> 7+ Best Face Swap Apps for Free in 2023
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7+ Best Face Swap Apps for Free in 2023

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Hemendra Singh on March 16, 2022
updated on: January 2, 2023
7+ Best Face Swap Apps for Free in 2023

Ever wondered how you’d look with another person’s face? Free Face swap apps — one of the biggest social media trends — is making netizens crazily addicted to seeing their faces swapped among friends.

What is Face Swap App?

A face swap app allows its user to swap their face with the face of another person or animal. Now and then, these face-swapped photos become something of a fun meme. These face swap or face replace apps are AI-generated, taking a photo and video manipulation to another level. You might be interested to know about free hookup apps that actually work.

Face swapping photos being the new social media trend, it’s time you get into the action too. Here are the 10 best face-swapping apps to make your photos amusing in 2023.

7 Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android

App Supported OS Built Year No. of Downloads
Snapchat Android & iOS 2011 100Cr+
Cupace Android & iOS 2009 50L+
B612 Android & iOS 2016 50Cr+
Reface Android & iOS 2020 10Cr+
FaceApp Android & iOS 2017 10Cr+
Face Swap Live Android & iOS 2015 10T+
MRRMRR Android & iOS 2017 10L+
Face Swap Booth Android & iOS 2015 5L+
Face Blender Android & iOS 2019 1L+
Photomontage Android & iOS 2016 10L+

List of Free Face Swap Apps

Let’s discuss all the apps in detail:

1. Snapchat: Best Free Face Swap App

Face Swap App - Snapchat

Snapchat is the most widely used app that lets people swap their faces with others’. Even if you don’t want to buy into the hype, its face filters are pretty good. This makes it one of the most versatile apps.

Snapchat’s face swap filter needs you to put in some effort. You’ve to head to the ‘Explore’ section, search for ‘Face swap’, and add it to ‘Favorites’. You can also face swap with multiple faces. The images clicked using the face swap filter on Snapchat can be shared on social media right away.

Unique feature

Since Snapchat is not just a face swapping app, it gives you access to a lot of other features and tricks without thinking about Snapchat price.


Snapchat is available on both Android and iOS for free.

2. Cupace

free face swap app

Cupace is a great and handy photo editor app that has an easy-to-use face swap option called Paste Face. Paste Face allows you to paste anyone’s face from an image on top of anyone else’s face conveniently. Cupace can manually extract faces from any image, which can be used even if you don’t want to face swap and rather wish to add the face to any inanimate object.

In Cupace, you just have to simply cut a face from an image, choose the image you want to paste the face on and then paste the face onto that image. To make the process a bit easier, the app lets you magnify the image so that your face cutout is as precise as possible. The cropped version of the face is saved in the app. So, you can paste it on multiple images if you want to.

Unique feature

Since it’s also a photo editor app, it gives you access to a lot of photo editing features.


Cupace is available on Android for free but not on iOS.

3. B612

best free face swap app

B612 is one of the most amazing and immensely used photo editing apps. But now, it has a face swap feature for photos and videos too. The feature works somewhat the same way as it does on Snapchat. You can also add a funny caption with the photos or videos.

You can select the face swap feature in the ‘Effects’ section. And once you use this feature, you’ll realize why B612 is one of the best face swap apps to change face. So, whenever you’re with your friends, just click a selfie and select the feature to see how effortlessly it does all the face replaces.

Unique feature

B612 comes up with a beauty mode that allows you to sculpt your facial expressions and features flawlessly.


B612 is available on both Android and iOS for free.

4. Reface

best face swap app

Reface helps you make deepfake videos and is one of the best face swap apps for just how well it works. It lets you create bizarre face swaps with celebrities and instantly share them with your friends. Face-swapped videos and GIFs made on Reface have been trending quite a lot on Facebook and Instagram.

In Reface, you get a vast range of GIFs, memes, video clippings, and portions of some iconic movies that you can use to create new face-swapped GIFs and videos. Remarkably, the developers add new templates every day. So, you’d never miss out on new content when you use this app. Reface also allows you to save the media in your image gallery.

Unique feature:

Unlike most face changer apps, Reface allows you to swap your face with those of celebrities featuring in some excellent clippings or parts of some popular movies.


Reface has a free version and also offers in app purchases on both Android and iOS.

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5. FaceApp

face swap app android

A few months ago Instagram and Facebook got swarmed with old pictures of your friends, family, and everyone else. Remember? Well, FaceApp was responsible for it. Although FaceApp was already popular, introducing an aging filter recognized it as more of a face changer app, than a photo-free face swap app. The app offers quite a few unique features.

In FaceApp, you take a picture of yourself or from the camera roll and apply the features to make yourself look older, younger, smile, and whatnot. You can also change your hair color, add spectacles, and even change your gender. Thanks to Machine learning and AI working together, the app makes sure that every filter is stuck flawlessly. And, the results are so convincing. Moreover, this app comes without ads and has a premium version also.

Unique feature

FaceApp allows you to give life to your photos by making it smile, laugh, add hair colors, accessories, change gender, and so forth.


FaceApp has a free version with in-app purchases and also has a paid version on both Android and iOS.

6. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live is one of the best face swap video app in the market these days. It lets its users swap their faces with their friends and family in real-time. Unlike most face swapping apps, Face Swap Live is only a free face swap app.

With Face Swap Live, the process is effortless. You’ve to come in the camera frame with your friend. The app will instantly show your faces swapped. But, keep in mind: to make the face swap work, you and your friend must adjust perfectly in the camera viewfinder. This results in a fun image or video for the most part.

Unique feature

Face Swap Live allows adding filters to your solo selfies as well.


Face Swap Live is available on iOS for free but not on Android.

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7. MRRMRR: One of Top Free Face Swaping App

Face Swap App - MRRMRR

The name seems to be a typing error, but MRRMRR is an awesome app to transform faces. This app is extremely popular among iPhone users. MRRMRR has a collection of many unique features. Once you come in front of the camera, it lets you become anyone, from Joker to Barack Obama.

In addition, the face detection technology in MRRMRR has a leading edge as it traces your facial features and expressions in real-time with multiple edits and face-swapping techniques. It also allows you to save and share your face-swapped images and video easily.

Unique feature

MRRMRR provides you with multiple options that offer four categories – masks, emojis, filters, and effects all in real-time.


MRRMRR is available on iOS for free but not on Android.

8. Face Swap Booth

Booth App

Face Swap Booth is amongst cool face swapping apps that has a multitude of features, making it among the best face swap apps in the market. This app lets you add faces, manually or through auto-detection and swap around different faces.

This app has a collection of pre-loaded celebrity faces as well. Through its editing tools, it even lets you correct any mistakes its algorithms might make. You can also store the faces in your photo library so that you can swap around anytime. The app works the same way as MRRMRR does. It can serve as an alternative to it for Android users. Its pro version removes ads and provides unlimited access to other features.

Unique feature

Face Swap Booth allows you to custom overlay faces through a special set of masks to pick only the facial features of your choice.


Face Swap Booth is available for free and offers in app purchases on both iOS and Android.

9. Face Blender

Face Blender

Face Blender is a selfie poster creator app that lets you create fun images by swapping your face with any picture. The app is extremely user-friendly as it detects the user’s face on the template on its own. Then, it adjusts the orientation and angle of the face to fit it into the frame.

With Face Blender, all you need to do is click a picture and select a template to blend your face on that specific template. Also, if you don’t find the template not good enough, you can add some pictures from your image gallery as well. The resulting face-swapped pictures are mostly fun.

Unique feature

Face Blender lets you choose from hundreds of templates that can make you a runner, a pop star, or even a celebrity.


Face Blender is available on Android for free but not on iOS.

10. Photomontage

Face Swap App - Photomontage

Last but not the least, Photomontage is amongst the finest photo editor apps for Android that allows creating high-quality face swap images. Although the app is not automated, you’d be an expert within minutes of using it, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

For swapping faces, upload one picture. After uploading, remove the face using the rubber tool. Now, insert another image and move it behind the original one. By now, you’ll have a perfect face-swapped image.

If required, you can also adjust any inaccuracies through the app’s tools. In addition, you can share these images with your friends and have fun.

Unique feature

As Photomontage lets you edit pictures manually, errors tend to be minimal.


Photomontage is available on Android for free but not on iOS.

So, having gone through the best face swap apps, you might be confused about deciding which one to choose. We’ll make this easier for you.

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What Free Face Swap App Is Everyone Using?

The face swap features of Snapchat, followed by B612, are quite popular with everyone these days. These apps also come with lots of other features. They’re available on both Android and iPhone for free.

How Do You Swap Faces On Android?

You can easily swap faces on Android with any person through Snapchat, Cupace, B612, FaceApp, Face Swap Booth, Face Blender, and Photomontage, while Reface allows you to swap faces with celebrities only.

Most of these apps can auto detect your face. But, some apps like Photomontage need you to manually edit your image to paste faces. Cupace and Face Swap Booth allows you to make adjustments to your pictures so that the photos and videos are as precise as possible.

Reface, a deepfake app, is amongst the most amazing video face swap apps. You can gain access to more of its amazing features by making in app purchases. Apart from face swap, you can also check which celebrity you look alike?

Can You Swap Faces On An iPhone?

You can swap faces on an iPhone through Snapchat, B612, Face Swap Live, MRRMRR and Face Swap Booth, whereas Reface allows you to swap faces with celebrities only.

Most of these apps can auto detect your face and come with paid subscription as well as latest tutorials. But, some other apps like Face Swap Booth also allow you to create face swaps with utmost precision manually without bothering the top left corner.

Best Free Face Swap App: Wrap Up!

Face swap is one of the trendiest features of photo and video editing apps. Other developers are incorporating a face swap option to their original apps to attract more people. As face-swapping leaves very little to your imagination, it’s becoming increasingly popular.
You can swap faces even with your favorite celebrity. So, swap faces and share those funny pictures on social media.

Which one is your great face swapping app? Do let us know in the comment section.

Face Swap App FAQs

Q.1 What is the best face swap app for iPhone?

Are you curious to know the best face swap app for iPhone, then Snapchat is one of the best face swap apps for iPhone with a lot of unique features.

Q.2 How can I put my face on another picture app?

There are several apps that can help you to put the face on another picture app. Here we’ve curated some of the best free swap apps such as Snapchat, B612, FaceApp, MRRMRR, Photomontage, Reface

Q.3 How do I Photoshop someone’s head onto another body?

With the help of editing apps, you can easily photoshop someone’s head onto another body. Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the apps that are listed below:

  • Photomontage
  • Cupace
  • Reface
  • Face Blender
  • Face Swap Live
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