers of the nearby stores through iBeacon app. Our experts have full knowledge about BLE technology and have accurate calculation skills to make the app relatable to your venture.

NineHertz combines technology with a finely blended combination of analytics and market research. We make research on the venture of the application to realize the market needs and other needs of the present. Once we gathered the data, our experts analyse it and plan a structure for app feature development. Next, discussion with the clients leads to the starting of the building an app that will create a delightful user experience and of course profits to you.

NineHertz is a leading brand for iBeacon application development and has created several apps in beacon technology. The BLE experts have settled a milestone of their excellence by acquiring the detailed knowledge of Beacon technology and BLE connectivity. Promising to convert your iOS device that shares data using Bluetooth into an iBeacon. Our innovate and dedicated team will take care of design, needs, and help you to build strong brand value in the market.

  • ckeck Indoor navigation app
  • ckeck Deal and coupons based on Proximity
  • ckeck Proximity solutions
  • ckeck iBeacon based payment solutions
  • ckeck Customized iBeacon app
  • ckeck Enterprise solution based on iBeacon
  • ckeck Personalized alerts solutions

Building iBeacon App With Us is an Easy Job!

Building an iBeacon app with Ninehertz is as same as having a piece of cake. It is hassle-free and less trouble taking. We organize and manages the process. Let’s check out the major gems which make it convenient for the users.

Proximity Marketing

Sending alerts and notification when passing by the stores. Get information about your favourite products in your devices easily.

Indoor Navigation

Using iBeacon network, you can direct to the place even if you are out of the GPS network. This works when you are at an indoor place.

Product Identification

App Detects the location from the nearest beacon and pops up the product information.

Payment Systems

BLE allows cashiers to pay without card and cash by automatically payment at checking out.

Empower Your Business with iBeacon Technology

iBeacon is an innovative and prominent technology. Based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacon offers easy communication among various iBeacon devices. In recent years, iBeacon has gained popularity among advertisers and businesses. They are using iBeacon in the most interactive way for leveraging high customer rate and revenue.

Businesses being able to advertise their brand by broadcasting signals through their beacon devices to the customer’s smartphones showing their presence in the near proximity. With the latest technologies and tools, our developers develop iBeacon applications for your business and enhance your audience reach.

Key factors that make Beacon development special for you

Our team has a diverse range of developers who surely make your app runs smoothly and create a hard time for your competitors.

Development site

Our super experts of beacon app development who create the high-performance BLE mobile apps.

Easy customization

We customize your application according to your business needs so that you get a perfect business application.


We help to connect your hardware so that you experience the latest BLE beacons in your infrastructure.


We have experts of BLE, beacons and related technology who talk to the clients and discuss the business need to make a better plan for them.


We monitor the integration of the app securely and make sure it worked well from all factors.


Deployment of your application will be on your choice sever. Our app is compatible with all servers and gets published on respective Android and iOS stores.

What is iBeacon

iBeacon is a version of Bluetooth-based beacon developed by Apple. iBeacon facilitates Bluetooth devices to transmit and receive static signals (data) within close proximity. iBeacon transmits its distinct identification number to the receiver (Smartphones) in the local area.

What is BLE?

Bluetooth Low Energy is a wireless technology used for connecting devices at lower energy. It takes the least energy for two BLE devices to transfer and broadcast data. But the data transfer rate is low and very slow so, it is not suitable for transferring audio and video files.

That’s how Beacon Works

  • Step 1

Beacon deployment

  • Step 2

Smartphone Detects Signal

  • Step 3

Cloud Server Receives The ID Number

  • Step 4

Server Respond

  • Step 5

Notification Displayed

  • Step 6

Beacons Notification

Solutions we are experts at iBeacon Application Development

Secure Mobile Payments

Making a safeguard shield around your data by creating a high-end security system. Easy-to-go payment with two-level authentication.

Smart Museum App

Pass through any art or museum entity, it will display information and history of that article. Use them in the art gallery and exhibition as well.

Indoor Navigation Apps

Search your favorite store or restaurants without your GPS network. Spend a quality time of shopping with iBeacon located near you.

Document transfer Apps

Get an easy and secure way of transferring your data without compressing your data at any stage.

Location-Based Info App

Get nearby notification and offers form your favorite brands base don your location.

Vehicle Tracking Apps

Make your device, a tracking tool as beacon technology allows to set the positions and track your location.

iBeacon Health care app solution

Wearables apps that monitor health can be gear up with beacon technology that displays the information about the patients.

Tailored Design

From planning strategies to designing the layout, our team creates customized iBeacon solutions for the clients.

Pet Tracker App

BLE based app for a pet helps you to find out your little part of the family if they are misguided from the path. We have a little device that fits for every pet.

Hiring an iBeacon developer is to happy business

Our app developers have worked on many projects of BLE and beacon technology with the various varieties of sectors such as restaurants, hospitals, brand stores, etc. With the advancement in technology, they have integrated several integrated payment systems which helps the become technology to work even more gracefully and creates ease while paying. Not only payment, but the developers also have several apps which track the pets, luggage, cars, and other important entity. Hire iBeacon developer of NineHertz and open the crackerjack box of deals and benefits for your venture.

Create an advanced and smarter way of working with Ninehertz iBeacon developers. Hire these super experts now!

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Technologies That are Key To Success

  • Xcode
  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • AndroidSDK
  • Java
  • Flutter
  • Ionic
  • React
  • Kotlin
  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP
  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Mocha
  • Jasmine
  • CoffeeScript
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • RethinkDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator

Industries We Work With

Working for 9+ years deepens our knowledge in the diverse domains. We serve a wide range of industries including Logistics, Travel, Real-Estate, Healthcare, FMCG, Not-For-Profit, Banking, etc.

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