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We are the pioneers and game changers of Mobile App Development in Austin. Our robust, intuitive, and scalable mobile app solutions help grow your business to unlock its highest potential.

We have a dedicated team of proficient mobile app developers in Austin working day and night to help businesses become digital leaders and conquer new heights.

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    The NineHertz is an award-winning mobile app development company offering top-notch mobile app development services in Austin. The mobile application developers working in The NineHertz are all certified and experienced making them an ideal partner when it comes to harnessing the potential of technology and crafting digital products aimed to drive profits for your business.

    We build app solutions using the latest technologies to stay ahead in the market. Our software development services in Austin go beyond the traditional IT services as apart from mobile app development and testing, we also offer app deployment and post-launch technical support services. In short, The NineHertz is your one-stop solution where you get a diverse range of mobile app and web development services at affordable prices.

    Hire the best Mobile App Developers in Austin, TX

    Work with a Leading Mobile App Development Company in Austin to Transform Your Business


    iOS App Development

    It has been more than a decade since we have been offering iOS App Development Services. Test our apps purely based on performance and see the magic. Our dedicated programmers, testers, and designers are continuously working towards bringing the client’s vision to come to reality. Our iOS apps work seamlessly across all iOS devices like Apple Watch, iPhones, iPad, AppleTV, etc.

    Android App Development

    Partner with us to get quality-driven Android app development solutions that run across multiple Android devices. Our highly qualified Android app developers Austin are well versed in crafting apps that can go in sync with the goals of your organization. Choose ‘The NineHertz’ and skyrocket your ROI and profits in no time with our state-of-the-art technologies and seamless technical support.

    Game Development

    We are a well-known gaming app development company in Austin with a history of providing outstanding mobile gaming apps to our clients. The NineHertz is loaded with some of the brilliant game developers handpicked from the industry’s finest talent pool. They are masters when it comes to building fascinating gaming narratives, using cutting-edge gaming frameworks, and in-app gamification strategies.

    Flutter App Development

    Flutter is a remarkable technology and we know how to utilize its potential to the fullest to create sturdy, user-friendly, and seamless mobile applications. Partner with The NineHertz if you are searching for a mobile app development agency in Austin that provides tailor-made solutions across multiple platforms using Flutter. We have made tons of projects in Flutter and know the nitty-gritty of it.

    React Native App Development

    We are a reliable React Native App Development company in Austin creating end-to-end react native app solutions to help businesses put their best foot forward. We have mastered this extraordinary framework to build mobile apps that work seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. We were the early birds that switched to this technology and now we have a dedicated in-house react native team.

    PWA Development

    Avail PWA Development services and create progressive web apps enriched with the latest tech stack accustomed to both mobile and web applications. We offer our clients products that are cost-effective and quality-driven. Our PWA Development team is highly proficient when it comes to creating all types of mobile apps including progressive web apps. Join forces with the NineHertz and embark on a transformative journey.

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    Why choose The NineHertz for Mobile App Development in Austin

    Why choose The NineHertz for Mobile App Development in Austin?

    Choosing the best mobile app development company in Austin could be an extremely tedious and time-consuming task as the options are countless. So, should we sit idle and do nothing? No! Rather we should focus on choosing such an app development agency that is reliable and trustworthy. The agency we choose must be experienced enough and have worked on similar projects in the past. The NineHertz fulfills all these criteria.

    We are a trusted mobile app development company operating in Austin with more than a decade of experience in mobile and web technologies. We have an impressive portfolio with more than 400 projects under our belt. Our passion for problem-solving and commitment to nurturing organizations and making them digital leaders continue to be the bedrock of our success.

    Select Skilled Mobile App Developers in Austin Who Use Efficient Development Methods

    Divide and conquer is what we believe in and that’s the reason we have delivered more than 500 projects successfully without any rework. Here are the steps that we follow in order to conquer a task:

    Step 01

    We put all our efforts into understanding the client’s problem. Then after some brainstorming, an appropriate mobile app development strategy is formulated depending on the requirements.

    Step 02

    An app can never be famous if it isn’t pleasing to the eyes. The NineHertz focuses on creating intuitive and eye-catching interfaces that can draw attention with their aesthetics and user-friendliness.

    Step 03

    We embrace the efficiency of low code. Hence, our mobile app developers focus on writing clean and manageable code that adheres to code standards, guidelines, and protocols.

    Step 04

    We are app masters as we make bug-free apps. Our QA and Testing methods promote quality control for effortless deployment. We test your app bit by bit to make it error-free.

    Step 05

    We go beyond providing traditional IT services. Our post-launch technical support is our main highlight. We provide uninterrupted customer support services even after the deployment.

    Technologies ‘The NineHertz’ uses for mobile app development


    We, as a top-rated mobile app development company in Austin, use cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to deliver a feature-rich mobile solution that runs across all devices seamlessly. Talking about operating systems, we use the latest technologies and frameworks like Swift and Objective-C in the case of iOS whereas in Android we tend to leverage technologies like Java, Kotlin, Fastlane JetPack, etc. In the case of Hybrid apps, we use React Native, TypeScript, Flutter, JavaScript, and Native Script, etc. When it comes to backend development, we leverage the capabilities of Node.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Firebase, and Python.

    Avail of our app development services to grow your business

    The NineHertz works with a customer-centric mindset as our culture believes in putting people first. We firmly believe that when clients and society are stronger, so we are. In this technologically driven environment where everything evolves so quickly, we at The NineHertz help our clients anticipate what’s next and take action.

    Our processes and working methodologies empower our clients to see beyond & rise above. This helps them to unlock global opportunities as we provide them with such a fine product that can be marketed globally to generate huge profits. Our custom mobile app development services leverage the latest mobile technologies to make your vision a reality.

    So, whether you are a large multinational looking to spread its wings, or a small startup looking to establish itself in the market, The NineHertz can be your one-stop destination where all your tech-related worries come to an end. So, don’t wait for long and contact us to get the future you want as we are the leading technology services & consulting company in Austin.

    Avail of our app development services to grow your business

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session-

    The NineHertz covers a diverse range of applications solving complex problems of multiple industries including retail, healthcare, education, real estate, and e-commerce. Here, you can develop your mobile app for both platforms, i.e. Android and iOS at pocket-friendly prices.

    App development is a complex process and takes time. There are a lot of factors that are responsible for deciding the exact app development cost like app complexity, features, platform, etc. Thus, quoting one single figure is next to impossible as every project is different in terms of requirements. So, what you can do is just contact our sales executive and he will walk you through the entire cost structure by breaking it down bit by bit along with the timeline after analyzing the requirements of your project.

    To be honest, there can’t be one single answer to this question as mobile app development depends on many factors. Having said that, the average cost to develop a mobile app in Austin can range anywhere between $10K and $200K.

    We, at The NineHertz always follow in-demand and trendy technologies to produce cutting-edge mobile app solutions. Here is the breakdown of the tech stack used by us in common:

    • Android App Development – Kotlin, Java, JetPack, and more
    • iOS App Development – Objective-C, Swift, and more
    • Progressive Web App Development – Redux, React, Angular, Lighthouse and more
    • Cross-platform app development – React Native, Flutter, TypeScript, and more

    Yes, we are always happy to help. We treat our clients not as our clients but as our family and we share a bond that is permanent and unbreakable.

    Hiring an app development company in Austin is not easy as the pool is quite large, so follow these steps to choose your ideal mobile app development partner in Austin:

    • Estimate your project requirements and based on that frame questions like what do you want, what is your budget, how much time you have, etc.
    • After being absolutely clear in terms of your requirements, begin the quest of searching for a reliable and experienced app development company.
    • Contact the company directly and ask them to show their past work. A detailed portfolio will give you insights into how the company is and what they are going to deliver in the future.
    • Also, if possible try contacting their past clients to get a clear idea of their working patterns. Ask them questions like is the company good enough, how much time it takes to complete a project, is the company cooperative, if there are any hidden charges or not, etc.
    • After all the research, choose an app development partner who can understand your problem and offer you a desirable solution.

    We serve in the following areas of the United States of America

    • Dallas
    • New York
    • San Francisco
    • Chicago
    • Texas
    • Los Angeles

    You can save a significant cost by hiring app developers for your business. Building an app on your own may cause you trouble, especially when you have less technical knowledge. So, choose an app development company that has a team of skilled and experienced app developers as you are going to invest your money and time and your reputation is at stake.

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