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Why Data Integration

  • Collaborate Different Data Formats
  • Enable Multiple Data at Same Platform
  • Helps in Fundamental Data Processes
  • (Big Data Analytics, Cloud Integration, Business Intelligence, etc.)
  • Eliminate Bugs and Corrects Data
  • Integrates Different Database Structures and Models

Why Talend for Data Integration

  • Offers Faster Response to Business Request
  • Develop and Deploy Data Integration 10x Faster
  • Higher Managing Capabilities
  • Collaborates Better
  • Scalable and Cost Effective
  • High Quality Product Delivery

Escalate your Project with Talend Data Integration

In the data-driven world where the heavy volume of data is being generated every second, it becomes vital for businesses require a more stable and proficient platform to manage the different format of data coming from different database around the world. The NineHertz is working constantly to increase the data integration capabilities and thus opted a fast and effective platform that is Talend data integration which is open source software.

Catering Wide Range of ETL Development Services

ETL stands for Extract, Transform, and Load. ETL tools enhance and facilitate the data warehousing. These tools simplify the data management and they are cost effective. It offers effective information merging, storing, accessing and retrieving.

Our ETL developers develop proficient real-time systems that are capable enough to analyze real-time data flows. We offer ETL development services that help to detect fraud, support complex operational processes, perform secure payment process, and perform operations on a batch process. Our widespread knowledge of technologies has helped us to be among top ETL development companies.


Open Source ETL and Data Integration Tools

ETL tools enhance and facilitate the data warehousing. ETL stands for Extract, Transform, and Load. These tools simplify the data management and they are cost effective. It offers effective information merging, storing, accessing and retrieving.

Talend Open Studio

It allows to design the data integration processes and enables us to monitor them. It incorporates three applications that are business-friendly: Job Designer, Business Modeler, and Metadata Manager.

Talend Integration Suit

It permits multiple users access, team work and has high capability to handle large volume of data.

Talend Integration Suite RTx

This platform works in web based scenario and deals with real-time data. It offers easy access to critical data.

Talend Integration Suite MPx

To process large volume of data in short time, this suits offers parallel platforms to businesses.

Talend on Demand

It is an online service that enables code and objects storage and facilitates to reuse them by working team. It does not require any administration.

Explore the Benefits of Data Integration

  • It offers connectivity between source and target data system.
  • Higher scalability and performance.
  • Effective data cleansing components.
  • Logging and exception handling.
  • Efficient integration with web services.
  • Flexible transformation
  • Easy splitting and merging of data

Embrace Our Talend Data Integration Services & Become Data-Driven Business

  • Offers best solutions to fulfill all integration requirements.
  • Delivers real-time community-oriented approach
  • High functionality and scalability of the services
  • End-to-end customer engagement model
  • Work on latest technologies
  • High quality assurance
  • Post-delivery support and maintenance
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