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How Much Does a PHP Developer Cost For Custom Web Development?

Written by
Hemendra Singh on November 13, 2019
updated on: November 7, 2022
How Much Does a PHP Developer Cost For Custom Web Development?

Before talking about the cost to hire PHP developer for your custom website development, let’s understand these terms. You may already have a website that includes aesthetics, functionality, and features that you need. But, with changing time customer’s needs change. Thus, to stay ahead of the competition, it is important for you to have some unique characteristics.

Nonetheless, your features and functionality, a poorly developed website cannot attract traffic. PHP website must have technical acuity, elegant and exquisite designing as well as extensive features that provide a solution to customers problems attract more visitors.

Regardless of your offerings – service or product, your web solutions must include:

Custom web development solutions result in fluid, interesting and useful websites. Moreover, the website turns user-friendly for visitors and easily managed content updates and other functionality. Thus to make an online presence and overall experience of the user memorable, you can consider a few points:

Why Should You Choose Custom Website Development Services Before Deciding Developer Cost?

There are so many outstanding website development platforms like WordPress, Magento 2 and more available in the marketplace. And to build a website, you can either go for a website template or hire dedicated PHP developers. This a quite a tough decision to make but, having a customized website has more benefits like:

Now with all that, it is important to check the options you want your website to get build. You can opt for a pre-built template to save some costs in the beginning and hire a web developer for assembly. Another aspect could be building an entire website as per your idea from scratch.

Cost Of Building A Customized Website When You Hire PHP Developer

Setting up a website and hiring dedicated PHP programmers will cost you more than building a website through templates. But, if you want to play in the long-run, it will be fruitful to invest today.

A website would involve hosting providers, learning how to use FTP, linking your website builder software with hosting provider and lastly connecting the domain name to the website. All these steps are managed by a custom web development company which consists of a team of developers.

Their team consists of a PHP back-end web developer, custom PHP Web developer, Full-stack PHP Web Developer as well as designers, testers and more to develop a well structured and robust website. The PHP web development company includes the maintenance and support of your website for a year.

You can also hire freelance web developers instead of an entire company if you just want assembly of features. Website Hosting doesn’t need any web developer but, to live your content online you may need one. There are three different kinds of hosting that you can buy:

Using FTP is managing your website’s files stored in the host. Thus for this, you may need a designer as well as a PHP web developer.

To connect your domain name to your website would take a few minutes and cost you. You can either hire a Full-stack PHP Web Developer or just a web designer.

As already mentioned, you can either go with pre-made templates and get it assembled by developers. It’s an alternative option for those who are not sure and ready to get a fully- customized website. This exercise may cost somewhat between $ 300 and $ 1000 when you hire a dedicated php developer. Designers or developers can help you build something unique into pre-made templates.

If you want all to be unique and patent, you can go for customized design. When you hire a custom PHP Web developer from a developing country, it may cost you $5000 approx. But, if you go for a web Programmer from a developed region it may start from $10,000 – $30,000.

A website is incomplete without the content. After the framework is ready you may need to populate the website with your own content. The content creation process includes – background designs, header images, custom graphics, inserting text to describe items, inserting a brand logo. Thus a PHP web designer may charge

After the designing, development and launch of the product, it is important to keep monitoring and maintain the website. Support allows the seamless flow of your website with regular updates and debugging for utmost user experience.

Hiring a dedicated developer and assigning him to deliver browser compatibility updates, platform updates, software updates, security patches may cost. But, this cost may give you a long-term great ROI.

Thus, an experienced PHP programmer may charge higher but, it is worth the money. The cost of a good developer may vary from $ 80 – $180 per hour depending upon the complexity of a website. The yearly rate of maintenance and support may vary from $500 – $800.

For a pre-built template, there may not be too much cost of developing a website. Because it will be managed by drag and drop website builder. But, to fill in the content would cost you. Thus, the cost of building content in a pre-built website template could vary from $500 – $2,000.


Great web design is important for any website to captivate its audience. But, strong web development will grow your website more. Thus, to deliver custom web solutions you may need to hire a dedicated PHP developer or designer for your project. You may hire a freelance web developer that charges hourly or may employ a custom web development company.

If you’re a beginner but want your website to be unique, you can pick pre-build templates. Here too you can hire a web programmer and ask for some amendments to give it a customized touch. Either way, you will have to employ for maintenance and support of your website. So that you can enjoy long-term ROI and deliver seamless services to your customers and for them to stay hooked.

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