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The NineHertz created a ready-to-deploy non-fungible token (NTF) marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing digital collectors to buy and sell tokens while also allowing creators to enter the world of digital art directly by creating or minting their own NFTs. Our developers created the wallets for storing and selling NFT tokens and have an initiative UI providing users with the opportunity to conveniently register accounts, submit digital artwork, and sell their creations.

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5 Members
  • BA (2)
  • Project Manager (1)
  • Developers (3)
  • Designers (2)
  • QA Testers (2)
5 to 6 Months

Of unstoppable work

  • NFT
  • AI algorithms
  • Javascript
  • Polygon Framework
  • smart contracts
  • Ethereum
  • LevelDB
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App Development Challenges

Obstacles We Faced While Developing NFT Markeplace

Integrating Artificial Intelligence

Our client’s requirement is to create dynamic and intelligent experiences with the integration of artificial intelligence within the NFT Marketplace. Our developers needed to customise everything from scratch and work on different algorithms to turn this into a unique marketplace.

Seamless bidding with clear navigation

Creating detailed and data-intensive dashboards that provide a bird’s eye view of complete profile information so that users would be able to carry out bidding activities from a single comprehensive interface and designing an intuitive UX and UI for users to navigate easily is another challenge our developers encounter.

Searching & Filters

When developing an NFT Marketplace, having all information about NFTs centralized, filtered,and presented to the audience in a clear and relevant way with more options urged our developer to do some research and come up with the best options.

High Gas Fees

Gas fees are necessary to effectively perform a transaction or execute a contract on the Ethereum blockchain network. So the key issue was to lower the transaction cost so that users could be free while putting less burden on their wallets.

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How Did We Solve the Challenge?

With the assistance of AI developers, we address this challenge by integrating AI algorithms to create the one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace. This will enable creatives to automatically generate NFTs, and users will be able to confirm the legitimacy of listed NFTs by tracking user behaviour and preventing potential attacks from fraudulent bots.

We leveraged custom catalogue widgets helping in navigation, LevceDB to store the binary data of Ethereum nodes and Smart Contracts to make the data-intensive dashboards and Web3 compatible interface so that users can keep complete track of information that includes saved billing addresses, credit cards, saved NFTs, transactions, and order histories to carry out well-informed bidding.

To solve the challenge, our developers leveraged Javascript to come up with different filter categories such as status, price, quantity, chain, category and currency for an efficient NFT Marketplace.

To address the issue of high gas fees, we used an Ethereum-based blockchain network built on the Polygon to avoid the high transaction costs and slow processing of Ethereum, as well as utlized smart contracts to automate blockchain transaction verification.

  • NFT App Development Challenges
  • NFT App Development Challenges
  • NFT App Development Challenges
  • NFT App Development Challenges
  • NFT App Development Challenges


User Panel

User Panel

  • User Profiles

    Any user can create a profile, regardless of whether they are a collector or an artist. Here, you can display the users’ assets, a display image, and other information.

  • Personal Digital Wallets

    Similar to a physical wallet, a digital wallet allows users to store and manage NFTs and other digital assets.

  • Listing For Sale Assets

    A creator mints their creation as a non-fungible asset and lists it on the trading market for the collectors to admire and bid on it.

  • Digital Auction House

    Digital artworks created by the artists can be put up for auction. They can choose between a Dutch auction and an English auction to sell their artwork.

  • Categorization of Collectibles

    The website will include a list of the varied collection of artworks by classifying the arts as music, digital arts, generative arts, etc., making it simple to search for the things they’re looking for.

  • Trade History

    By using this function, users can browse a list of all prior trades that were made on the site. Price, date, seller, and other information are all included in the transaction history.

  • Search Funnel

    An advanced search filter can easily find a specific artwork. Applying the filters will take the NFT enthusiast directly to the assets they wish to bid on.

  • Airdrops

    Airdrops are popular promotional events where buyers can obtain free NFTs or cryptocurrency. They may be organised by NFT developers or merchants.

  • Push Alerts

    Push alerts are triggered to inform users about the platform updates, newly placed bids, NFT sales, payment status, etc.

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Admin Panel

  • Category Management

    The admin is responsible for overseeing each category that will be used to group the digital assets in the marketplace.

  • Profile Management

    In the NFT , each creator and collector will have a profile for themselves. The admin can easily manage every profile effortlessly using the admin panel.

  • Stats Management

    The administrator collects the trade statistics of the best-selling collectibles and updates them for the users in the marketplace.

  • Blogs Management

    To educate new users about the platform, the roadmap, etc., the admin might write descriptive blogs.

  • Sales Management

    The administrator can keep track of every NFT sale that occurs on the NFT portal.

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Get free consultation and let us know your project idea to trun it into an amazing digital product.

Project Milestones We Achieved

  • 01

    Requirement Gathering

    First we sign the NDA with the client and after that we start gathering the relevant information for the app.

    15 to 20 days
    Team Members
    Business Analyst and QA
  • 02

    App Designing

    Our designers now start designing different app screens and wireframes to give seamless user experiences with a flawless look.

    20 to 30 days
    Team Members
    UI & UX Designers, BA
  • 03

    App Development

    By using the latest technologies and tools, our expert app developers develop interactive prototypes that attract user’s attention.

    40 to 50 days
    Team Members
    Expert Developers, Designers, BA
  • 04

    App Testing

    In the final step, our QA team performs various analyses and validations to make sure that the app runs flawlessly.

    15 to 20 days
    Team Members
    QA, Developers, BA, Project Manager