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The NineHertz is the leading software development company in Chicago. Our commitment is to build long-lasting and cutting-edge solutions to augment your business growth. We are a team of 250+ skilled and experienced software developers in Chicago working 24×7 to help businesses and startups become digital leaders. Get the future you want by choosing The NineHertz, a culture that breeds success by leveraging the latest web and mobile technologies.

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    Why Choose The NineHertz for Custom Software Development Chicago?

    Finding a reliable custom software development partner in Chicago is quite tedious as there are countless options available in the market.

    Choose The NineHertz, one of the fastest-growing custom software development companies in Chicago that works with a customer-centric mindset that always puts people first to help them anticipate what’s next and take action.

    Our unique software development services in Chicago leverage Cloud, Integration, Data, and Augmentation technologies to transform businesses regardless of their sizes and types.

    Hence, in a scenario where everyone is trying to deceive by showing false figures, in contrast, The NineHertz stands alone as an undisputed champion with several awards and an indispensable track record of helping hundreds of clients all across the globe.

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    • 15+ Years of Experience
    • 575+ Dedicated Developers
    • 92% Client Retention
    Software Development Company in Chicago

    Our Software Development Services in Chicago


    Custom Software Development

    We discuss your idea, process it, and provide you with the desired result in the form of a robust, intuitive, and scalable solution that transforms your business to its core. Our exceptional custom software development services in Chicago cater to all types of clients, be it a startup, a middle-level company, or, even a multinational.

    Mobile Application Development

    A business is nothing without a strong digital presence in the form of a mobile application. We at The NineHertz have relevant experience in mobile application development for both Android and iOS platforms. We have separate teams of iOS and Android that are well-versed in crafting top-notch mobile app solutions.

    Blockchain Development

    Building Software solutions equipped with blockchain technology is one of our favorite domains. We have some of the best Blockchain professionals handpicked from the industry’s finest talent pool. Capitalize on the enormous potential of blockchain technology as a first-mover advantage with our unmatched blockchain development services in Chicago.

    E-commerce Development

    Having an online presence is crucial nowadays. That’s the reason giants like Amazon and eBay have emerged as they had realized the potential of having an E-commerce store at a very early stage. If you have similar dreams, then consider launching your own E-commerce store by availing of our e-commerce development services and selling products online.

    Game Development

    We have an in-house team of proficient game developers with the expertise to develop multi-device games for PC, Mobile, and Tablet. We tend to integrate all the advanced features such as AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, and more. If you too have an awesome game idea, contact us and kickstart your project.

    UI/UX Design

    We create designs that customers love. The NineHertz have designers who are well versed in transfiguring your digital solutions by integrating an eye-catching user interface with an overall nice look and feel. We understand that user experience is what matters the most, therefore we are committed to crafting aesthetically appealing layouts and designs.

    Our Custom Software Development Process

    Our development process helps us deliver tangible outcomes in all scenarios and that makes us the best software development company in Chicago.

    Step 01


    The first step is to analyze the project idea and assess its pros and cons on various parameters. This involves some brainstorming and a lot of planning in terms of how to carry the project at various stages. Factors like cost, features, number of resources, and timeline are considered under this stage.

    Step 02


    The second step is to design the software prototype or wireframe and show it to the client. If any additions or modifications in terms of theme, features, layout, and software components need to be done, they are noted and incorporated during this phase.

    Step 03


    This is the phase where a lot of coding is performed at both ends, i.e. Front end and back end to develop your software. The front-end engineers are responsible for coding the part that is seen by the user where all the things happening behind the stage such as API Integration, Payment Gateways, and Database Management are handled by the back-end team.

    Step 04

    QA and Testing

    After development is done, the QA team performs several tests bit by bit to make your solution free from errors. This is done by testers and quality analysis experts who debug your app and fix all the bugs and errors that are found during the process of debugging before deployment.

    Step 05

    Deployment and Maintenance

    The final phase is where your app finally gets deployed on the respective platforms. Your audience gets to download and install your software as it is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Also, updates like feature additions, bug fixes, and more are made from time to time as a part of maintenance under this stage.

    What Motivates us to be the Best Software Development Company in Chicago?


    We are fueled by innovation and collaboration and this is what drives us to succeed every day. We empower our clients to see beyond and rise above as we believe that when our clients and society are stronger, so we are.

    software development services in Chicago

    Talent at work

    The Development team at The NineHertz possesses in-depth knowledge in all the respective areas related to IT. We adopt a quite legitimate and strict screening process where we hire our workforce purely based on merit.



    We are committed to delivering your project on time as we understand its value. As a client, we understand that your reputation and money are at stake and you want the product to be delivered on time so that you can focus on other departments like marketing.

    Non-disclosure Agreement

    Non-disclosure Agreement

    Privacy is our primary concern and we never compromise on that. We have guidelines related to security and compliance and we follow them religiously. We sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect all your sensitive data.

    Communication Model

    Communication Model

    We are committed to providing our clients with regular updates related to their projects. As the project evolves, all the feedback and queries collected during the phase are handled and resolved.

    software developers in Chicago

    Round-the-clock support

    As a trusted software development company in Chicago, we offer uninterrupted support to our clients. Our 360-degree support and zeal for problem-solving drive us to succeed every day.

    Our Unmatched Project Management Methodology


    The NineHertz is known for picking the best project management methodology as per the project’s character. Different methodologies help us to make sure that the quality is maintained and a fully functional product is delivered to the user.


    We usually follow agile methodology while working on a large project. With Agile methodology, the project is divided into several sprints so that our different teams of experts can focus solely on each phase.


    As part of DevOps, different departments and teams collaborate and work on a project together. Projects benefit from this methodology because it distributes responsibilities and produces the best results.


    In order to work on complex projects, The NineHertz uses the three pillars of scrum methodology, i.e. transparency, adaptation, and inspection in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.


    Waterfall methodology is based on the rule that the team can move to the next stage only after achieving the anticipated results in the previous stage. This methodology works when clients already have established goals related to the project.

    We Cover a Wide Range of Software Development Services


    Our custom software development services in Chicago tap multiple industries. Here is the breakdown of all the industries that we cater to.

    Fintech Software Development

    Tailor-made and user-friendly software solutions for Fintech enterprises enriched with advanced technologies like AI/ML, Cloud, Big Data, and Blockchain. Our seamless and digitally-enabled financial solutions come with a fraud detection algorithm that fosters a secure and scalable financial ecosystem.

    Healthcare Software Development

    Our healthcare software development services help in streamlining the complete operational process in a healthcare ecosystem. Processes like managing patient records, recording inventory, scheduling online checkups, and generating digital bills can easily be managed by a robust healthcare software solution that takes care of everything.

    Travel Software Development

    As a tour and travel company, you should have a solution that can provide a hassle-free experience to your travelers. Some of the in-demand travel companies are those who have a robust and scalable ecosystem in the form of software that takes care of all activities right from booking tickets to finding local hotels & restaurants.

    E-Commerce Software Development

    Sell your stock online and generate huge profits by availing our top-notch E-Commerce Software development services in Chicago. With our e-commerce software development, you can set up your online store and list all your products online. You can even sell your products across borders through shipping.

    Real Estate Software Development

    Real estate software helps you to list all your properties online so that people can see them and contact you if they are interested in making purchases. Build a software solution with The NineHertz that can help you close more deals by highlighting your products to a larger audience.

    On-Demand Software Development

    We provide on-demand software development services to our customers globally. Avail our services and get your own custom software that streamlines your operations and helps you get more traction in the form of new users and customers. Reach your target audience with more intensity with The NineHertz.

    The Tech Stack We Use for Our Custom Software Development

    Tech Stack

    We create result-driven software solutions that stand out. Our dedicated in-house software development team uses state-of-the-art technology and latest tools to produce future-ready software solutions.

    Let’s Discuss Software Development Ideas

    Get free consultation and let us know your project idea to trun it into an amazing digital product.

    Code-Crafted Creations- Our Software Development Work


    From lines of code to functional software products, we have tailored varied software solutions to bring ideas into reality. Our teams of software developers have lifted the project from scratch and instilled each feature to merge the project outcome with the client’s vision.


    Supply Chain Management Software

    Services:- Blockchain Development
    • Supply Chain Management Software Most firms have mastered ERP-level connections these days. However, pushing productivity and growth to the next level necessitates expanding beyond the company to create blockchain-based supply chain solutions. And as a tech company with a 14+...


    Blockchain Insurance

    Services:- Blockchain Development
    • Blockchain Smart Contract For Insurance: Simplifying Claim Settlement Process Insurers are among the many players rushing to figure out how blockchain and smart contract might be used to improve fraud detection, transaction execution, and stakeholder interaction. Recently The NineHertz has...


    Smart Street Light Control System

    Services:- Mobile App Development
    • Smart Street Light Control System Smart street lighting system is equipped with intelligent sensors, communication devices, and software applications that allow cities to remotely monitor, manage, and optimize their street lighting infrastructure. Industry Urban Development Connect An Expert Now Team...


    OTT Streaming Platform

    Services:- Mobile App Development
    • OTT Streaming Platform OTT platforms provide a streamlined and easy way to stream media directly to your computer or device. Subscriptions to these services offer access to exclusive content, as well as popular series and movies from all around the...


    Retail As A Service – Online Store Management System

    Services:- Mobile App Development, Blockchain Development, eCommerce Development
    • Online Store Management Software Our client is an online retailer that sells a variety of products through their website. They needed a custom Online Store Management Software that could handle all aspects of their online store, including inventory management, order...


    Online Stock Trading Platform

    Services:- Mobile App Development
    • Online Stock Trading Platform Our client is a financial services company that wants to develop an online stock trading platform (webiste and mobile app) for their customers to buy and sell stocks in real-time. Industry Stock Trading Platform Connect An...


    Online Travel Booking Platform

    Services:- Mobile App Development
    • Online Travel Booking System Our client is a travel company that wanted to develop an online travel booking platform with a mobile app for their customers to easily book flights, hotels, and transportation. Industry Travel Connect An Expert Now Team...


    Online Shopping Platform

    Services:- eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development
    • Online Shopping Platform (Beauty and Cosmetics Products) Our client is a leading beauty and cosmetics retailer that wanted to develop an online shopping platform to provide customers with a modern and convenient way to shop for beauty and cosmetics products....


    Property Rental Portal

    Services:- Mobile App Development, Web Development
    • Property Rental Management Software Property rental management software is a type of software that helps property managers and landlords manage their rental properties. This software enables landlords and tenants to automate various tasks such as rent collection, property maintenance, tenant...


    E-Learning Management System

    Services:- Mobile App Development, Web Development
    • E-Learning Management System Our client is a leading e-learning provider that wanted to develop an e-learning management system to provide students with a modern and convenient way to access their courses and learning materials. Industry Education Connect An Expert Now...

    On Demand app Solutions

    On Demand Software Solutions

    • MojoTech
    • Adobe
    • Fingent
    • Intuit
    Social App Solutions

    Social Software Solutions

    • Instagram clone
    • TikTok
    • SnapChat
    Food Delivery App Solutions

    Healthcare Software Development Solutions

    • Athenahealth
    • NextGen
    • Kareo
    Ecommerce Market place Solutions

    Ecommerce Market Place Solutions

    • Amazon Clone
    • Walmart Clone
    • Ebay Clone
    Real Estate App Development

    Real Estate Software Solutions

    • AppFolio
    • CoStar Group
    • Cloud CMA
    • Contactually
    Hotel and Flight Booking solution

    CRM Software Development Solutions

    • Salesforce
    • HubSpot
    • Zoho Corporation

    Lets Work

    Industries We Explore



    Fintech ERP solutions to handle large volumes of transactions and encourage streamline customer payment schedules, revenue tracking, and credit management across the business.

    Learn more

    Logistics & Transportation

    Leverage the automation for better communication, material tracking, and resource scheduling for your Logistics & Transportation business.

    Learn more

    Retail & E-commerce

    Redefine the way of customer management, demand forecasting, and vendor management with cutting- enterprise solutions.

    Learn more


    Foster easier access to medical records and leverage business intelligence for enhanced medical care.

    Learn more

    Banking & Insurance

    Ensure secure exchange to dispose of any chances of transaction mishandling with secured ERP software.

    Learn more

    Travel & Hospitality

    Drive better customer engagement and deliver a personalized experience to your audience with a data-driven approach.

    Learn more

    Real Estate

    Place a data-driven approach in real estate business for better industry forecast and take calculated decisions to multiply the profit.

    Learn more


    Enhance the efficiency of daily tasks in your education institution like internal/external resource management, fee payment process control, library/transport/student enrollment, and much more via an ERP solution.

    Learn more

    Media & Entertainment

    Digitized solution that assists in complete content lifecycle management, subscription reports, forecasting demand and revenue, and overall seamless functioning of your media house.

    Learn more

    Food & Restaurant

    Record your customers’ eating preferences to suggest to them the meals they love. Deliver a personalized experience to your customers to strengthen your business relations with audience.

    Learn more

    Which Regions of the USA Are Our Software Development Services Available?


    Other than Dallas, the following are the regions where you can leverage the software development services of The NineHertz-

    Global Leaders For Custom Software Development


    Many startups and large-scale enterprises have chosen The NineHertz as their custom software development partner. This is a mark of trust that is achieved after putting in a lot of hard work. Clients across the globe have benefitted from us as their sales skyrocketed and their revenue almost tripled.

    Our Achievements and Recognition


    We are proud to showcase our awards, accolades and recognition in the IT industry for hard work, dedication and putting the customer first.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    The best way to find the best custom software development company in Chicago is to contact its past clients or at least go through the reviews and ratings that they have provided online in order to assess the credibility of the company. If the reviews are good, you can go with the company, if not, choose another one.

    The NineHertz is a renowned custom software development company in Chicago. With more than 10 years of experience, we have worked with clients across all major verticals in and outside Chicago with a 100% customer satisfaction record. Our software developers in Chicago have worked on all the latest and trendy technologies and frameworks such as Angular, Node.js, React, Flutter, React Native, JavaScript, and more. So, we would be happy to help you if you choose us as your software development partner in Chicago to turn your dream into a reality.

    There are factors such as project complexity, development time, tech stack, and experience of the development team that decide the overall cost of your project. However, the software development prices in Chicago on average range from $100,000 to $400,000 depending on the company and your project’s size.

    Custom software development services in Chicago include web development, mobile application development, database designing, ERP Software, and more. Choose a company that offers comprehensive solutions crafted as per your business requirements.

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