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Our dedicated Salesforce developers work across all types of industries. We rank the highest among the Salesforce Industry Solution Providers of India and have the best client retention ratio.

Salesforce Industry Solution

Why Salesforce CRM for Industry Solutions?

Salesforce Industry solutions is a striving method to boost customer loyalty. It is a way to build lasting relationships with the clients and visitors by providing them with seamless solutions. Salesforce helps you to achieve your industry goals and challenges by providing solutions for every problem. No matter what industry you work with, Salesforce provides a customized solution for you. You can improve sales, service, marketing, and financial issues through our top Salesforce industry solutions.

Lasting relationships with clients

Lasting relationships with clients

Boost the productivity

Boost the productivity

Ease the resource handling

Ease the resource handling

Quick and easy work approach

Quick and easy work approach

Custom plans available

Custom plans available

Pace up with latest business related methodologies

Pace up with latest business related methodologies

Best Salesforce Solutions and Industry Expertise

Best Salesforce Solutions and Industry Expertise

Salesforce provides the means to fulfill the needs of interactive communications. The NineHertz provides complete Salesforce industry solutions so that you can take full advantage of your Salesforce cloud, Salesforce lightning, Salesforce consulting services and analytics. We find your actual business requirements and provide the complete solution according to requirements. We provide trusted Salesforce industry solutions architecture for better results.

Salesforce for Banking

Salesforce for Finance & Banking

Simplify financial experiences between various department of banking sectors and other branches. It improves your customer management and gives you 360 degrees of view of your resources. Transform the transactions and enable the API connection to your CRM with our Salesforce development solution provider.

  • Increased customer management
  • Improve the lead conversion
  • Salesforce Analysis to raise the real insights
Salesforce for Banking
Salesforce for Communications

Salesforce for Communications

Talking about the communication industry, the utmost priority is given to its customers. We provide comprehensive experience by integrating relevant clouds which meets your business requirements. Overall, it blends the best user experience and perfect cloud integration with Salesforce integration services.

  • Customization in market interactions
  • Take the users’ experience to the next level
  • Improves sales cycle and boost the productivity
  • Salesforce marketing cloud- Increase the sales and organized marketing services
Salesforce for Consumer Goods

Salesforce for Consumer Goods and Services

Enhance your consumer experience with our Salesforce Cloud Integration at nominal cost. Let your customers receive real time information at a click. We focus to execute the customer path to fully integrated system. Manage your supply chain and other inventories by hiring the best salesforce industry solution provider. Optimise your working process and accelerate the time-to-market.

  • Speed up your business module
  • Provide best service to your customers
  • One platform with lots of benefits
  • Manage stores and products without any hassle
Salesforce for Consumer Goods
Salesforce for Real Estate

Salesforce for Real Estate

Keep track of your interaction with various organization and property dealers. Also establish strong communication with your clients by integrating our Salesforce cloud services. We help you to access you data from anywhere and anytime. Store all your documents, listing and other useful information at one platform securely.

  • Manage the inventory smartly
  • Update the buyer and brokers information
  • Keep useful document at one platform
  • Access the information from anywhere at anytime
Salesforce for Healthcare

Salesforce for Healthcare

Integrating salesforce to your healthcare module help you to keep the records of your patient’s details, their history and makes the work easy for customer care executives. You can connect your right patient to the right doctor at anytime. The other inventory such as pharma, furniture can be managed easily. Along with resources, the track of doctors and other working staff can be managed easily using Community Cloud integration.

  • Complete overview of patients using Health-cloud
  • Salesforce enables the team care in efficient way
  • Tracks the record of patients and other staff members
Salesforce for Healthcare
Salesforce for Cross-Industry

Salesforce for Cross-Industry

The enterprise platform is designed to offer impeccable customer experience for sales, service, marketing and other business-related modules.

  • Perfect plan for sales expansion
  • Cross-Industry customization services
  • Well-organised modules with best Salesforce integration
Salesforce for Government

Salesforce for Government

The Salesforce Industry Solutions for Government bodies is beneficial from all the ways. The records of any department can be an easy task to manage, operate and access. We provide different types of salesforce integration and optimization to simplify the government process.

  • Customisation according to various departments
  • Updating and resource gathering easily
  • Major ease for defence bodies to organise the work
  • Custom Salesforce Integration Government solution
  • Seamless solution for citizen to connect with government
Salesforce for Government
Salesforce for Manufacturing

Salesforce for Manufacturing

We bring dealers, distributors on a similar wavelength in terms of marketing, services and sales with our top salesforce industry solution. It has a Partner Communities Integration which enables the path to communicate with concerned parties in a secure way. It allows to view the processes involved with Salesforce CPQ software. We optimize the after launch services with Salesforce IoT.

  • Optimisation with Salesforce IoT
  • Get complete overview by using sales cloud close deals
  • Field service management
  • Level up the dealers and distributors in terms of marketing and sales
Salesforce for Media and Entertainment

Salesforce for Media & Entertainment

Collecting the records of interviews is hard to handle? Integrate your media system with salesforce integration module by The NineHertz. We provide a system from which all your resources and their information is kept as a record. Make your productivity graph go higher by integrating the best cloud services.

  • Boost the media modules and sales
  • Custom media modules available
  • Each type of media integration and customisation
  • 24X7 Salesforce support for media media system integration
Salesforce for Media and Entertainment
Salesforce for NonProfit

Salesforce for Non-Profit

Keep pace with all your clients, fundraisers, volunteers, supporters and affiliates. Manage the system of your fund management with our salesforce integration services. Boost your funds and invest your time on good deeds. Rest, Salesforce integration will pace up with your data management system.

  • Record your interaction and other meetings
  • Track donor and reporting management
  • Monitor social media engagement and marketing system
Salesforce for Retail

Salesforce for Retail

Tailor your daily operations and customer care experiences with our Salesforce solutions. Our certified Salesforce developers help you to transform your retail services by providing a 360 degree view to it. Now keep a note of all your data such as mail, mobile, social and other relevant information of the stores at ease. You can now easily maintain the history of purchasing and history of the customer.

  • Browse history and other product purchasing easily
  • Transformation of retail industry using Salesforce integration
  • Salesforce integration to provide complete overview
Salesforce for Retail
Salesforce for Travel & Hospitality

Salesforce for Travel & Hospitality

We help you to manage your travel and transport module in a better way by implementing several Salesforce solutions. The integration services provided by our certified Salesforce developers will surely automate the process, seamless user experience, and improve your sales. Our team is always open for further customization and enhancements of the Salesforce with the demands in the industry.

  • Track the data of your resources easily
  • Deep domain expertise to solve your queries
  • Increase your repeat business
  • Handle your Salesforce data in smart way

Our AppExchange Product: Salesforce Development

Generate your own designed documents for any standard or custom object by just one click with no third party application integration
Mass update or delete multiple records using a simple user friendly wizard, The 9MassUpdate.
9Batch application helps Salesforce users to create dynamic batch jobs without writing any apex code. These batch job can be reused.

Why choosing NineHertz is a smart decision for Salesforce Industry Solutions

Salesforce helps you to achieve your industry goals and challenges by providing solutions for every problem. No matter what industry you work with, Salesforce provides a customized solution to you. You can improve sales, service, marketing, and financial issues through our Salesforce industry solutions. Salesforce Industry solutions is a striving method to boost the customer royalty. It is a way to build lasting relationships with the clients and visitors by providing them fluent solutions.

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    Free Consultation

  • 24X7 Support and MaintenaceIcon Base

    24X7 Support and Maintenace

  • Easy Hiring  ProcessIcon Base

    Easy Hiring Process

  • Use of Latest TechnologyIcon Base

    Use of Latest Technology

  • Experts  Across the GlobeIcon Base

    Experts Across the Globe

  • On-Time Delivery & Cost-Effective SolutionIcon Base

    On-Time Delivery & Cost-Effective Solution


We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance, you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

Salesforce Industry solutions is an umbrella term for cloud services in various industries. It takes care of six global level industries and takes them to an advanced level. We can’t deny that the world is becoming increasingly connected. With millions of new applications and products, ideas are flourishing and industries are reaping health benefits.
Cloud services are becoming the expert’s agenda to deal with the vast horizons of modern marketing and sales. Also, the fields like education, development, and health see a whole new impact on them because of the whole new benefits of cloud services.
  • Development: Cloud is the technique which offers the large chances of growth to a country. Cloud computing has removed the burden to build greater infrastructure. Moreover, Cloud can effectively put all the data and application at one place to make it accessible from anywhere.
  • Health: Cloud technology is gaining quite a pace with the healthcare industry. It is proficient in many healthcare sectors such as managing the complete patient data. Also, patients can see the latest updates of their reports.
  • Education: The educational institutes have spotted this thriving opportunity with an immediate effect. They reap benefits which include compliance of accessing data from any place, any time to get the students enrolled in online classes.Also, it provides the value of business automation to keep the process streamlined to acutely manage the resources. Altering number instead of text is also one of the benefits.
You can start with basic success plan and move on to the higher one later on. This cloud plan takes the responsibility of providing a complete base of support for the product and services.
In some of the situations, cloud computing is specifically used to augment the abilities to achieve specific business goals.
  • Infrastructure as a service: There have been instances when companies saved the cost of investing to manage an IT infrastructure. Usually, organizations switch to PaaS for some of the heftiest reasons like looking forward to enhancement in the speed and development.
  • Private and Hybrid Cloud: Amidst various incentives for the cloud, there are situations when companies look forward to various methods to reach to the apps which they wish to deploy in their environments.
  • Test and Development: The best scenario for the utilization of cloud remains development and test environment. With cloud computing, there are various available environments which fulfill the set of your environment via manpower and physical assets.
Salesforce Industry solution is the best-suited plan for your particular industry. With this you can:
  • Provide robust solutions which your customers would love to receive.
  • A chance to build lasting relationships with your customers and website visitors.
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