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Bring more efficiency and productivity to your team with the best custom software development company in Houston. It’s high time to stop relying on human resources for repetitive tasks. Impart speed and accuracy in your operations with automated software technologies that perform your manual duties and ensure perfection.

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    software development company in Houston

    Take a Step Toward Innovation with Our Software Developers

    Technology is something that can take businesses to places. The NineHertz provides its software development services in Houston that help businesses of all types to streamline their operational processes.

    We make sure that you instill the advantages of innovation before the peer businesses and claim the competitive advantages. This strategy makes it very easy for you to be the industry giant in Houston and multiply your revenue.

    Transforming Ideas into Reality with our Software Development Services in Houston


    To help organizations of all sizes and niches, The NineHertz offers a varied range of software development services in Houston that help ignite the digital journey of businesses.

    Custom Software Development Services

    We understand the requirements of the clients to craft a customized software solution that fills the particular gap. At The NineHertz, clients pay only for what they need. We develop software from scratch, imparting each feature and functionality according to project requirements.

    Mobile App Services

    Replacing the brick-and-mortar and bringing in the digital go-to platforms for our clients. We develop Android and iOS mobile apps where business owners can talk about their offerings, invite customers, make sales, receive payments, collect information, and much more.

    Website development services

    The NineHertz develops websites on different technologies with intuitive user interfaces that enhance the overall user experience. Our website development services in Houston reduce the bounce-back rate, increase engagement, and promote your business.

    Cloud Computing

    Rely no more on pen-paper or some messenger for constant knowledge transfer among team members and departments. Our cloud computing solutions bring all the team members on a mutual platform, fostering better collaboration, and redefining the way people perceive teamwork.

    CRM Development services

    Strengthen your relationship with existing and potential customers with our CRM development services in Houston. Manage all your customer data, the status of the project, seamless communication, and much more, everything in one place. Give a new boost to your marketing and sales initiatives.

    Maintenance and Support

    The NineHertz provides ample maintenance and support to its clients. After the deployment of software on the respective platform, we make sure that our product keeps functioning seamlessly without any bug issues. Moreover, we also provide timely updates to our clients for the software.

    Driving Business Success with a Custom Software Development Company in Houston

    USA has always been an early adopter of technology which makes it crucial for businesses to attain the same pace.

    The Ninehertz is one of the software development companies in Houston, TX which ensures that businesses of all sizes can understand and adopt technological innovation before it is too late.

    Our team of software developers in Houston provides diverse software development services that streamline the operational process, instill collaboration, and instill understanding between the stakeholders.

    Custom Software Development Company in Houston

    The NineHertz- Your One-Stop Solution for All Digitization Needs

    Impart the capabilities of robust software in your business and skyrocket your revenue

    Software Development services in Houston

    What makes us the Best Software Developers in Houston?

    Experience brings expertise which further brings perfection. The NineHertz carries an experience of 15+ years in software development and thus we are well-familiar with the challenges and the associated mitigations. Our team of experts chooses the right technology stack according to particular project requirements and minimizes time-to-market.

    The NineHertz worked with businesses of different sizes and industries. So, we can well understand the requirements of any kind of business, impart the right assistance, and thus help them develop software that can fill the talent or information gap in the organization.

    Our Industrial Exposure


    We have helped businesses of different industries adopt technology, making us the leading software development company Houston.

    Healthcare Software Development

    With lowered operational costs and improved efficiency, the healthcare industry is leveraging the benefits of software development to its fullest. Be it making appointments, reminding about checkups, sharing diagnosis details, tracking health records, or something else, healthcare software does it all.

    Hospitality Software Development

    Businesses in hospitality industries like hotels and restaurants greatly benefit from software development. By learning about the likes and dislikes of their guest, they foster a more personalized experience which further leads to customer retention and increased business revenue.

    E-Commerce Software

    Software development can help significantly in online business operations. Different types of software like billing software, address software, parcel tracking software, designing software, and many other digital tools help better operate the business and enhance user experience.

    Education Software

    With remote jobs and businesses, remote education is also on high growth. eLearning software enables the students and tutors to connect on the online platform and exchange information. Further, extracurricular activities like dancing, singing, public speaking, new languages, etc. can also be learned via online software.


    Keeping a bulk of files for different pictures and documents of properties doesn’t seem to be a good idea. After all, you will never be able to carry as much as the file you can store in your application. We craft software solutions in which real estate personnel can save information about their clients and properties.


    Being a leading financial software development company in Houston, we carry expertise in tailoring different types of FinTech products. It includes wealth management software, mobile banking software, financial software, accounting management software, crowdfunding platform, digital wallet, mobile payment app, investment management software, and much more.

    Our Result-driven Software Development Process

    The NineHertz uses Agile project management methodology in the development process, bringing out the best quality in Software Products.

    Step 01

    Information Gathering

    We initiate the project with a direct meeting with the clients. The core purpose of the meeting is to gather all the necessary information about the project including the cost estimation, timeline of the project, features required, and the project objectives.

    Step 02

    Design and Prototype

    The very next phase is software designing where the client receives a prototype of their application. This is a kind of MVP that enables the relevant stakeholders to get a good idea about the features, navigation, and design of the software. Thus, they can provide good feedback to the development team.

    Step 03

    Core development

    The core development phase begins here where the development team works on the front-end and back-end of the project. At the same time, all the necessary tasks like API integration, third-party integration, coding, imparting payment gateways, and much more are performed in this phase.

    Step 04


    This is the second last phase of the project which is entirely dedicated to the quality testing of the project. Different types of testing like performance testing, speed testing, functionality testing, removing the bugs, etc. are performed at this stage to bring out the best version of the software.

    Step 05


    Once the client, team, and all the relevant stakeholders are satisfied with the quality of the project, our development team deploys the software on the respective system, Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store. The deployment makes the software available to use for the target audience.

    Leverage Innovation and Competitive Advantages with Software Development

    Provide better experience to your customers, streamline the processes, automate the workflow, and much more with our software development services

    Which regions of the USA are our software development services available?


    Other than Houston, you can leverage the software development services of The NineHertz in these cities.

    Technologies we use for Software Development in Houston


    Our broad technology stack helps us build customized software solutions according to client’s particular requirements.

    software developers in Houston

    The NineHertz- Your Best Choice as a Software Development Company in Houston

    Technology serves as a compulsion nowadays rather than an option. However, what more important is your choice among a plethora of software development companies in Houston, TX. The NineHertz stands as a prestigious brand in the landscape with expertise in a diverse technology portfolio. Our project portfolio is strong enough to bring client’s trust in our brand.

    The NineHertz offers maintenance and support to clients which ensures that the software product keeps functioning promptly without any bugs. Moreover, frequent updates in the navigation and features are also introduced by our team.

    Make Your Brand Tech-Friendly

    The NineHertz has been helping national giants and international brands to make technology a part of their business. Our software development has helped them streamline the operations and skyrocket revenue.

    Our customized digital solutions fill the particular talent gap in your organization and enjoy competitive advantages.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session-

    The NineHertz is a leading custom software development company Houston that helps businesses of different sizes and industries to develop customized software solutions. Our versatile software development process enables building a full-fledged and functioning software solution.

    The NineHertz carries an experience of 15+ years with a broad technology stack to build personalized digital products. Further, we ensure cost efficiency in every project for our clients making the development affordable for even small businesses.

    The cost of hiring a Software Development Company in Houston depends on a range of factors including the technology stack, the timeline of the project, features being imparted, requirements of the client, third-party integration, using industry 4.0 technologies, etc. However, you can consider the price range anywhere between $40,000-$400,000.

    The timeline of the project also depends on the same factors as it does in the case of cost estimation. The more features and complex the technologies, the longer will it take for the developers to develop.

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