Car Racing Mobile Game App

A game app dedicated to those who crave to feel emotions like speed, thrill and adrenaline rush being a part of the race. Besides being a jam-packed gaming industry with a plethora of racing games (car and bikes), the original graphic design of this game app is what makes it unique from others and lets players get engaged with the game for hours. This car racing mobile game app garners a wide range of players globally owing to its availability on both the popular platforms-Android and iOS.

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Technology used

  • Android
  • iOS
  • MySQL


5 Members
  • BA (2)
  • |

  • Project Manager (1)
  • |

  • Developers (3)
  • |

  • Designers (2)
  • QA Testers (2)


5 to 6 Months
  • Of unstoppable work


Car Racing
  • Racing Games (car and bikes)


$20,000 to $25,000
  • Budget for completing the project

Major Challenges Our Developers Faced While Developing Car Racing Mobile Game App

Graphics Design

Graphics design is one of the key aspects and difficult challenges of any mobile game app. With mobile games like car racing, UI/UX designers not only have to create different game interfaces but also an extensive set of graphic assets like car illustrations, effects visualizations, weapons icons and others, to offer a real-life racing experience. Content creation or can say graphics design is one of the major challenges with the development of a car racing mobile game app.

level Designing

To keep players engaged, games must have several levels with progressively increasing difficulties. The advanced missions/challenges boost players to give their best and overcome infused obstacles. The challenging nature of the game increases player’s interest and engagement in the game. Therefore, creating obstacles illustrations remains a major task with the development of a car racing mobile game app.

Optimizing Performance

Optimized performance always remains a challenge for any development team since users/players do not like apps/game apps with laggy performance and high loading time. And whenever that much graphical content is infused in a game app, it becomes heavier. Therefore, ensuring top-notch performance always remains a challenging task for any development team.

Car Racing Game App Challenges

Proposed Solutions by Our Expert Game Development Team

Car Racing Game App Solutions We Serve
  • Graphical content is what differentiates one car racing game from others. Bearing that in mind our team of creative designers worked dedicatedly and formed an extensive set of graphical illustrations to create a game outline. Additionally, there were several game interfaces to be built so that players can perform various game associated activities. Therefore, a good amount of time and effort was invested by our talented, skilled and experienced game designers.
  • Progressively increasing game challenges/obstacles or level designing was also a major challenge in front of our elite game developers since it leads to a game over. To achieve this feat our expert game developers came up with a well-developed set of instructions that increases the game intensity and recurring obstacles’ difficulty in a progressive manner.
  • As we all know, a vast heap of high-quality graphics makes apps heavier, which exceeds app loading time, slows down execution and laggy performance. The only way to tackle this situation is to keep a keen eye on the app performance by performing rigorous testing at every phase of game app development. Our expert team of games developers didn’t lack in the game app testing and ensured the delivery of a quality product as promised to offer players a top-notch performance on almost all platforms and devices.

Key Features of a Car Racing Mobile Game App

The NineHertz incorporated Car Racing Mobile Game App with the following must-have features, have a look at

General Features

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