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Boost with our top-notch taxi booking app development take your taxi business to new heights in this ever growing ride-hailing market. Gain a competitive-edge and be a reputable industry leader with the world’s best taxi app development company.

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Taxi Booking App Development Company

Our Taxi Booking App Development Services

Our mobile app development services include various features ranging from essential taxi app development services to advanced. The expert taxi app developers can assist you in tracking, promoting, and modernizing your rides.

Car Rentals Service

Get a customized car rental app, keep track of your bookings invoices, and efficiently manage your fleet of cars.

Taxi Booking Service

From tracking drivers to generating automated invoices for bookings, we are adept at developing software that allows you to do it all.

Corporate Taxi Business

Expand your taxi business by offering to help the corporate sector book cars as per their constantly changing needs.

Air Taxi

Cater to people’s urgent traveling demands by offering them impeccable chartered air services at the click of a button.

Limousine Service

Limousines can never go out of style. Help your customers book limos on the go, through our classy taxi booking app.

Fleet Management

Whether you have ten vehicles or a thousand, manage them in a few clicks with our fleet management solutions.

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Benefits Of Using Custom Taxi Booking App

Developing a custom taxi booking app opens up a world of opportunities. Our taxi app development services aim to take your taxi business to a global market with all the below mentioned benefits:

  • Increase Driver Efficiency

  • Time and cost efficient

  • Live GPS Tracking

  • Confirm or Cancel Ride

  • Flexible Payment Options

  • Ease of Booking

taxi booking benefits

Your Exclusive Taxi App Development Solution

Our sophisticated taxi app solution is designed for transportation enterprises of all types and sizes to connect, optimize, and automate their fleets. Our booking app development team combines innovation and expertise while developing mobile apps. We attempt to design a taxi solution that doubles your revenues as the leading taxi booking app development business.

Whether you’re a worldwide taxi startup, a fleet owner with a small or large fleet, or a taxi aggregator wishing to shift your own taxi business operations online, we can help! We’re your one-stop shop for developing a custom taxi booking mobile app for various cases.

Carpooling Apps

Launch your own customized carpooling apps to encourage cost-effective and eco-friendly rides.

On Demand Chauffeurs

Expand your network of on-demand drivers and chauffeurs for hotels, restaurants, airports, and corporate bookings

On Demand Limos

Earn from exotic bookings for marriage, parties, etc., by launching your own Limousine car booking app.

Trucking & Logistics App

Launch a mobile app for your logistics firm to attract premium consumers via mobile applications.

Features Of Taxi Booking App Like Uber

An extensive collection of exceptional features drives our optimized online taxi booking app development. The taxi app solution saves your customers time and money by providing user-friendly applications for mobile devices.

On-Demand Taxi-Booking Mobile App Business Models

Our taxi booking apps team is always available to assist you in identifying and implementing the most-effective taxi-booking mobile app model. We launch your taxi booking app and provide updates as needed as per the below business models:

Private Taxi Booking Business Model

Provide your customers with a safe and secure ride through this model

Ride Sharing App Business Model

Generate constant revenue through this model and be eco-friendly as well.

Cab Aggregators Business Model

Let your booking system provider connect riders and taxi drivers seamlessly.

Our Result Driven Custom Taxi App Development Process

To outperform your competitors, you must identify an epicenter of innovation, a distinctive selling proposition, and a bold, confident, and dynamic design language. In the race of modern transportation systems, The NineHertz’s taxi app development process emerges as a lifesaver. Our taxi booking app development empowers taxi businesses in numerous countries to increase rides, save time, cut expenses, and boost your revenue.

We can make a personalised taxi booking mobile app that outperforms the competition and provides an enriching experience for your users, backed by an experienced team of mobile app developers.



First, we understand your taxi business and develop a roadmap based on the information gathered. We then use our findings to finalize project timelines, deliverables, and desired outcomes.



In this stage we decide the overall layout of your taxi app. We create perfect graphics, color schemes, and iconography to meet your company’s needs, preferences, and expectations.



Our developers commence by creating taxi apps with the necessary features and functionalities so that you can manage your entire taxi business on a single platform to create a revolution.


Testing and Deployment

The final step is to test and deploy the app to App Stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store, depending on your needs), where riders can find it and use it to book taxis from your services.

Why Choose The NineHertz as Your Best Taxi Booking App Development Company India?

The NineHertz is India’s most popular taxi booking app development company, delivering high-quality taxi booking services in line with the future mobility ecosystem. When you hire a taxi booking app developer from us, you get highly secure and robust mobile applications that have the potential to put competitors at bay. Our unique taxi app solution can help your business increase customer interaction, traffic, and revenue.

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Scalable Applications

We always strive to provide futuristic solutions. We design scalable on-demand taxi booking software that responds immediately to sudden traffic peaks without affecting speed.

13+ Years Of Experience

We have spent 13+ years developing unique software solutions for our clients. With our experienced team, we deliver robust and satisfactory Taxi Booking App Development services.

Mission-Driven Services

Our wide array of expertise enables us to become your partner throughout your multifaceted journey of taxi booking app development, customer engagement, and retention plans.

App Store Optimized Solutions

We design, develop, and deploy taxi booking app solutions for the Android and iOS platforms, optimized for the App and Play stores, respectively.

Secured Payments

Leverage simplified payments, as our app integrates multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and Razorpay, for a safe and laid-back experience.

Diverse Market Expertise

Our experience has taken us worldwide, empowering a wide range of business models and markets. We have contributed to the growth of several startups and enterprises’ stability.

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Our Readymade Taxi Booking Clones

We are a leading taxi app development company in India that offers an impeccable readymade taxi app solution. Our taxi app development services provide ready-to-use taxi app clones that let you digitize your traditional taxi business easily.

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Grab
  • Gett
  • Ola
  • Didi
  • Cabify
  • LeCab
  • Gurb
  • GoCatch
  • inGoGO
  • Hailo

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Taxi Booking App – Case Studies

In today’s mobile-first world, we are an online taxi booking app development company that is redefining how taxi business owners operate. Our taxi app developers create mobile applications that are both seamless and agile. The outcomes have never let us down and have always delighted our customers. The below taxi app solution case studies reflect our expertise in taxi booking on demand app development.

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Taxi Booking App- Support & Integration

We understand that our responsibility entails more than just designing and creating a sophisticated taxi booking app. Thus, we work intensely on support and integration for top performance.

Supported Countries & Currencies

  • USA (USD)
  • UK (Pound)
  • Canada (CAD)
  • India (NIR)
  • Australia (AUD)
  • Germany (DEM)

Taxi Booking Payment Gateway Integration, We Provide

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We are delighted to display our awards, accolades and recognition in the IT industry for our hard work, commitment and loyalty.

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Frequently asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop a taxi app?

Developing a taxi app can range from $100,000 to $170,000 for a single app version on a single platform (iOS or Android). Various criteria, including outsourcing location, determine the final taxi app development cost, the number of features and their complexity, and the number of platforms supported.

Can I have multiple payment gateways?

As a customizable solution, the taxi app can be integrated with additional payment gateways. Please get in touch with our support team to discuss more.

What technology stack does a taxi booking app like uber use?

Depending on your needs, we can create a taxi booking app for both Android and iOS. For iOS apps, we use Objective C, Swift, and Xcode, and for Android apps, we use Java, Kotlin, and Android Studio.

Yes. Our taxi app developers will help build customized and tailor-made taxi booking apps to suit your business model.

Companies in the for-hire transportation industry are fairly similar. Although they use different technologies to differentiate themselves in the market, there are a few essential features and activities that make a simple taxi app development solution for iOS and Android:

  • Native Development (Android, iOS): 200 hours
  • UX/UI Design: 180-200 hours
  • Backend Development: up to 200 hours
  • Web Development (an admin panel): 170 hours
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: a third of the total time spent on app development To summarise, developing a taxi app for iOS and Android, creating a web-based admin panel and a backend, and implementing a QA procedure might take up to 1000 hours.

Taxi app development is one such solution that saves you time and money by developing user-friendly apps for your mobile phones. Taxi applications cover two key interfaces, Passengers and visible Taxi drivers, by making it simple to communicate with both simultaneously.

  • Some of the advantages a taxi app development are:
  • Real-time location track
  • Ease of Booking
  • Higher visibility
  • 24/7 Service
  • Brand building
  • Cost-Effective Pricing
  • Multi Payment Option

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