We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
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40+ Best Web App Ideas for Students Project in 2024

Updated Date: April 8, 2024
Written by Hemendra Singh
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Are you making your way to step into the world of business? If yes, launching an online startup is the latest way of turning your business vision into reality. In this guide we will explore some simple web app ideas.

As mentioned by Rob, businesses, as well as consumers today, are heavily dependent on technology for everything. Whether it is grocery shopping or a business meeting, everything requires a web application.

By opting for the best web development services, startups or dreaming entrepreneurs can turn their web app ideas into running successful businesses. The time is now to come up with unique web application ideas and utilize innovative technological solutions to create web app projects. In this guide, we will also discuss web application project ideas for students.

However, with 3.55 million android applications in the market, and growing, finding the perfect idea seems to be a real struggle. How do you make sure your web app will stand out in the crowd? To ease this dilemma, we have come up with 40 well-researched web app ideas to scale your business. If you want to start a unique website at a very affordable price, I recommend The NineHertz which is one of the best website developers.

Let us first understand what exactly are web applications and then move on to the ideas.

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What are Web Apps?

Unlike computer-based software programs that run locally on the operating system of any device, web apps are software that runs on web servers.

In simple words, web apps use web browsers and online technology to perform a huge range of tasks.

Emails, online retail sales, spreadsheets, instant messaging, photo, and video editing are some examples of web applications.

Unlike traditional native apps, web apps are quite in demand. Apart from easy development and deployment, web apps are much safer than native mobile apps and work on all kinds of mobile operating systems.

Progressive web apps are the future and will eventually replace most native apps. This is why starting a business with a strong web app idea is the ideal choice for budding entrepreneurs.

40 Best Web App Ideas for Projects

We have jotted down the top 40 web application ideas that you can consider launching in 2024. You might be interested to read my other similar guides like website ideas.

1. Wellness and Fitness Apps

wellness and fitness apps

2024 and the coming years are all about fitness. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught people that health plays a major role in life. Being fit is not a concern anymore, it is a part of lifestyle these days.

A wellness and fitness app development is an excellent opportunity to tap into this budding industry.

Here is a graphical representation that clearly shows the growth of the fitness app market in the coming years.

2. Travel Accommodation Selection Service Provider Apps

travel web app

Gone are the days when travelers used to reach their destination and select their accommodations. People book their accommodation beforehand these days.

Being an online service provider, you can help connect travelers all around the world with beautiful properties and help them choose their accommodations with ease.

Airbnb is an example of such a kind of app.

3. Online Classroom Web App Idea

online classroom web app

Since the Edtech industry has risen exponentially during and post the pandemic, online teaching resources are gaining popularity.

Online learning platforms are a great opportunity to connect students and teachers without any infrastructural restraints. Also, the students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

The below graph shows how global classrooms rely on educational apps for remote learning

web application ideas

Image Source – Appannie

4. Online Pharmacy Web Application Idea

online pharmacy web app

Considering the period we all went through, no wonder online pharmacies were trending in 2020. However, these apps will continue to do well in the post-pandemic era as well.

You skip the long queues, crowded marketplaces, and can order medicines at the comfort of your place and get them delivered as well.

With a large network of medicine coupled with great offers and good customer support, this can be one of the best web app ideas for project. Know the cost of pharmacy app development.

5. Dating Web App Project Idea

If you want to target the millennials and Gen Z, developing a dating app can be one of the trending web application project ideas.

The demand for relationship apps for couples is on the rise especially after the pandemic wherein they shine as a great source of happiness for many lonely people.

All you need is a good web development service and kickstart your dating app business.

6. Automated Chatbots Web App Ideas

automated chatbot

Live chats have taken over a huge part of customer service by providing continuous support. Companies are including an automated chatbox to their website that gives them the benefit to be accessible to their customers 24*7.

You can develop AI and ML-powered chatbots to respond to the most asked customer queries. This indeed is one of the most popular web app project ideas.

7. Payments Apps Idea to Make Money

payment app ideas

The scope of digital transactions is growing tremendously and so is the demand for payments apps.

If you wish to grab this opportunity and make a name in the market, come up with exciting offers and develop a UPI payment app of your own.

For instance, GPay launched with amazing offers and encountered incredible success.

8. CEO Dashboard Web App for Beginners

ceo dashboard

Companies have to deal with enormous data these days. While having access to this data is easy, analyzing it is an issue.

The dashboards can break huge data and permit you to examine it at a distinct place. With access to the CEO dashboard app, the upper management can inspect several things on their own and their team can pay attention to other crucial tasks.

9. Workflow Management Apps

workflow management

Since 2020, most organizations have shifted to remote working and work from homes.

They need workflow management apps to reduce time spent on mundane tasks & focus on important things.

These apps automate and streamline routine business processes for optimal efficiency.

10. On-demand Grocery App for Beginners

best web application ideas

Grocery delivery app development has seen the biggest boom during and after the pandemic. People highly rely on online shopping even for the smallest of things.

Best grocery delivery apps in the USA started delivering groceries while local brick-and-mortar stores are also moving online.

The grocery delivery industry still holds humongous opportunities for emerging businesses.

web application project ideas

Image SourceLivemint

Simple Web Application Ideas for Beginners

11. Website Building Apps

website building app ideas

As mentioned above, even small businesses are moving online. They do require a website but also do not want to spend huge sums on web development services.

You can develop an app wherein companies can find website building templates, domains name generators, and hosting plus marketing tools all in one place at a minimal fee.

12. CRM Tools Web Application Project idea

crm tool web app ideas

There are many reliable CRM software available in the market. However, they cater only to medium and large-scale businesses.

Small businesses always look forward to such tools but are left behind due to huge costs and difficult accessibility. Developing an easy-to-use CRM web app for startups and small businesses can be a brilliant app idea for 2024.

13. Youtube Radio App

web application project ideas

Youtube is an incredible platform for content creators and users. Right from the launch, it started making huge profits.

Developing an app that picks out the best and tailor-made content for the audience can be amongst the best web app ideas for startups. It will eliminate the need for searching or making a playlist for the users. They can just play the radio and enjoy the content.

14. Crypto Exchange Platforms

crypto web app ideas

Cryptocurrency is a new concept that is flourishing in the area of business and trade.

Developing a cryptocurrency exchange app can be a great and lucrative idea that can generate massive returns.

While the industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 21.5% by 2026, it presents an opportunity of making higher gains in the near future.

15. Platforms for Hobbyists


While the world is going more digital, people are engaging in newer hobbies. Creating a platform that lets them discover unique hobby ideas and assist them to engage can help you become popular in no time.

People can connect, share ideas, images, tips, and tricks through this unique platform.

16. Child Tube Web App Idea

child tube web app idea

The major problem working people face today is to keep their children calm and engaged.
Pacifying kids by making them listen to calming music, engaging videos can do wonders for them as well as the parents.

Creating a ChildTube app is one of the best web app ideas in the current times. However, making sure the app has an engaging interface with colorful screens and simple tabs is the key to success in this aspect.

17. Stock Trading Web Apps

stock trading web apps

Traders are often looking for new apps that can expertly assist them in stock investment and monitor portfolios.

Creating a stock investment app that is fast, easy to use, has a smooth interface, and offers trading alerts will do extremely well in the industry.

18. Online Gaming Apps

game web app ideas

Online gaming is a tending industry that is revolutionizing the gaming industry. With the rise of AR-VR-based games, online gaming websites and mobile apps are gaining wide popularity.

You can outsource a video game development company that can help you to incorporate the correct choice of technology and methodology while building an online gaming app. Check Top 10 Free online car racing apps for PC and Mobile.

19. Memes and Gifs Making Apps

trending web app ideas

Social media is dominated by memes these days. Moreover, it is also a great source of earning money. People enjoy such a source of humor and tend to share it as well.

The high demand for edited memes and GIFs makes it an excellent web app idea for businesses. Your app can quickly generate profits and gain popularity.

20. Docket Management Web App

web app ideas 2021

Many organizations have to administer an extensive collection of confidential documents. While Gdrive, Dropbox, etc serve the same purpose, they are not much preferred by the companies.

Since the documents are private and are in persistent requirement of advanced security, they prefer apps that are secure, feature-rich, interactive, and user-friendly.

Developing a customized docket management web app can solve their issue while reaping incredible returns.

Web Application Project Ideas

21. Music streaming Web Apps

music streaming web apps
Music plays an important role in everyone’s lives today. Whether they are traveling, or working out, people listen to music all the time.

Developing a music streaming app with an extensive library of popular charts and different kinds of playlists, podcast shows, radio channels, etc can take your business to the next level.

You can further monetize the app by offering a premium version, just like Spotify.

22. Motor Services and Wash App

car service web app idea
These days people look forward to door-to-door services. They want their car or bike to be washed and serviced at the comfort of their home, under their supervision.

Developing an app wherein people can easily book an online slot for the services and professionals rendering those services at the requested time adds a great level of satisfaction.

23. Medical Consultation Web App

medical consultation web apps
Who doesn’t like skipping going to a clinic for treating mild prevalent illnesses or avoiding the long wait just to consult a doctor?

Telemedicine web apps are revolutionizing healthcare by enabling consumers to find the best doctors, book instant appointments, and consultations.

You can develop an app that connects patients and doctors, provides 24*7 consultations, online medicine delivery, and much more.

24. Ride-sharing Web Apps

ride sharing web app ideas
Due to increasing traffic and pollution problems, more and more people are switching to on-demand cab services and carpooling services.

This brand new idea of designing web apps to provide cab service facilities and ride-sharing facilities to people in a city or country can give a quick boost to your business.

25. Virtual Reality Tourism Apps

virtual reality tourism apps
While traveling came to a complete halt in 2020. People are still reluctant to go out to events or even movies.

Develop an app wherein museums, events, and important sightseeing places can put up virtual reality tours for people to see from their homes.

26. Astrology apps for New Project

astrology apps for beginners
Many people believe strongly in astrology and future predictions.

Developing an AI-powered astrology app can help them know the perfect predictions about business success, personal relationships, and educational success.

To give an innovative face to the idea, hire a web development company and get going.

27. Crime alert Web Application Ideas

crime alert web applications
With an increasing rate of crimes all across the globe, staying watchful is the number one priority for people. It is imperative for people to get alerts whenever a crime happens in their locality.

This app could work just like a social networking app, wherein people could post information about crimes happening around them.

28. Professional Services Web App

web app ideas for project
If you have a good network then you can start a multi-service provider web app. In such a platform you can offer several diverse services by teaming up with various local service providers.

For instance, you can offer cleaning, pest control, beauty, wellness services, all under one roof.

29. Ecommerce Stores

ecommerce apps ideas
The international growth trends of online shopping suggest that e-commerce is booming like none other industry. Have a look at the below graph to understand the growth of online businesses in the coming times.

The reason behind the success is that the customers can shop for almost everything from home and get it delivered at their doorstep.

However, developing an e-commerce website can be challenging and requires a top-notch web development service company to turn your business visions into reality.

business web app ideas

Unique Web App Project Ideas for Students

30. Food Delivery Apps for New Business

food delivery web applications
Online food delivery is very common these days. This web project idea can generate huge revenue.

Develop an app that showcases all local restaurants, cloud kitchens and provides the fastest deliveries.

31. Job Portal Web App Ideas

job portal apps
The job searching agencies that take months to find a job are redundant these days.

People opt for apps that connect them to the job providers at a click and provide vast opportunities.

Job portals like Glassdoor are also convenient for recruiters to select and hire candidates.

32. Career Guide Web App

career guide web apps
The shrinking career opportunities and a vast number of courses often leave students in a dilemma. They get confused as to which path to choose.

A career guidance app can utilize Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to help them decide on their career and provide some valuable insight.

Additionally, it can be a great web app idea for your business.

33. Flower and Gift Delivery App

gift web ideas for students
Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, we all need just a reason to celebrate. From online cakes to gifts, to flowers, everything can be ordered online at the convenience of your fingertips.

Developing an app like this is one of the most popular web application ideas for projects.

34. Table Booking App Idea for New Project

table booking apps ideas
Who likes to wait in long queues at your favorite restaurants?

A table booking app helps people choose from a wide variety of restaurants, reserve a table hassle-free whenever they want to dine out.

You can further add in your app – in-built payments services, food and drink coupons, review services, etc.

35. Book Review Web Application Idea

book review apps
People who are fond of reading books refer to trustworthy review sites whenever they buy a book.

A web app that has a database of books and connects readers to share reviews about the books they have read will help the buyers immensely. Learn how to develop an online book store app.

36. Photo and Video Editing App

photo and video editing app
We live in a world that is dominated by social media. Posting pictures, reels, videos, etc are not just a source of entertainment but also a great source of income.

People look forward to apps that provide good quality editing services with unique filters and vast options. Learn how to develop video editing app.

37. Second-hand goods Buying and Selling Platform

second hand goods buying selling apps
Selling & buying used furniture, electronic goods, automobiles, and many more products are very common these days.

People look forward to reliable apps that enable people to sell and buy without the hassle of contacting or paying an intermediary.

OLX, being an example of this kind of app that connects buyers and sellers locally.

38. Language Translation Web Apps

language translation web app ideas
Often travelers commuting to different places face language issues. Whether taking a cab or ordering food, not knowing the local language acts as a hurdle in their travel.

Developing an app that translates languages in real-time can come to a traveler’s aid immediately in far-off places.

39. Interior Designing Apps

interior designing
An interior designing app can help people beautify their homes without costing them huge amounts of money.

In fact, interior designers also use such apps to boost their business and test their ideas.

To design an app like this, outsource a web development service and kickstart your business.

40. Task Management Apps

task managment app ideas
AI and ML have made the digital world so advanced that companies are now using digital assistant apps that manage all tasks.

These apps perform a lot of functions such as calendar management, daily reminders, scribbling notes, and a lot more.

This is one of the most in-demand web application ideas and can boost your growth tremendously.

Conclusion: Ideas for Web Application Projects

The huge advancements in web development services have led to a monumental increase in E-business. Most businesses and budding entrepreneurs are launching different websites to address a range of problems for the world.

Now that you are aware of the top web app ideas, getting started with them is a pressing issue. If you have the same concern then it is worth hiring a web development company to get end-to-end development services for your web application.

FAQ’s: Web Application Ideas for Students

Q.1 What are Some Good Ideas for Web App Projects?

If you are wondering what are good web application project ideas then here we have the answer for you:

  • CRM for Start-Ups And Small Businesses.
  • The CEO Dashboard.
  • Employee Orientation Software.
  • Online Teaching Website.
  • Docket Management System.
  • Crime Alert Web App.
  • Dating Web Application.
  • Workflow Management Web Application.
  • Crypto Exchange Platforms

Q.2 Which Web App is Best?

Today’s internet world is full of web apps, some of which are performing well to some extent. These web apps include stock trading web apps, music streaming web apps, ride-sharing web apps, and language translation web apps.

Q.3 What are Some Cool App Ideas?

Are you looking for some cool app ideas that can help you to step into the world of business? If so, we have mentioned a few names here like automated chatbots Web App, Payments Apps to Make Money, Child Tube Web App, Online Gaming Apps, and many more.

Q.4 What kind of Web Apps Are in Demand?

Apps for on-demand services are extremely popular because they give their users access to a variety of services at home. Here are a few examples of on-demand web applications.

  • Traveling
  • Pharmacy Delivery Apps
  • Fashion Apps
  • Health apps
  • Video streaming apps
  • Dog walking apps
  • House cleaning apps
Hemendra Singh

My name is Hemendra Singh. I am a Director and Co-founder of The NineHertz, IT Consulting Company. I am having a keen interest in the latest trends and technologies that are emerging in different domains. Being an entrepreneur in the field of the IT sector, it becomes my responsibility to aid my audience with the knowledge of the latest trends in the market.