40+ Creative Website Ideas for Startup, Students and Beginners in 2021

Written by Hemendra Singh on September 16, 2021 | Updated on: October 21, 2021

40+ Creative Website Ideas for Startup, Students and Beginners in 2021

Creative Website Ideas: 2021 is a year of opportunities and possibilities. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us new ways of surviving. The Information Technology sector has not just survived but thrived to its highest potential during the lockdown.

With the explosion of smartphones along with cheap easily accessible internet, people are visiting websites for online shopping and for several other things like entertainment, health, finance, and real estate, etc.

Hence, in this article, our primary focus is to enlighten you regarding some highly Unique website ideas for startups. We will be discussing new startup website ideas for students and beginners leaving all the mess and grime behind that weren’t adding value to your life in 2020 including the old non-working website ideas.

So it is time to level up your website building game as this year is a great year to start something fresh and valuable in terms of your startup.

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When You Think of a Website Idea, What Generally Comes to Your Mind?

Well, in simple words, a website is a set of web pages that are interconnected with one another that is accessible for users in the World Wide Web at a single address. A website is an official online portal or address of any business where a user or potential customer visits and looks for the products or services he wishes to purchase. Therefore, a website needs to be scalable, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

But why do you need to be so careful while developing your website? Here are the reasons why you must put utmost care and diligence when it comes to your brand’s website ideas for Startup:

  • Your website must be scalable enough to handle huge traffic or it might crash due to heavy traffic resulting in a bad user experience.
  • Your website must provide all the information of your product/service clearly to the user so that he doesn’t get confused.
  • A simple and visually appealing website helps in user retention and maximizes conversion rate.
  • In case the website is misleading or contains unnecessary random links then it spikes up bounce rate and is an indication of bad SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • There should be easy payment gateways so that the users can make purchases easily and without any hassle.

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All these points should be kept in mind while performing web development. You do not want your website to look ugly, don’t you! So invest some time, effort, and money in building a beautiful, robust and scalable website where users can easily navigate and make purchases without any trouble. You can consider hiring The NineHertz as your Web Development partner.

The NineHertz is a well-known Website and Mobile Applications development company that provides custom web development services at affordable rates. Just give us a call and let us know if you are interested. Now let’s jump into the next topic and try to know the significance of building a website.

Why Should You Build a Website for Your Startup Business?

unique website ideas

As we said earlier, a website is just like your brand’s online digital address where a potential buyer lands up to have a look at what you have in store for him. It is a great tool for disseminating information. People can see your offerings while sitting at their homes. Nowadays there are multiple online businesses that are running solely on websites if you are an entrepreneur and want to boost your customer base and maximize your sales, a website is a great tool to help you achieve that. In this process, you should go through below startup website ideas.

Say, for example, Reddit, a network of communities where users can talk about their interests, passions, and hobbies, acquires 170 new clients every three hours. Not only businesses, but a website is also extremely fruitful for freelancers where they can project themselves and pitch potential customers.

If you have a website, then a customer sees it as a mark of trust and reliability. It is a huge add-on and maximizes your chances to get hired. Therefore, in today’s world, it is almost mandatory to have a website if you want your business to grow and flourish. You can avail web development services from an experienced company that can help you in crafting a beautiful website for your brand.

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How to Convert Your Unique Website Idea into Reality?

Here are the primary steps that should be taken in order to build a unique website:

how to build a website

A) Selecting the Appropriate Template

The template you choose is very important as it can make or break your website. The template must synchronize with the type of content your website contains.

B) Content Diversity

Having content related to multiple niches like fashion, photography, traveling helps you to have a wider range of audiences. Create value-oriented blog posts on your website to generate audience engagement. Not only are the best startup website ideas required website content diversity is also important.

C) Be Clear Regarding Your Website

You need to be crystal clear in your mind while planning to build a website. You must be sure regarding the niche of your website and what kind of products it will offer.

D) Good SEO

A good SEO always helps your website to be at the top of search results. Therefore, invest or hire a top digital marketing agency to maximize your reach.

We hope you got a clear idea of why you need a website for your business and what are good practices can be done in order to have a scalable, robust, and visually appealing website. With that being said, let’s move on to the next topic which is the 40 best ideas for your startup in 2021.

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40+ Startup Website Ideas for Your Business in 2021

We can divide the 40 unique website ideas into several categories. So let’s start with the first category which is Website Ideas for Students and Educators:

Creative Website Ideas for Students and Educators

website ideas for students

1. E-Learning Website Ideas for Students

An eLearning website can be a great source of learning. Both educators and learners can get benefitted out of this. The educators will get a platform where they can teach and earn revenue whereas students can learn new skills or sharpen existing ones. Some popular examples of E-Learning websites are Unacademy, Udemy, and Byjus.

2. School or University Website Ideas for Students

A website for Universities and schools allows teachers and students to perform tasks efficiently like reviewing schools’ policies, viewing grades, uploading circulars, and learning more about their alma mater. Nowadays most Universities and private schools have their websites listed and that shows a mark of trust and reliability.

3. Online Study Forums Idea for Students

Online study forums act as a great tool for students to interact with peers or educators in situations where they need extra help and guidance concerning their respective subject(s).

4. Career Counselor Website Idea

Young students often get confused when it comes to choosing the correct career field. A career counselor website can assist students and young adults in navigating the extensive career world and ultimately guiding them regarding the available options.

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Best Personal Website Ideas for Beginners

creative website ideas

5. Fashion Website Idea for Begineers

A fashion website can help the professionals belonging to the fashion industry in displaying or showcasing their craft. Fashionistas can pitch to a larger segment of the audience to maximize their sales.

6. Online Journal Website Idea

This is one of the promising startup website ideas for newbies. If you are a beginner and you have just started exploring web development, you may want to try building a website to put your personal thoughts on it. This way, you can even connect to like-minded individuals and make friends with them.

7. Hobbies Website Idea for Beginners

You can showcase your interests or hobbies with the help of a website. You can even share your video tutorials to teach the tips and tricks. You can publish blogs and articles to share knowledge.

8. Website for Photography

You can create a photography website if you have a photographer inside you. You can share your work on your website.

9. Portfolio Website

You can display your best works through a portfolio website. This might help you to get an advantage while seeking employment. Your friends or family members can also see your work.

10. Online Vision Board

If you have some concrete goals and want to achieve something big in life, keeping an online board that you can check often will help you stick to your goals and remind you of the objectives and targets of your life.

Creative Website Ideas to Make Money in 2021

11. Budgeting Website for Beginners

Among the various startup website examples, the budgeting website is another good example that speaks for itself. People can manage their monetary resources in a better manner by keeping track of their income and expenses.

12. Affiliate Program Website

Under an affiliate program, you earn money by simply putting the products and services of vendors into your content. Whenever any user of your website visits your website and purchases anything via the link mentioned on your site, you get a certain percentage of the sales commission from the vendor.

website ideas to make money

13. Dropshipping Website Idea to Make Money

it is quite similar to an eCommerce website. Here, the seller does not keep goods sold in stock. In short, dropshipping is a streamlined form of retail business where the seller or vendor fulfills the order via a third party without keeping the actual inventory stock.

14. eCommerce Website Idea to Make Money

if you are looking for startup website ideas, then perhaps this is one of the most creative website ideas in which you set up an eCommerce website. An e-commerce website as we all know is an online platform for buyers and sellers alike. Amazon is the best example of a successful E-Commerce business.

15. Real Estate Website Ideas to Make Money

A real estate website is helpful in showcasing prime locations for sale to various interested parties. This is a highly resourceful idea that can make you money.

16. Construction Website

This website is ideal for those who offer services like electrical repairing, house remodeling, or plumbing services.

17. Restaurant Website Idea to Make Money

You can have a website for your restaurant where your diners can see details like the food menu, restaurant timings, and other branches.

18. Car Selling Website

On a car selling website, you can showcase cars you wish to sell to your potential customers. Cardekho.com is a famous example under this category.

19. Healthcare Website Ideas to Make Money

The Healthcare industry is booming like insane, so there is a huge potential in launching a healthcare website where you can offer services like medicine delivery, online consultation, etc.

20. Cleaning Services Website

Those who want to avail cleaning services like laundry or domestic help would appreciate this website.

21. Travel Agency Website

Create a travel agency website idea to offer travel-related services to travel buffs.

22. Advertising Website

Google ads and Facebook ads are two popular advertising examples of advertising platforms that can generate income for you.

23. Stock Market Website Idea to Make Money

A stock market website helps investors and traders to earn money and transact easily without the need to go to a bank or take help from a broker.

24. Cryptocurrency Website

Cryptocurrency is another medium to generate income where you invest money for possible huge returns. It is somewhere similar to stocks, however, considered a volatile concept.

25. Job Hunting Website

in the current scenario, job seekers can schedule and give their interviews online without the need to commute to some other place. This is done by a website that can prove this platform.

Creative Entertainment Website Ideas for Projects

entertainment website ideas

26. Gaming Website

A gaming website consists of multiple games that a user can play online if he/she has a browser. For example, Mario, Pack-Man, Contra, etc

27. Humour Website Idea for Projects

We all want to have fun moments where we can laugh and feel light. A website having content related to memes and jokes can help you do that.

28. Sports News Website

Sports enthusiasts just love these types of websites where they can see live scores and updates regarding upcoming tournaments and matches.

29. Fandom Website

People are loving the concept of Fandom websites containing Anime Series or KPop banks.

30. Books website

if you are a budding writer and fond of reading different books and write-ups then a website dedicated to books will be your best friend.

31. Music Website

A music website is a great source of entertainment for music lovers. Also, they can download their favorite numbers.

32. Movies Website

you can see the movie timings around the theatres near you with the help of a movie website. Also here you can see movie reviews and other entertainment-related articles.

33. Celebrity News Website

Entertainment is nothing without the news of your favorite celebrities. So keep up with the latest celebrity news by a celebrity news website.

Unique Website Idea for Startups and Beginners

34. Weather forecast website

Get the latest weather updates with the help of a weather forecast website.

35. Sponsorship Website Idea for Startups

A sponsorship website can be created if some volunteers or people who have intentions to contribute to society want to support a cause.

36. Matrimonial Website

A matrimonial website or wedding website is where matchmaking takes place. People make their profiles and look for their partners.

37. Website Builder Site

If you want to help others to build their own website, then creating a website builder site will be a great and profitable idea.

38. Survey Website Idea for Startups

Survey websites act as a platform where people can give and receive feedback on a particular topic or experience.

39. Motherhood Website

This is a women-centric website where women, especially mothers or soon-to-be mothers can see relevant information concerning parenting, child, and other similar areas.

40. Giveaway Website

On this website, you can participate in various content and quizzes to win prizes and giveaways.

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Final Words: Creative Website Ideas

In the end, we can say that whether you are a beginner who is just starting to build his first website and looking for startup website examples or an educator looking for unique website ideas for students, or simply an investor who want to make money, we hope that these 40 business-related website ideas are helpful to you. Just go through the list once more and choose which one is your favorite. You can contact The NineHertz if you are in a dilemma and avail to hire certified web developers. We will help you in the best possible manner just like we helped thousands of our clients from all parts of the world. All the best.

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