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Crafting engaging iOS mobile games in various game genres is our purpose. We are a seasoned iOS Game Development Company skilled in creating feature-rich iOS games for all iOS devices with the art of thrilling storylines, excellent visuals, and incredible sounds. Outsource our iOS game development services today to lead the competition!

  • 25+ iOS game designers
  • 650+ gaming projects
  • 50+ game developers

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iOS Game Development Company

Our Technical Expertise as iOS Game Apps Development Company

With our devoted iOS game development team, we have successfully created stunning games with flawless graphics that work on all iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Our remarkable technical expertise in Unity game development and other high-end technologies allows us to test your app rigorously at every stage to assure incredible quality results.

  • Unity Game Development
  • AR/VR Games
  • Console Games
  • Oculus Rift Games
  • 2D And 3D Game Development
  • Cocos2D Game Development
  • Windows Games
  • Construct3 Games
  • Facebook Games
  • Action And Educative Games
  • Multiplayer, Single And Multilevel Games
  • Adventure Game Studio
  • Video Game Development
  • Unreal Engine Game Development

Our iOS Games Development Technologies and Tools

Our industry veterans in India work together in different technological aspects towards the sole purpose of developing a fun and engaging gaming app that can drive business. The Ninehertz gives quality assurance at a reasonable and cost-effective price with an exciting UI, features, and the functionality iOS games require. We use state-of-art technology and tools to deliver marvelous games as the best android game and iOS game development company in India.

  • Swift
  • Unity
  • Cocos2D
  • Cocos3D
  • Xcode
  • Corona SDK
  • Objective-C
  • Titanium
  • Box2D
  • Chipmunk Game Dynamics
  • SceneKit
  • Project Anarchy
  • OpenGL
  • Marmalade
  • Amazon Lumberyard
  • CryEngine
  • NextPeer
  • Haxe
  • Gideros Mobile
  • PowerVR Graphics SDK

Make Cross-Platform Games with Award-winning iOS Game Design Studio

We are a team of passionate, creative, and highly skilled game developers who are adept in developing highly engaging and successful HTML5 gaming apps for iOS as well as android devices. We treat each game genre with a unique and centred development approach while turning your ideas into real-life experience games.

iOS Game Development Studio Expertise

Our iOS Game Development Studio Expertise

The advancement in mobile game development in India has brought an array of mobile game genres suitable for various age groups. We hold hands-on experience in developing attractive, agile, scalable, and innovative UI UX designs for various types of video games and their sub-genres as well.

  • Sports Game
  • Poker Game
  • Board Games
  • Card Game
  • Racing Games
  • Role Playing Games
  • Casual Games
  • Action Games

Why Choose The NineHertz to Hire iOS Game Developers India?

With our experienced and successful team of android and iOS game developers, we have established a reputation for delivering the finest quality iOS games across the world within your budget. Outsource iOS game development services from The NineHertz to digitize your business in a quick turnaround time.

We take our inspiration from top-notch iOS gamers and have mastered the game development art to be one of the best in the market. Hire an iOS game developer from us to maximize the creative aspect, power and performance of your android and iOS games.

Cost Savings

You can save 70% of your game development project costs by outsourcing our iOS game development company and hiring developers on a contract basis. Partnering with our iOS game development company you get on-time delivery and lifetime access to the apps and games. You also benefit from reduced costs, increased game monetization, graphics integrations.

Custom Games

We use our data-based insights and analysis to figure out your and your target audience’s psychology and game hook. Hire our talented iOS game developers who are adept in customizing iPhone game development features according to their needs. Whether it is casino games or ludo games, we keep our client requirements first to curate tailor-made solutions.

Seamless Game Integration

Our iOS game developers have hands-on experience in application gaming. They create all types of iOS games compatible with all kinds of iOS devices. Our expertise in the latest iOS technologies and tools results in top-notch iOS gaming apps.

Best Gaming Experience

Hire iOS game developers from us if experiencing top-grade best technology evolution along with the best 3D designs is a priority for you. We ensure that we develop the world best games that beat your competition in the industry and give you the highest rate of iOS game download in the app stores.

Hire Our Certified IOS Game Developers

Looking For Custom iOS Game Development Solutions? Hire Our Certified iOS Game Developers

With the support of a leading game development company, you can develop engaging and interactive android as well as iOS games to stay ahead of the competition, in India, the UK, the USA, and the UAE. The dedication and vision of our gaming team can give you the benefits of reduced costs, increased game monetization, graphic integrations, and leveraging iPhone features. We ensure that our innovative NFT gaming solutions for iOS users can beat your competition.

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iOS Game Development Process

Our mobile development team provides full-cycle development from the initial concept to a live solution. Whether it is android development or game development services, we always have our right foot forward to develop software and make your iOS devices more dynamic. Here is the process we follow:

iOS Game Development Process

1.Requirement Gathering

The very first stage of developing next-generation iOS games involves gathering information from clients about the genre, budget, target audience, and the platform of the games to be built. Essentially, this stage defines everything about the iPhone game. After gathering information from the clients our game development team then refines the idea to make the game even more attractive to the users.

2.Game Development

Game creation involves extensive research. After all the planning, it is at this stage where the game starts to take shape. Our developers use expert knowledge, the best programming languages, beautiful graphics, and scalable technology architecture for your concept. Herein, the team develops software using extensive coding and creates animation, game objects and backgrounds. We deliver you the first rough draft of the software and work on your feedback. We aim to enhance level Design and the UI elements in the development stage itself

3. Game Design

The game design stage of the iPhone SDK involves creating compelling stories, characters, goals, rules, and challenges that stimulate interactions with other characters, users, or objects. Once the iPad games are released, they are out of the designer’s hands. Hence, we make sure we choose the right style of design for the game and identify and fix bugs as early as possible.

4.Game Delivery

Once the production is complete, the Augmented Reality games are ready to be launched in the app store. This stage requires us to integrate all elements such as character, environment, object, as well as the look, colours, sounds, level of difficulty, rules and point-scoring system. After all the QA and testing, we polish the game as much as possible at the time of delivery.

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Our iOS Game App Development Team Portfolio

We are an award-winning android and iOS game development company rendering our services in India, the USA, the UK, and UAE. Our team creates mobile games that players fall in love with. The extensive game development portfolio speaks for our quality iOS services and the company we are.

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