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Everything You Need To Know About iOS 9

iOS 9 is coming in sept or fall 2015, but you can download the iOS 9beta version from and download the consumer beta version with apple sign up process. There are many changes in iOS 9 from iOS 8 which I have carefully studied can plotted on an infographic. Major changes like Siri is now more proactive, Font is changed, battery life is better so that you can run your phone for longer duration. New apps can help you to migrate your Android data to iPhone or iPad.

Apple has gave his best to make iOS 9 wonderful, but dont forget the iOS 8 release which was the most buggiest update ever. It would be recommended to install the beta on secondary device. Also, in the new build you may encounter a permission screen for removing some app if you are running our of storage, but it will reappear after installation is complete.

So, far my experience with iOS 9 features was good and I am excited to see the full version release on my iPhone 6. :)

Below infographic for Nine Hertz will give you complete idea about the iOS 9 release.


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