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We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
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20+ Best Apps for Couples in 2024

Updated Date: May 6, 2024
Written by Hemendra Singh
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The coherence of dating has now been bundled into the matrix-built layers of software–a mere mobile application that acts as the link between two people and bonds them, albeit with occasional convolutes, as one. In this guide we will discuss some best apps for couples like Merge, Between, Coupleness, Love Nudge.

The stigmatized significance of only looking for love consorts amidst mutual acquaintances is now long-gone with the advancement in the field of technology as well as mobile software development. And when gadgets and gizmos have found their perpetual seat in almost all the facets of diurnal routine, why hesitate to hold it already lent a hand again? If you want to launch your own mobile app you can hire mobile app development companies USA.

Utilizing some best couple apps can help them find their better half and also build connectivity amidst them as certainly, ‘I do,’ is only the beginning. These apps for couples shall also teach them how to keep the relationship afloat and maintain it well throughout.

Best Apps for Couples in 2024

Below is the list of top apps for couples in 2024.

Couple Apps Founded Year App Size (App Store) Rating (App Store)
Merge 2018 28 MB 4.4
Between 2011 190 MB 4.8
Coupleness 2019 32 MB 4.3
Love Nudge 2019 77 MB 4.6
Cobble 2020 90 MB 4.6
Honeydue 2017 128 MB 4.5
Bliss 2009 86 MB 4.6

While some might believe that the mobile world delves deeper to become far more constricted and isolated, it cannot be denied it has also spread the link of finding people beyond the borders. And once you do find, after the first few dates and hassle of searching, you remain in the confusion of how to make them feel valued and specialized. You might be interested to know what celebrity do I look like? Relationship Apps for Couples Are you a believer in soulmates for life and seem to find the one with whom you want everything to be perfect? Here is a list of best apps for couples that shall facilitate this beautiful sacred bond you have found (this list is ideal for married couples as well):-

1. Merge: To-do List App for Couples Living Together

The couple wars on the allocation of work in the house is a well-known phenomenon that happens in every relationship. It is also the root cause of many couple fights and issues.

Hence, to keep your relationship shielded away from any meaningless couple wars on the trivial division of work, Merge is here with the given aspects to help you:-

  • Create an organized list and divide the tasks on a daily basis amidst the two
  • It provides the section of comments and edits to allow more clarity while assigning the tasks.
  • The app for couples lets you set reminders, due dates, interval loops for recurring tasks, as well as divulge the status updates on the working of your partner.

2. Between: Best App for Couples

Comprising various rivals, the iOS and Android compatible app for couples is quite a romantic couple apps because of the following features extended to its lucky users, as a gift from the Google Play Store to streams causing more than 10+ million downloads, always:-

  • It allows the couples to create a personalized space for themselves where they can open up easily to share the texts, voice notes, stickers, and animated emoticons
  • It is a romantic app for couples as it grants them proper privacy
  • It can easily store photos, videos as well as notes
  • There are emoticons and GIFs available to send the notes

3. Coupleness: Relationship Wellness App

Specifically designed to enhance the relationship by circumventing the communication barriers, Coupleness is one of the best apps for couples to build a robust foundation together.

All you have to do is put in only a few mins of effort each day, and Coupleness promises a laudable compatibility match along with the following attributes:-

  • The ‘Relationships Booster’ feature pops up to reduce the unnecessary screen time and focus on cuddling with your partner with smooches.
  • Its tracker asks you questions related to your partner associated with likes and dislikes that will help you to understand each other better within 3 mins.
  • The indicator of current feelings of affection between the two propels the conjoined love, which can be further instigated by the tips and articles shared.

4. Love Nudge: Could Solve All Your Stress

To inculcate healthy habits between lovey-dovey pairs, the Love Nudge is a best couple app to practice 5 love languages that can determine the satisfactory factor. The love languages are:-

  • physical touch
  • acts of service
  • quality time
  • words of affirmation
  • receiving gifts

In short, Love Nudge is one of those apps for couples that act as faux-therapists. It ensures that each of you are aware of how to make your partner or spouse happy. Based on the responses collected from the survey, the app will help you to design the perfect date night. You might also like to know about best hookup apps list for dating.

5. Cobble: Couples Who Need Date Plans

While Tinder is a dating app that finds the best choices which can be your partner, Cobble curates the best possible ideas to create a romantic date night for your special one. It attempts to schedule the night out ideas in the given ways:-

  • It seeks restaurant suggestions, bars, clubs, and other events
  • It helps you to book the place for the night and reserve seats or buy tickets
  • While swiping for ideas, the date night place can be viewed over the map too
  • Seeing the woes of the pandemic, Cobble divulges home date night ideas and virtual events scheduling as well

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6. Honeydue: Best Relationship Couples App

Placing a priority mark on the finances and financial expenses, the Honeydue app is an accounting app that helps couples to keep track of their incomes and expenditures to create an effective budget for both.

Honeydue app facilitates the bond of your relationship by taking care of the finances with the following features in abundance:-

  • You can set monthly limits on the expenditures
  • Make payments for your partner
  • The app allows access to sensitive bank details only after multi-factor authentication, TLS/SSL codes, and TouchID.
  • Send emojis to express your gratitude or disappointment in the spending habits of your partner.

7. Bliss

Love and lust go hand-in-hand in a relationship; while love is the bond that binds them together, lust is the instigator that keeps the fiery flame of love burning. And so, to spice up the intimacy in the bedroom between both of you, the Bliss app shall facilitate it by the following aspects provided by it:-

  • The romantic app for couples adapts itself to the love preferences and fantasies of your partner as well as of yours.
  • Set the background music and keep a record of your preferences (food, music, clothes, etc.) well.
  • The app holds your privacy as the top priority.

Top Apps for Couples- Long Distance Relationship

apps for long distance relationship Long-distance relationships can be called the test of time, distance, patience, and an effort to remain in love.

The reason behind many reluctant to consider long-distance relationships is because of the lack of communication arising between the couples. Not to mention that it can be difficult at times to keep both sides sane sans understanding.

Need a romantic app for couples that can preserve your relationship? Here is a list of the best apps for long-distance relationship couples who are seeking to salvage their relationship and to victoriously survive the test they are put into:-

1. Couple

Coming as a specially designed couple app for long-distance relationships, the Couple app can sometimes be called the ‘App for Two.’ It relishes the long-distance relationships by the given attributes of the app:-

  • The calendar feature allows you to keep track of important dates, be it anniversaries, scheduled date nights, events, and also reunion dates!
  • The Sketching and Thumbkiss features allow you to feel close to your partner when it digitally creates the sensation of holding hands together and kissing.

2. Without

Designated to the category of apps for long-distance relationship couples, the Without app lets the user take selfies and create personalized selfie notes to send to their partner. You can either use it occasionally or even frequently to take selfies and send the selfie notes to each other with cute messages of, ‘I love you,’ ‘I miss you,’ or greetings with, ‘Hey beautiful,’ ‘ Hi my love.’

This shall surely enhance your relationship in a positive manner because the app:-

  • Creates a very positive outlook of presentation that is visually appealing
  • It offers an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface with simplified navigation options.

3. Relationship for Couples

In every relationship, both the parties constitute to have hopes and expectations from each other that they faithfully believe their significant other will keep indeed. However, the scope of interaction drastically falls, and so does the ability to keep the expectations due to the lack of deeply-invested offline communication daily.

Hence, to ensure that the relationship stands stable and not wobbly, you have to meet the expectations of each other, at least on a basic level. Relationship for couples facilitates finding the attributes about each other to appreciate as well as track the way of so creatively.

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4. Rave

The movie date nights are an undeniable nostalgia when you are away from your partner because more than the movie, you miss the holding hands and the wholesome feeling of togetherness with them.

Therefore, Rave brings you the opportunity to stay connected with your partner by introducing the feature of watching movies together during a long-distance relationship. Considered as the best app for couples, Rave offers the following features:-

  • You can stream videos (from Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, Viki, Reddit, etc.) and even upload videos in dropbox to watch them together.
  • Available for both Android and iOS users
  • Use the RaveDJ to create customizable music mashups, sync instantly with speakers and listen together.

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5. Koya

Regarded as one of the best apps for long-distance relationship couples, the Koya app is a location-based video messaging as well as gifting software that yields a heart-melting surprise for your partner when you send them the messages.

Koya app presents a virtual form of you taking care of your partner while you are not actually present.

For example, you are in a bookstore looking for your book, and suddenly, you receive a message that you have received some money from the gift card to pay for any book you buy as your partner already got to know your location and guessed your action.

6. Gyft

The Gyft app indeed works like gifting and sending gift cards; the app allows you to send gift cards with coupons and vouchers to your partner. Your partner will receive the gift card money and make use of it.

There are also provisions to provide for either grocery needs, repairing of tools, and lots more. It might not be a romantic app for couples but conveys romance. Also, for these transactions, you are charged no extra fee.

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7. Touchnote

Highly regarded as one of the best apps for long-distance relationship couples, Touchnote transcends as the top-notch photocards-making app which you can easily send to your partners. By sending personalized postcards, greeting cards, canvases, photo frames, and boxes, you send the signal that you prioritize your partner.

Touchnote also offers the following features:-

  • Choose the size of the postcard you want to create
  • Customizable and decoration options are available to festoon the postcards or photo cards made.
  • A wide range of gift options present to choose from and get easily shared with your partner.
  • The app is compatible with both iOS as well as Android users.

Best Couple Apps for Android, iPhone

Apps for Married Couples Time and again, the sacred thread of marriage that ties one heart to another till death does them apart has to cross the hurdles thrown at their path. Ravages of time itself are the reason that has caused the falling apart of relationships because, with time, the arising situations made it difficult to remain connected.

The rusty, old fire has to be rekindled with friendship and communication between the married pair. Thus, if you are looking for apps for married couples that shall improve your relationship with your spouse, here is a list of all the best apps for married couples available:-

1. Raft, Best App for Couples

Forgetting anniversaries is not a new occurrence in many married households. Especially after the responsibilities that come forth with kids, the quality time vanishes somehow as well as the busy life whitewashes away the prominent dates. Therefore, to keep track of all the dates and events that make your married life special, Raft offers the following features:-

  • Plan and chart down all the special events and important dates
  • You will receive countdowns and notifications for the same when the date is near
  • As couples, you can share events with each other too.
  • Maintain a personal calendar that your spouse might not know for planning secret dates with them and surprise them ultimately.

2. Lasting, Best Application for Couples

A virtual therapist is here again to gain some insights on the fundamentals of your relationship by providing a top-notch counseling service. The Lasting app aims to fathom a long-lasting relationship between you and your partner by extending some useful advice and providing the final draft using the following features:-

  • Accurate marriage health assessments
  • Easy to avail sessions with a partner on mobile
  • Sharing and comparing the sessions amidst partners
  • It covers a number of topics related to relationship health (sex, career, emotional bond, finance, parenthood, communication, fights, gratitude, and appreciation).

3. Good Budgeting

Finances and management of finances are other important factors in a relationship, especially in married life. The practical truth is that mismanagement of finances, due to spendthrift or immature spendings of either you or your partner, can cause troubles in marriage.

Build a strong foundation of understanding between each other and communicate your financing expectations via the Good Budgeting mobile application. It helps the couples to forge strength by practicing healthy financing habits via the following features offered:-

  • Input the monthly earnings and expenses along with putting up when you do spendings
  • Monitor the inflow and outflow of finances from both ends by syncing your devices
  • Plan a budget and maintain to not do overspendings

4. Desire, Best Couple App

The married life seems stark and desolate without the involvement of strong sexual chemistry between the couples.

Do you feel vulnerable and scared to be intimate? It could happen because you both are not able to communicate your feelings of sexual attraction to each other. Hence, Desire, an intimacy booster app that can guarantee you a boost in your sex life, comes to the rescue by providing the following features:-

  • Sensual dares are available to send to your partner, along with timers set to complete the dare.
  • More points mean the better and juicer dare.
  • Send private photos, arrange date nights, play private sexual games (roleplay, fantasy, dress code, etc.)

5. Winnie

To activate the Winnie The Pooh joy in your life with your little baggage or baggage of missiles that have filled the two of you with elations, the Winnie app is ideal for those couples who have kids by deploying the following features:-

  • It allows the activities to be done together as a family from the busy day-to-day schedule.
  • Get advice on parenting and search for activities that suit the requirement of your kid.
  • Easily locate daycare centers and babysitters around you.

6. Gottman Card Decks

Aiming to improve the communication status of the couples, the Gottman Card Decks app stands as a free-to-use app that garners suggestions based on impressive research. It helps the couples in the following ways to get their beautiful life back on track:-

  • The apps ask thoughtful questions that provide food for thought
  • There are various categories like ‘Sex Questions,’ ‘Love Maps,’ ‘Give Appreciation,’ ‘Expressing Empathy,’ etc.
  • There are suggestions present that mostly include the ways of how to implement those in your married life.
  • The app acts more or less like a mute therapist.

7. Couple Game

A quirky game to test the compatibility between your partner and you, Couple Game deploys a series of quiz questions to check how well you know each other. The Couple Game app links the accounts of both you and your partner. Then, it individually asks the questions to both of you.

You and your partner are assigned the task to guess what the other person has chosen. This game, even though quite harmless, can be used to bring up topics indirectly in a non-aggressive way to know what your partner thinks.

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8. The Lovebirds!

Relationships between two people, whether married or unmarried, beyond the barriers of sexes and creed, can become adorned with beautiful recollections when the present is made with gentleness, care, love, and affection. But, it has to start by being able to understand each other as well as tend to get the broken pieces together by properly communicating.

These above-mentioned apps for couples are certainly the tonic in the current scenario because oftentimes, the problems germinate due to lack of communication that gives rise to disputes and misunderstandings. Therefore, before your relationship that you cherish to your heart’s core falls apart, be prepared with these apps for couples in your inventory.

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Do You Need Relationship Counselling?

Relationship Counselling While the aforementioned apps are capable of restoring the relationship to the pink of its health despite the disparities amongst each other and adversities of circumstances, they are not sufficient to resolve deeply scarred issues. If you are:-

  • Not able to express your feelings to your partner and lack communication
  • The frequency of flights have increased to a thunderously higher level
  • Neither of you enjoys each other’s company anymore
  • You find it hard to forgive

You should seek a relationship counselor immediately if you notice any of these signs in you or your partner or both of you because if not paid attention, your dreamy-like relationship may turn toxic.

FAQ’s on Apps for Couples

Q.1 What Apps Can Couples Use?

There are so many good apps for couples like Merge, Between, Coupleness, Love Nudge.

Q.2 Is There an App Like Tinder But for Couples?

Yes, there some apps like tinder for couples like Couple, Rave, Koya and more.

Q.3 Is There a Free Couples App?

Couply is a free app and has a simple goal.

Q.4 Is Between Couples App Safe?

Yes, Between Couple app is safe.

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