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    Innovation-Driven Software Development for Businesses in Austin

    The NineHertz develops transformative software products that enable businesses of different niches to establish stronger relationships with their customers, increase the bandwidth of their human resources, and claim competitive advantages in the landscape to become a unicorn before anyone else. Our solutions are tailored according to the business’s very particular needs, ensuring that the client pays only for what he actually needs.

    We offer free consultation sessions to anyone looking to digitize the business and impart the capability of top-notch software solutions in their processes. Furthermore, our maintenance and support for our clients ensures that all relevant stakeholders seamlessly leverage the benefits of software solutions.

    Software development company in Austin

    Our facets of digital engineering bring your idea to life with different software solutions


    Custom software development services

    Fill the talent and resource gap of your business with a customized software solution. Be it performing repetitive tasks with more accuracy or software that performs as the communication bridge across the departments, we cover everything under our custom software development services in Austin.

    Mobile Application Services

    If you have an idea about an app, don’t wait or someone else will execute it. We provide mobile app development services that help you transform your innovative idea into a digital product and allow the target audience to leverage the services.

    Web development services

    Ensure a seamless online presence of your brand. We build customized websites with intuitive interfaces that minimize the bounce-back of users and can promote your offerings like nothing else. Websites are no longer an option but a necessity for businesses.

    Cloud computing development

    Foster better collaboration, enhanced data management, and more efficient team working with our cloud computing development services. We build cloud platforms that streamline the workflow across departments and enable the team members to work anywhere, anytime.

    Software support and maintenance

    The NineHertz, being the best software developer in Austin, maintains the functionality of their software for a longer time. Our services come with ample support to clients where we provide the necessary updates, remove bugs and errors, provide new features and functionalities, and much more.

    Software Product Development Services

    Be it food delivery, ride-hailing, messaging applications, face swap apps, or anything else, we can work on any idea of yours and give it a digital shape. Further, our robust set of technologies helps us create a strong infrastructure that can withstand a good amount of traffic. This core competency of ours is considered the best software development services in Austin.

    Our Step-Wise Process Toward Software Development

    Step 01

    Analysis and Planning

    Having defined the budget and objectives of the project, our team dive-in the further brainstorming session with the client. Here, we discuss the features and functionalities that will be equipped with the software.

    Step 02

    Design and Prototype

    Our team of software developers in Austin creates a prototype with all the features, design, themes, navigation, and everything that an app will carry, just non-functional. This prototype enables the relevant stakeholders to experience the software and provide feedback.

    Step 03

    Coding and Development

    It’s the third phase when our team begins to work on the frontend, backend, API integration, third-party integration, and other technical stuff. Here, we make the prototype functional by building a strong architecture.

    Step 04

    Quality Analysis

    The NineHertz makes sure that each software we deliver to our clients is of the highest quality and runs smoothly. For the same, our quality analysis team conducts performance testing, speed testing, functionality testing, bug removal process, and much more.

    Step 05

    Software Deployment

    Once all the stakeholders are satisfied with the quality of the software, it is deployed in the respective system so that end-users can utilize the software. In the case of mobile apps, it is deployed to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and other app platforms.

    Our Technology Stack for Strong Software Architecture


    Our broad technology portfolio ensures that your software architecture is strong and ready to handle large data and user bases without impacting user experience.

    Customized Software Development Services in Austin for a broad Industry Base


    We enable businesses of different industries and niches to automate their repetitive tasks, boost collaboration, and target their audience in a better way.

    Fintech software development

    Customized and easy-to-use software solutions for Fintech businesses, equipped with blockchain, IoT, AI/ML, big data, and other industry 4.0 technologies. Enable secured transactions, recorded money transfers, better insights into account activity, and much more with the best custom software development company in Austin.

    Education software development

    The NineHertz offers a complete suite of educational software including different learning environments, corporate training software, induction applications, tuition applications, virtual classroom software, ebook mobile applications, and everything else that enables the learners to learn remotely.

    Travel software development

    Our team excels in crafting top-notch travel applications to provide a hassle-free experience to all users. Our choices of strong technologies assist us develop best-in-the-industry mobile applications where users can book tickets, reserve hotels, find restaurants, and get everything they need on a trip.

    Real estate software Solutions

    List all your properties on a portal so that it is easy for you to showcase all the deals to your potential clients. Close more deals by fostering a seamless experience for your customers. No more hassle of suffering pictures and scrolling through files.

    Healthcare software development

    Healthcare software development experts at The NineHertz understand the gaps in the industry to design very particular software. Be it an electronic health record system, hospital management system, remote diagnosis software, or appointment booking application, we cover it all.

    E-commerce software development

    Bring maximum carts to the billing counter by selling your inventories to people around the world. We help you set up your online e-commerce store where you can list all your offerings, decide the price, receive payments, and make sales even across boundaries.

    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    We understand and respect the intellectual property rights of our clients. For the same, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients that makes sure every piece of information about the project is kept safe among the dedicated stakeholders and that any third person/party doesn’t have access to this data. Further, we also signed the agreement that states the budget and timeline of the project which we withstand.

    Quality Testing

    The NineHertz ensures a complete testing phase of the project where each part of the software is analyzed and tested. Once the application is ready to be deployed on the respective system or app platform, there are minimum chances that the final product consists of any bugs or errors. Moreover, we even ensure that the speed and performance of the software also meet the client’s expectations.

    Broad Technology Stack

    We carry a strong technology stack that provides you the option to choose the right one for your front-end and back-end development. Furthermore, our experts pick the best choices according to the nature of the project, the requirements of the client, and the overall allocated budget. Our experience allows us to make the right decision when crafting the framework of the software.

    Niche Expertise

    We assign the projects to our developers according to their niche expertise. The NineHertz has a development team for different industries like healthcare, travel, tourism, hospitality, e-commerce, fintech, and more. This expertise enables us to fill the very gap in the industry with our software products and bring most users into the fence in the least time.

    Least time-to-market

    Not being available at the right place at the right time might cost you a little too much. We ensure that someone else doesn’t execute before you. We minimize time-to-market for our software development enabling the client to deploy the digital product in the market in the least time. By cutting down the total project timeline into fractions, we save a lot of time, money, and resources for our clients.

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    Benefits of Hiring a Software Development Company in Austin

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    Everything Under One Roof

    With a software development company, you can enjoy everything under one roof. Be it website development, CRM development, ERP development, eCommerce development, or anything else, all solutions are available within the team.


    With the best custom software development company in Austin, you don’t need to worry about massive changes in requirements. Let it needs a whole new technology or designing the software from scratch, a good company takes care of everything.

    Cost Efficiency

    A software development company in Austin carrying good experience is already familiar with different phases of project development. This experience enables them to save a lot of cost without compromising with efficiency of the project.

    Enhanced Quality

    A complete team of quality analysts works on your software when you hire a software development company. So, the chances that your software carries any bugs or errors are minimized while enhancing the overall quality of the app.

    Technical Support

    Good software development companies in Austin provide ample maintenance and support to their clients. This helps them remove any issue with the software and thus elevates the overall user experience.

    Software development company in Austin

    Develop your Customized Software in Austin with The NineHertz

    We combine businesses with technology and help our clients impart the latest tech trends in their operations to achieve competitive advantages. Our expertise in a broad technology stack, industry 4.0 technologies, and different niches makes us one of the best software development companies in Austin.

    Let’s Discuss Software Development Ideas

    Introduce efficiency and perfection in your business with an expert software development agency in austin.

    Why Choose The NineHertz?


    Social Media Marketing optimization helps your business to strategize, engage and succeed in this burgeoning digital market.

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    • Post Maintenance and Support

    Helping Businesses in Digitization and Multiplying their Revenue


    A glance of our project portfolio, representing our dedication and hard work toward our clients to digitize and achieve milestones in the competitive market.


    Supply Chain Management Software

    Services:- Blockchain Development

    Smart Street Light Control System

    Services:- Mobile App Development

    Online Stock Trading Platform

    Services:- Mobile App Development

    Online Shopping Platform

    Services:- eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development

    E-Learning Management System

    Services:- Mobile App Development, Web Development

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session-

    The NineHertz is a renowned brand and software development company in Austin. We carry an experience of over 15 years of expertise in a broad technology stack. We craft customized software solutions that fill the very present gap in a business’s operational process.

    Talking about the cost, there is no exact amount that either you or we can stick to, for software development. The overall cost of software development in Austin depends on a range of factors like the type of software, type of features, timeline, technologies used, maintenance, third-party integrations, and, much more.

    Other than Austin, the following are the regions where you can leverage the software development services of The NineHertz-

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