Top 20 PHP Website Development Blogs to Follow in 2020

Written by Hemendra Singh on June 23, 2020 | Updated on: July 13, 2020

Top 20 PHP Website Development Blogs to Follow in 2020

It doesn’t really come off as a surprise that there has been an exponential growth of PHP usage over the last few years. After all, PHP has been the torchbearer for web development for a very long time now. Hence, there are PHP enthusiasts all over the world these days.

With more and more enthusiasm from people, there is a sudden urge to learn more about this language. Hence, more people are interested in knowing some of the best ways to learn this amazing language for sure.

While some might tell you that going for PHP books and learning is the best option, it is not always the case. Yes, books are very helpful but what if you want to know something else? Well, for that reason, people want to try out blogs and websites that provide more information on PHP website development.

Some of The Top Blogs on PHP To Follow

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In order to make the job easier, this article presents some names of the top blogs where people can learn all about PHP without any trouble or hassle at all. Follow these blogs for more information.

1. PHP Manual

Arguably one of the best blogs of all time, PHP manual brings to you every single thing that you are going to need in order to learn more about PHP. You can post comments and then experience all the functions that PHP offers. Not to mention that you will also learn about the practical applications of PHP.

2. SitePoint

Most applications and concepts of PHP web development are covered in this blog and that is why you need to give this website and also the blog posts here a chance. For beginners out there who have no idea about PHP, this is the perfect platform to know.

3. FromDev

There is no doubt that FromDev is one of the best platforms where you are going to find some PHP as well as some other web development related blogs as well. So, there is simply not a single speck of doubt about the fact that you should try it once.

4. Derek Banas Video Tutorial on YouTube

Video content is sometimes important for learning all about PHP and this video tutorial on YouTube definitely proves the point that we are trying to make. From basics to the extremely difficult concepts are provided here in the best way.

5. StackOverflow

StackOverflow is one of the personal favorites of many PHP enthusiasts out there. If you are someone new who is trying to learn the PHP language, this site is the best because you can recover from making mistakes right here. Go ahead and try it out.

6. Blogs from PHP Developer

With an operating experience of more than one decade, this blog site posts many materials on the amazing PHP language that people want to learn. Not to mention that there are explanations along with some other code examples that will help you out.

7. David Walsh’s Blog

Here is a guy who just doesn’t design websites but knows how to make them work in the best way. One look at his blog posts and you will know that this guy is serious about what he says. The knowledge and experience are unparalleled too. So, this blog site is worth a try for sure.

8. Roshan Bhattarai’s Blog

While the layout and the structure of the blog site don’t really scream professional experts in PHP, when you actually have a look at the content, you will see that it is highly rated and very helpful. That is one of the main reasons why people want to refer to this site for PHP website application development.

9. Chris Shiflett’s Blog

Now, this might not exactly be the perfect PHP blog that you are looking for. There are some other pieces of content as well. However, the blogs which mention PHP in this particular site are the ones that are all centered on information and technology.

10. Nikic’s Blog

Here is a female blogger who will definitely be in one of the top positions on the list because of the amazing things that she has done with PHP. That too, at 20 years of age. Not to mention that she also has a proper open source development team at StackOverflow.

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11. Paul M. Jones Blog

Known to be an internationally-renowned expert on PHP, Paul M. Jones has his own blog where he writes about hosting, PHP web application development and so much more for the people who need to know.

12. Tobias Schlitt’s Blog

Tobias Schlitt has his own blog where there are some pieces of content about PHP and so much more which you are definitely going to like. We are here to tell you that this is definitely the best blog to follow.

13. Wild Academy Video Tutorials on Youtube

There are a series of video tutorials on YouTube by Wild Academy that will be a perfect fit for someone who wants to know more and more about the PHP website development. So, this is worth a shot.

14. The New Boston Video Tutorials on YouTube

Join the New Boston family and have a look at the video tutorials for PHP development knowledge. The channel has more than 1 million subscribers in total.

15. Reddit-PHP

There is no doubt that asking questions about PHP will definitely help you enrich your knowledge and hence you need to give these blog posts on Reddit a chance for sure.

16. The Zend Blog

Learn more and more about the latest trends and news on PHP development at this amazing blog site which you are definitely going to love for sure.

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17. Laravel News

Laravel is one of the best sites for learning more about new things that are discovered regarding the PHP development for sure. That is why the blog site has so many followers in total.

18. Stuart Herbert’s PHP Blog

This blog site is definitely the real deal because it doesn’t just talk about PHP but refers to some of the more technical and practical approaches as well. Go ahead and try this website out for once.

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19. Web Development Blog

The one true name in the list, the Web Development Blog has all sorts of topics regarding best web development and PHP usage in the latest development trends as well.

20. Simpliv Blog

Here is a pretty interesting and simple site for the beginners out there who want to learn more about the amazing basics of the PHP language.

21. Symfony Blog

Known to be an open-source platform for web development, the Blog section in Symfony is simply one of the best places where people can learn more about PHP development.

So, there you have it, people. These are some of the best blogs that you can follow for learning more about PHP development for sure.

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