We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
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IoT Impacting the Future of Web Development

Updated Date: November 4, 2022
Written by Hemendra Singh
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The demand for emerging technologies like Blockchain and AI is increasing rapidly in the market. Enterprises are opting for these future technologies for their web apps projects so that the business processes can enhance.

IoT or the Internet of Things is one of such emerging technologies that is also getting popular. According to a survey, IoT-based services were among the most common and largest services delivered by the top software development outsourcing companies in the world.

In the current era of online networking, IoT is one of the most heated topics to discuss and the technology is capable of affecting different areas whether software, web development, or even people’s lives. Because each individual is dependent on the internet in this digital era.

While businesses get benefited from the internet in the form of communication from different parts of the world without any geographical boundaries.

There is one thing that businesses need to keep in mind is timely updated according to the improvement in these smart technologies. The integration of new sensors into technology devices like mobile phones and consumer durables. The advancements in the businesses with these smart technologies will purely impact our future.

Not even this, the future of web development will also be impacted by IoT. Here in this blog, we will cover all the vital points which let you understand IoT, its connection with web development, IoT integration with web development and its impact, and much more.

This article will support enterprises understand the technology and its use for their upcoming web development projects. There are renowned web and app development companies available in the market. You can choose any IoT app development company or hire a dedicated developer for IoT web development considering your budget and requirements.

Before heading ahead it’s vital to know about IoT (Internet of Things) first, so let’s start with

Internet of Things (IoT): A Brief Introduction

IoT is a global network of interconnected objects that are easy to address uniquely. Based on standard communication protocols, IoT is the resultant application of conventional technologies including actuators, bar codes, GPS, internet protocols, microcontrollers, radio frequency identifiers, satellite technology, and others. In other words, IoT can be defined as an inter-networking of the smart devices that are capable of influencing e-commerce upgrade to a greater extent.

Development of Smart Technologies Keep Businesses Updated with Latest Trends.

Using the internet businesses connect to the global audience. It helps businesses remain updated with the latest technologies. Especially smart technologies if considered.

Such advancement in technologies will put a huge impact on the IoT in the coming future. And it’s influence can also be witnessed in the web development’s future. To know how it would happen stay tuned with us. You can check this IoT infographic to learn more about Internet of things.

Connection Between IoT and Web Development

Almost everyone knows that web development is a combination of front-end and back-end development. while data access between them requires a connection that enables the user to see what they wish for.

But here we are for finding a connection between IoT and web development. If IoT projects are considered, web development plays a vital role in constructing their major parts. It can be easily understood considering plenty of available IoT devices that are capable of displaying web content such as laptops, wearables, user interfaces on smart apps, and so on.

Now you must understand the role of IoT in web development and can visualize advancement in web development in the coming future. Like Amazon Echo that comes featured with Alexa as a virtual assistant. With Alexa, users can search for anything on the web, thanks to the back-end browser. It is one of the best examples to see how the way of using the web has changed.

Integration of Web Development in IoT and its Impact

web development and IoT

In the current era, every business wishes for serving their clientele with more personalized and customized services. Providing customers with satisfactory services is one of the major goals of the IoT. since it further helps businesses reach greater heights.

Thanks to improved and evolved IoT, companies are free to serve their customers in a much better way. The IoT devices which are an amalgamation of wireless technologies and sensors are easy to control and maintain their health. Considering customer’s demographics through sensors.

The current generation is fortunate enough that they are being able to utilize such technological advancements. This helps in saving lots of time and effort in performing activities. This extra time can be utilized in enhancing productivity which will further support creating the future effectively and efficiently.

Optimize Development On-the-Go

The demand for learning IoT is growing rapidly and there is no sign that it is going to stop anytime soon. To match up with the ongoing and upcoming technological trends web development companies require to train their developers to optimize the site accordingly. Therefore “site optimization” is the must for the companies to stay relevant and in the running race in the industry.

Conquer Coding Challenges

One of the major challenges which companies encounter while web development is related to coding. Because coding is not constant across the web even coding standards change swiftly. To match up these coding standards, web development companies stay struggling every day. And there is only a solution for these ever-changing coding challenges is the development of a planned strategy.

The development of such a full-proof strategy is possible only when the team leaders know all the coding standards and disciplines. Also, they should be able to pass on the knowledge and information to the other team members quickly so that they can save their valuable time.

Realize the Requirement and Procure the Right Talent

In current times, it is necessary to find out what level of proficiency is required for web development. Since it helps organizations in choosing the right design and talent once they get project requirements.

Although, IoT development has provided developers with features and functionalities which support a comfortable creation of innovative applications. Still, there is a list of factors that are necessary to take into consideration while developing interactive web solutions using IoT. Likewise

Compilation of Large Data in IoT Development

IoT web development and conventional web development are way different if talk about the system’s scalability and security. IoT works on data collected from sensors in real-time and the process further progresses to filtration and transmission of required data to and from the cloud. There are chances that these processes and huge amounts of data can create delays in the network and any data loss due to these networking issues is unacceptable.

This is the reason businesses choose to hire dedicated web developers with extreme knowledge and experience working on languages and frameworks like Angularjs, C, Ionic, Java, JavaScript, Laravel among others. Since these platforms offer the facility of developing scalable IoT applications.

There are many applications available in the market which are built using mentioned programming languages and frameworks

  1. Now businesses are looking to hire dedicated web developers with expertise in Laravel to develop IoT projects. Jewelbots are one of such IoT projects. These are friendship bracelets developed using Laravel framework and they showcase gathered valuable information into a mobile interface.
  2. While others are opting for custom IoT-powered home automation solutions for their clients developed using Angularjs and Nodejs.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that data transmission should take place through appropriate superior protocols during the IoT development process. These protocols include XMPP and AMQP, respectively for real-time communication and receiving/sending of message-oriented data.

Dynamic User Interface in IoT

As you must be aware that IoT systems deal with a large amount of data for its collection and showcase of numerous analytics and infographics. That is why dynamic UIs are great for the development of complex IoT applications. It enables multitasking and the generation of dynamic pages or portlets. Thanks to UIs, users can interact with the IoT system. Also, UIs support in displaying relevant insights from collected data and network management.

Strong Backend Design in IoT Integration

The availability of a strong backend design empowers web apps with seamless data transactions (receiving and sending) and user interaction with the device. while IoT integration with web development ensures seamless communication between the user and IoT devices. Every device has its capabilities, commands, and data that work exactly according to the users’ deeds.

This way the implementation of IoT devices in an organization ensures seamless operations. Suppose if any entity is running out of stock in your inventory, the IoT system will automatically make an order to top up inventory with that particular item.

Other than this, it is easy to understand how IoT systems save time and energy involved performing these operations manually. If you want to manage lighting systems in your office smoothly, it is better to install IoT systems that use motion sensors to control lighting that results in saving time spent controlling them manually.

it is easier to deliver such requirements in an organization with the help of a strong back-end architecture without any hassle. Currently, there are several IoT back-end systems that are not that up to the level. But, likely, the situation won’t be that embracing in the near future, thanks to ongoing IoT trends.

Security and Privacy in IoT Development:

Security and privacy are some of the major concerns of any web app development project. So for IoT web development as well.

We know that every technology has its own drawbacks and so does IoT. The drawback of IoT is that it creates a complex network with numerous interconnected IoT devices. In case any device has a loophole it could bring the entire network at risk. Since the security level of all types of devices is not the same. And this gives a chance for hackers to intrude into the network by cracking web-connected patterns.

To overcome such situations and address drawbacks in IoT ecosystems, the development of the OPEN WEB APPLICATION SECURITY PROJECT (OWASP) took place. Came into existence in 2014, the OWASP project is helping manufacturers, IoT app development companies, IoT developers, organizations, and customers in letting them know possible vulnerabilities in IoT systems.

However, the expert IoT developers have already brought a solution into practice considering data security and privacy and that is advanced user authentication and user access management. It ensures data security and communication privacy within the network through encryption.

Speed measurability

Whenever users make queries or requests, it is the duty of the webserver to examine all in the traditional website scenario. But with the IoT, the situation is completely different. Because here in IoT the transfer to data takes place to all the connected devices and the cloud. And that’s how users became able to communicate efficiently.

Power management

Everyone knows that any software or web apps process through programs running on the backend. And it utilizes a lot of battery. Due to which less communication takes place. So in order to resolve battery drainage issues, it is important that web developers construct a fine design layout, which will eventually help in lowering power usage. So always have proper planning for power management before any sort of development whether software, web, or apps.

The Future of IoT in Web Development

future of IoT

We are almost aware of the current status of technological developments and having an eye on future bringings. Considering current scenarios, we can estimate the impact of IoT on the future of web development. Still, we are unable to make any statement with surety. Here are some stats which showcase future projections of IoT in web development.

  1. According to stats from Cisco, currently, there are only 0.6% of things which are capable of connecting to the internet. It clearly showcases the huge possibility of IoT growth in the coming future.
  2. On the other hand, McKinsey estimates by the end of 2025, the productivity in operating costs can be increased up to $36 trillion across different verticals like manufacturing, mining and healthcare. Thanks to IoT which has that much potential to take operating costs up to that level.
  3. Reportedly, only 61% of the companies utilizing IoT are hiring dedicated developers for Nodejs and Angularjs frameworks.  Developers should remember these things when becoming an IoT developer here. So that they can develop front end for their dream projects in association with IoT.

Latest IoT Trends in Web Development

IoT trends

Given below are some of the latest IoT trends in demand. Have a look

  1. C, Java, and JavaScript are the three languages being used for the development of IoT solutions as confirmed by the IoT developer 2018 survey.
  2. From the mentioned languages, the first two are used for the development of devices and gateways. while the last one, JavaScript is utilized for web development.
  3. There are several JavaScript frameworks that are highly popular for the development of IoT. For instance, IoT developers also use Zetta.js, Cylon.js, Johny-five.io as well as Nodered. Other than Node.js.

Alexa and Google Assistant are among the available IoT devices in the market, as of today. These devices can use both personal and commercial apps and are easy to connect with the internet. No matter, they have a screen or not. Since IoT aims at back-end architecture. Therefore, IoT has great potential to take away web development to the next level in the coming future.

Not even this, besides back-end architecture, IoT focuses on centralization and security as well which makes the future of web development revolving around the back-end.

With IoT future, Web Development will be centered around the back-end

As mentioned above, IoT devices are capable of using both commercial and personal applications without any hassle. No matter if the screen is present or not. It clearly showcases the future of web development with IoT emergence will revolve around the back end.

It means, in the coming future, IoT devices will completely eliminate the front end. The trend is already visible with the availability of electronic devices interacting through gestures and voice. And the count will surely increase in the coming future.

Alexa, Google Assistant, and networks of IoT sensors controlling industrial IoT applications are the perfect examples of current IoT devices. The handling of these powerful data houses takes place at the back end through analytical programs. Therefore these devices do not require interfaces like screen and front end and in the coming future, it will not even exist. It would be enough to have computer screens only for the data scientist to manipulate data according to the requests on the server.

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This blog covers all the important information related to IoT and web development, their connection, their integration and its impact on the future of web development, etc. Considering all these points and related information, enterprises can take advantage of IoT in web development and avail users with the devices proficient in performing tasks without much interaction.

If you are having any innovative ideas in your mind and want to bring it into reality, IoT web development is the future of web development. Popular development firms are offering the facility of IoT web development. You can outsource an ideal IoT app development company or hire dedicated web developers according to your project requirements. Hope this article will help you make a better decision related to your next web development project.

Hemendra Singh

My name is Hemendra Singh. I am a Director and Co-founder of The NineHertz, IT Consulting Company. I am having a keen interest in the latest trends and technologies that are emerging in different domains. Being an entrepreneur in the field of the IT sector, it becomes my responsibility to aid my audience with the knowledge of the latest trends in the market.