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Built by professionals, this app is made for making things easy for the one who wants to connect with their concerned doctors digitally, track their fitness condition and get an online prescription. Available on Android and iOS, this app is professionally made with the use of the latest tools and technologies for maintaining your daily health-related activities. Also, the growth chart will keep the user refreshed about the present health status.

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Technology used

  • Android
  • iOS
  • MySQL


5 Members
  • BA (2)
  • |

  • Project Manager (1)
  • |

  • Developers (3)
  • |

  • Designers (2)
  • QA Testers (2)


5 to 6 Months
  • Of unstoppable work


  • Healthcare Solution


$20,000 to $25,000
  • Budget for completing the project

Key Challenges

One of the most important and biggest challenges we face while developing this healthcare app is in maintaining security. All health-related data is extremely confidential and all the app users expect that their medical things must be secure properly. This challenge encourages our developers to do some intense research and find out the way to fulfill this demand.

Another challenge is to create a feature that can track the heartbeat, calculate steps, calories, and the amount of water drunk, or see how properly you slept last night, etc. This feature needs to preserve all the data, and show it later to examine what you can do to maintain a healthier life.

Healthcare App And Software Service Provider Challenges
Healthcare App And Software Service Provider  Solutions

How We Solved The Challenges

To solve the security issues, our expert developers build a smart AI/ML program that helps in maintaining the confidential information of patients in a professional way. With the use of this program, all the medications, treatment history, prescriptions, and other secret information will be left confidential between the doctor and the patients. No other person can get access to it.

To create a fitness tracking feature, our developers create an advanced algorithm that helps the user in tracking their walking steps, calories they burn, their sleep wellness, and many more health-related things. By using this amazing feature, the app user can easily evaluate their health and get a consultation with the concerned doctor to manage their lifestyle in a healthy way.

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