Benefits of Choosing Magento eCommerce Development Platform for Online Store

Written by Hemendra Singh on April 03, 2020 | Updated on: April 3, 2020

Benefits of Choosing Magento eCommerce Development Platform for Online Store

In this modern era, when people around the world choose to make trade online for any of their store or website requirements. Businesses and enthusiastic entrepreneurs are making their way towards online business due to which the demand for eCommerce business development has gained momentum within the last few years. To cater to such requirements, many stores and website development platforms emerge though which has an edge over others is the Magento eCommerce development.

You might be thinking of what makes Magento website development popular over others. It is some of its amazing features and advantages that you wouldn’t come through with any other eCommerce website development platform. So have a look at the benefits which make prospective entrepreneurs lean towards Magento for eCommerce development.

Lists of Major Benefits Choosing Magento Website Development for eCommerce Platforms

Web Design Customization

To make an online business successful, it must be unique in its way. And web design customization ease with tons of CSS options available in Magento makes developers stand your storefront out in the crowd. Also, the availability of excellent design support from the Magento team and blogs on the latest web design support the Magento website development for online business.

Open Source Platform

It is one of the best benefits offered using Magento eCommerce development. While using the Magento open-source platform, developers get an extensive amount of freedom and benefits. From transparency, reliability to better security, cost-effectiveness and vast community support. So those who are looking for cementing their footprints in the eCommerce industry, Magento website development is an ideal choice for them with thousands of customized options. It helps in the development of an E-shop that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Three Editions

Magento software is available to download in 3 different editions. The developers can choose one based on their project requirements.

1. Community Edition

The community edition provides all the important features that are required to develop a unique online store from scratch. For those who are looking for an all-in-one cloud option with benefits like compatibility, ease of deployment and improved security, Magento community edition is the best possible option to choose from.

2. Enterprise Edition

Magento Enterprise Edition is something that makes everything possible in terms of eCommerce development. It lets the creation of a complex yet innovative shopping experience that can transform your eCommerce business completely.

3. Magento “GO” (hosted solution)

Some are free and others- paid. Paid one is for the enterprises though.

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SEO-friendly Website Development

With Magento website development, not only business can develop their online commerce website but also they can manage website optimization. From handling page traffic issues to the indexing of the website and the landing pages as well. So, Magento is a platform that provides SEO-friendly website development.

User- Friendly Dashboard

The websites developed using Magento eCommerce development lets developers easily edit, add and update the product information and other content of the website. In addition to this, they can easily manage navigation and content linking. This results in less time consumption of the developers so that they can focus on other projects.

Multi-Store Management

The Magento website development provides the facility of maintaining multiple sites from a single platform. For those who require managing various Magento installations and need to frequently switch between them, it is the best single platform for handling such activities. This is Magento’s built-in features which let’s oversee and manage different eCommerce websites through a single admin panel.

Powerhouse Of Marketing Tools

It is one of the top advantages of Magento website development. It avails those who want to provide special promotion codes and discounts to their respective clients. Since every count matters and if they found any campaign running on the homepage, there are huge chances of conversions and user retention. So you can rely on the Magento development company for the best-customized solution for your e-store business. 

It can better be understood with an example like if there is a time-sensitive discount campaign on the website or an alluring amount of discount on the MRP of the offered products. With such promotional activities, you can have an edge over your competitors if they are not using such strategies.

Faster Loading Store

If you want visitors to stay on your website and keep on returning, the web load speed plays a vital role. As per an analysis of Google statistics that 50% of the users left a page that doesn’t load in three seconds. Magento, which is on a mission of making the fastest eCommerce stores in the world, allows faster loading of your e-shop even if your website is dealing with a massive influx of customers. With these fine tips improve your Magento website performance.

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Better User Experience

Turning shoppers into paying customers can be challenging. But, aligning with the Magento eCommerce platform can make it as easy as a walk on the cake with its various functionalities enabling the user to engage and providing an easy to use and understand approach. Moreover, Magento is nowadays the buzzing word everyone is talking about as it is excelling in the trade of gratifying users with impeccable experience and clientele satisfaction.

Higher Scalability

Magento eCommerce development offers the top level of customization that is crucial for any eCommerce platform. And the reason behind it is a PHP based solution that allows developers to scale the websites as per the business needs and make it highly acceptable for their clients.

Free! Risk-Free Platform

Magento is a free to use website development platform. It is highly secure in terms of keeping data of your e-shop confidential. In times when security breaches have increased to its peak, choosing a web development platform like Magento is a good option so that your eCommerce business stays safe from such security breaches and loss of confidential data like your profits and orders.

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Magento website development is capable of offering almost everything you want from an eCommerce platform. Other than the benefits of using the Magento eCommerce platform, your eCommerce business gets availed with a tangible yet flexible approach towards functional problems. So, if you are looking to gain all the benefits and generate good revenue from your eCommerce business, Magento eCommerce development is an ideal partner for such requirements.

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