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DevOps as a Service

The NineHertz focuses on minimizing the ‘Time to Market’ by using the best tools for Monitoring, Configuring, Fixing, Deployment and Update management. Our DevOps developers work together, think more alike, and share the responsibilities to deliver high-quality products. Straight from the integration of the latest DevOps practices to configuring the automation to the implementation of the best tools, our DevOps developers provide the best services to our clients.

Aligning the development and operation processes of the enterprises, we provide high productivity, efficiency and faster deployment time. With the help of automation in code testing, workflows and infrastructure, our DevOps engineer provide secure, error-free and agile products.

End-to-End Deployment Automation

We help our clients in automating the development and deployment life cycle. Our DevOps engineers automate, manage and deploy complex infrastructures and solutions to satisfy our global clients.

Continuous Integration and Configuration Management

Detecting errors at an early stage can save a lot of development time. Continuous integration offers a consistent verification of the product with the help of an automated build. We offer continuous integration with Maven and Jenkins and configuration of management with the help of Chef.

Testing and Security

Our DevOps developers and testing team work together to deliver high-quality and hassle-free apps. We test our every product on diverse platforms in order to offer smooth launch of the product on every software and hardware. From load testing to security layers, we implement best solutions depending on the business requirements.

DevOps Consulting Services

We offer profound DevOps solutions that enhance that fasten the development of an application. Our team of DevOps engineers has vast experience in Virtualization, Server Support, Server Security, Containerization and Server Orchestration.

Cloud Consulting Services

We understand the business requirements and offers profitability by implementing the right solutions to enhance the productivity of the businesses. Our DevOps engineers recommend best services like PAAS (Platform as a Service), BAAS (Backend as a Service), and IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Infrastructure Automation

Being fast is the only way to stay ahead in the business as it enhances the growth rates. Implementing automation solutions amplifies application development with minimal functional faults.

DevOps on AWS

We are among the leading DevOps service providers having a premier consulting partner of AWS. We have a certified team of DevOps having an experience of more than 6 years. Our team of DevOps developers uses the best tools and practices to deliver high-performance and scalable solutions. We have over 150+ implementations on AWS clouds.

Why Hire DevOps Developer from The NinHertz?

  • A dedicated team of certified DevOps developers
  • We offer automated environment provisioning
  • Rapid development cycle
  • Implementation of the latest technologies
  • Customer-oriented development model
  • On-time project deployment

Benefits of DevOps

High Speed

Make your process faster to deliver products and services in minimum time. DevOps model improves adaptability to changes in the market and drives better business results.

Rapid Deployment Frequency

Quick bug fixes and releases new features at a higher frequency to improve the customers’ experience. To improve the scalability and reliability DevOps targets product delivery, quality testing, continuous integration, and development of new features.

Scalability and Reliability

With the help of automation, it becomes easy to operate and manage complex or changing systems effectively and with minimal risk factors. Infrastructure as a Code, one of the DevOps practice, helps to manage the development, testing, and development environment in an efficient manner.


DevOps provide high security with the help of automated compliance policies, controls and configuration management techniques. Using policy as code and infrastructure as code, it becomes easy to track and define the compliances.

Effective Collaboration

DevOps offers a perfect cultural model that helps businesses to build a synchronization between teams and teaches values like ownership and accountability. DevOps reduces inefficiencies and time to deployment of any product as it perfectly collaborates developers and operations teams.


Delivering an efficient and impressive end-user experience by ensuring the quality of application updates and infrastructure modifications. DevOps builds an environment that helps to design and develop functional and secure applications with minimal development time.

What is DevOps?

DevOps integrates developers and operations teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automating workflows, automating infrastructure and continuously measuring application performance. In other words, DevOps is the coherence of organization practices, cultural philosophies, and latest tools that enhance the productivity and ability to deliver applications and services at a high speed.

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