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On-Demand Video Streaming Software

This on-demand video streaming platform is your next entertainment destination. It lets users browse through a wide variety of video content from movies, TV Shows to short films, documentaries and others. Users can search video content through title, description or categories as the platform is well organized and content is categorized under different genres, specials, top picks, etc. to find the best movies. Additionally, there’s an ease of watching trailers, checking info, reviews, ratings, and recommendation list before hopping on particular content.

video-streaming App
6 Members
  • BA (1)
  • Project Manager (1)
  • Developers (2)
  • Designers (1)
  • QA Testers (1)
4 to 5 Months

Of unstoppable work

  • Node.js
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Swift
  • WebRTC
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video-streaming App Development Challenges

Major Challenges Of Developing On-Demand Video Streaming App

Managing Enormous Amount Of Video Content

On-demand video streaming apps possess a huge amount of video content, maintaining such a vast database in itself is a hell of a task. At the same time, you need to check on the app performance since with such an extensive database the app gets heavier and slows down the performance.

High-Quality Video Streaming

Serving worldwide users with high-quality video streaming is also an obstacle to the development of an on-demand video streaming platform. Poor user experience and low-quality video streaming annoy users which translate into app uninstallation from their mobile devices.

Recommending Relevant Video Content

Pushing relevant video content for each subscriber was one of the biggest challenges in front of over elite mobile app developers while developing an on-demand video streaming app. Since the platform will be packed with thousands of binge-worthy TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other video content.

Security Against Content Piracy

The piracy of the content is inevitable nowadays. Fortifying applications against such content security breaches was also a challenge for our developers while building an online video streaming app.

Proposed Solutions By Our Elite Mobile App Developers

Cloud Server And Computing Architecture:

The solution that our mobile app programmers came up with was the use of cloud hosting platforms.

  • Cloud hosting platforms are flexible, expanded automatically whenever more space is required.
  • Allows quick access to video content and is way more pocket-friendly than hard disks.
  • Enables the platforms scaling through complex architecture and end up data migration needed when the data gets bigger.

Developing A Custom Video Player

To offer end-users a better user experience of their favourite videos and movies. Our app programmers construct a custom video player from scratch which enables video streaming in high quality.

Recommendation Algorithm:

After hours of intense brainstorming and utilizing years of domain expertise, our team of skilled, talented and experienced developers proposed an up to the mark solution. A bulls-eye to the target – “Recommendation Algorithm” A well-developed ML algorithm that analyses user data from different sources. The code of instructions considers numerous attributes such as ranking, rating, searching similarity, etc. to push relevant video content recommendations to particular subscribers.

Disabling App Features Responsible For Security Breach

For ensuring security against content piracy, our team of expert mobile app engineers worked on disabling device features like capturing screenshots and screen recording. It thoroughly eliminates the chances of content piracy.

  • video-streaming App Development Challenges
  • video-streaming App Development Challenges
  • video-streaming App Development Challenges
  • video-streaming App Development Challenges
  • video-streaming App Development Challenges

Key Features

The NineHertz furnished this online video streaming app with a wide range of amazing features to convey a seamless user experience to its worldwide subscribers.


User Panel

  • Browse and Search Content
  • Select Language & genre
  • Search style, album, artist, video name
  • Play Video Preview
  • Watch video streaming
  • Download video and play offline
  • Play Video in PIP Mode
  • Add video to a playlist
  • Create private and public playlists
  • Sharing the video on social networks
  • Lockscreen info (artist, video, cover)
  • Manage devices in your subscription
Admin App Features

Admin Panel

  • Upload video (bulk upload)
  • Publication of the video in one click
  • Add video, album, style, and artist
  • Edit video, album, style and artist
  • Delete video, album, style and artist
  • Manage Subscribers & Users
  • Manage subscriptions & memberships
  • Run Various Loyalty Plan
  • Manage advertising and promotions
Advance Features

Advance Features

  • Social Login & Sign Ups
  • User Onboarding
  • Bitrate (Streaming Quality)
  • Behaviour Tracking
  • Recommendation Algorithm (AI)
  • Role-based Dashboard
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Push Notification
  • CRM Integration
  • Loyalty Program
  • Data Storage and Management

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Project Milestones We Achieved

  • 01

    Requirement Gathering

    First we sign the NDA with the client and after that we start gathering the relevant information for the app.

    15 to 20 days
    Team Members
    Business Analyst and QA
  • 02

    App Designing

    Our designers now start designing different app screens and wireframes to give seamless user experiences with a flawless look.

    20 to 30 days
    Team Members
    UI & UX Designers, BA
  • 03

    App Development

    By using the latest technologies and tools, our expert app developers develop interactive prototypes that attract user’s attention.

    40 to 50 days
    Team Members
    Expert Developers, Designers, BA
  • 04

    App Testing

    In the final step, our QA team performs various analyses and validations to make sure that the app runs flawlessly.

    15 to 20 days
    Team Members
    QA, Developers, BA, Project Manager