Virtual Trial Room With Augmented Reality

Virtual trial room with augmented reality is the advancement and technological innovation in the fashion industry. “Try before you buy ” worked years ago for efficient customer engagement in outfit stores. Now the concept is gradually being replaced via virtual trial rooms which let customers try clothes virtually that translates into eliminating long queues and waiting periods in front of trail rooms. The customer simply poses and the Microsoft Kinect sensor track depth to align virtual clothes on it. Cuts, creases and movement of virtual clothes can be witnessed from the render as its lighting intensity is adapted to match ambient lighting conditions. For much close to real-life experience, we do add the use of full user pose tracking and 3D clothing models along with cloth simulation instead of 2D images.

virtual-Trial-Room App
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  • Project Manager (1)
  • Unity Developers (2)
  • Python Developer (1)
  • 3d-Designers (1)
  • QA Testers (1)
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App Development Challenges

Major Challenges Our Developers Encountered While Developing Virtual Trial Room With Augmented Reality Solution

Body Measurement/Estimating Body Type

One of the major challenges our developers faced during developing virtual try-on clothes solutions is creating a setup that can measure body and estimate body type accurately to suggest an appropriate apparel size.

3D Model Design Of Apparels

Another obstacle that comes up with creating a virtual try-on clothes platform is designing the 3D model of the apparel in the inventory. Outfit stores provide a comprehensive range of clothing for both women and men, and maintaining the 3D model inventory of these is a hell of a task as new arrivals hit the stores now and then.

Hardware Dependency

With the development of Virtual try-on clothes solutions, there is hardcore hardware dependency. It is impossible to create such solutions providing the facility of virtual try-on with a particular set of hardware components.

Proposed Expert Solutions By Our Development Team

Creation Of Deep Learning Model

For body measurement and estimating body type, the perfect solution our skilled developers come up with is the creation of a deep learning model. A prototype that not only identifies basic key points on the human body’s joint but also the body shape in 3D to offer a proper AR experience.

2D Clothes Image Transferring

To reduce the efforts and time of preparing 3D models of each apparel, our developers came up with the solution of transferring 2D images of the clothes over the prepared 3D models for the different styling patterns, body measurement and body type. This ends up the need of maintaining a vast inventory of 3D models of distinct apparel, which results in resource and time-saving to a great extent.

Gathering Required Hardware

There is no solution for hardware dependency. The only way to overcome this obstacle is to gather all the required hardware for the platform development, and our developers did the same.

  • Virtual Trial Room With Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Trial Room With Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Trial Room With Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Trial Room With Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Trial Room With Augmented Reality

Key Features Of Virtual Trial Room Project

The NineHertz incorporated Virtual Try-on Clothes Solution with the listed below features

Virtual-Trial-Room General Features

General Features

  • online body measurement
  • 3D virtual fitting room
  • 3D body scanner room
  • 360-degree apparel showcase
  • mix & match technologies
  • Accurate virtual fitting

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Get free consultation and let us know your project idea to trun it into an amazing digital product.

Project Milestones We Achieved

  • 01

    Requirement Gathering

    First we sign the NDA with the client and after that we start gathering the relevant information for the app.

    15 to 20 days
    Team Members
    Business Analyst and QA
  • 02

    App Designing

    Our designers now start designing different app screens and wireframes to give seamless user experiences with a flawless look.

    20 to 30 days
    Team Members
    UI & UX Designers, BA
  • 03

    App Development

    By using the latest technologies and tools, our expert app developers develop interactive prototypes that attract user’s attention.

    40 to 50 days
    Team Members
    Expert Developers, Designers, BA
  • 04

    App Testing

    In the final step, our QA team performs various analyses and validations to make sure that the app runs flawlessly.

    15 to 20 days
    Team Members
    QA, Developers, BA, Project Manager