We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
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How to Build Cryptocurrency Exchange App Like Binance? Cost & Features

Updated Date: January 22, 2024
Written by Hemendra Singh
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When speaking of the Bitcoin exchange or crypto exchange apps, Binance is the first name that would usually strike anyone’s mind. In other words, Binance is the world’s number one cryptocurrency exchange application allowing millions of people to trade crypto assets.

The popularity of cryptocurrency trading apps has dictated many interests. Today, many app development enthusiasts are keen on developing a crypto wallet mobile app like Binance. Cryptocurrency wallet mobile app development is a lucrative industry for entering the centralized crypto exchange business, especially since the pandemic struck in 2019. The cryptocurrency exchange business offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for people who wish to trade on non-duplicable crypto assets and goods.

If you are excited to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance and join the trend, then you are at the right place. In this blog, you can learn all the key features required to make an app like Binance.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used to buy and sell goods and services. Still, an online ledger with solid cryptography is used to secure online transactions. People mostly take an interest in these unregulated currencies to trade for profit. Financial speculators sometimes push the prices up.

A cryptocurrency is also a form of payment to exchange online to buy and sell goods and services. Many crypto trading software development companies have already issued their currencies, often referred to as tokens. You can put these to trade specifically to buy and sell the goods or services the company provides. You can also think of them as similar to slot machine tokens or casino chips. And just like that, you have to exchange real currency to use the crypto exchange to access a product or service.

How Does Cryptocurrency Exchange App Operate?

Cryptocurrencies are put into operation using a technology called a blockchain. It is a decentralized exchanges technology widespread across several computers that record and manage related transactions. This technology appeals to strong security features and safety. You can even set up a two-factor authentication feature.

What is a Cryptocurrency Trading App?

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online trading platform for you to buy or sell or exchange various crypto assets without any risk. Today crypto exchange is highly recognized as one of the finest revenue-generating businesses in the digital world. You may be also interested to learn about stock trading app development.

Also, it is a booming business model using which many startups have now become millionaires in the cryptocurrency trading sector. You can generate a massive sum of money through multiple revenue streams. That is a significant reason to start your own cryptocurrency exchange business by developing a bitcoin exchange platform or a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Developing a Cryptocurrency Wallet Mobile App: Points to Keep in Mind

develop app like binance

1) Functional Scope

Before you start else, it is essential to set the functional scope of your crypto exchange. This is essential as you need to get necessary approvals according to the functional capacity of your cryptocurrency exchange. Moreover, you need to think about the license and registration of the cryptocurrency exchange according to the concerned laws.

2) Rules and Regulations

Cryptocurrency is the trending hot arena, and almost all the government bodies worldwide are rigid on its exchanges. If you’re willing to start a cryptocurrency exchange business, your business must adhere to the KYC terms and conditions. Meaning you need to get a few documents to verify the identity of your customers and keep a record of all their details. This is essential to diminish any chance of money laundering that there is through cryptocurrency tradings or other exchanges.

To comply with the legal rules and regulations establish by certain countries, it is essential to integrate a customer verification API in the exchange platform and develop a backend database to maintain a proper record of exchanges.

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3) Payment Process

For converting fiat currency or fiat currencies/ fiat money payments to cryptocurrencies, you need a payment provider or a payment processing partner, probably like a bank account. One important thing to note as we speak of it is to note the trade settlement cycles of banks if you’re based in an underdeveloped country. Partnering with an efficient payment processer and a payment gateway API, you could give your users the power of adding and withdrawing funds as they please and allow debit card purchases.

4) Manage Liquidity

Liquidity is one of the essential aspects when it comes to the success of a cryptocurrency exchange marketplace. The trades at an exchange direct and move its liquidity position without bustling trading activity, none of the crypto exchange can survive. To smoothly manage liquidity at your exchange platform, you need to integrate your cryptocurrency exchange’s liquidity position to other existing crypto exchanges platforms.

You can do this with the help of a modern API interface, one that shares liquidity and trades volume data between two exchanges.

5) Supportive Platform

Adding a customer support channel to almost every software or product is a must. It would be best if you had it for providing instant answers to all the queries of your customers. And when it’s about cryptocurrency exchange, you should adopt a customer support channel and provide the best cryptocurrency exchanges or centralized exchange assistance to your customer base. Learn how to start your own cryptocurrency exchange software.

Essential Features of a Crypto Exchange App

Besides the basic features that every cryptocurrency trading app usually has, you should add additional features to your app after gathering user feedback. Also, take inspiration for other cryptocurrency features after analyzing the top exchange apps worldwide and know your customer interests. Here are a few important features you must include in your crypto exchanges app:

1) Cryptocurrency Trading Engine

cryptocurrency trading engine
A trading engine works as the core of any exchange and helps run the operations. It is an essential feature to execute transactions, calculate balances, access the order book, and match all the crypto exchange buy and sell transactions.

Setting up a trading engine is a priority while building a cryptocurrency app. A cryptocurrency app is just an empty shell without a functional engine.

2) User Interface

crypto trading app like binance
User Interface is the face of your exchanges application, i.e., how users visualize the exchange. For this, you need to know your customer. So, ensure to build a user-friendly and intuitive user interface keeping in mind the minimalistic approach to provide a fantastic trading experience to buy crypto. Keep the unnecessary clutter away to enhance the simplicity, making it easier for the users to pull off the trade orders. An intuitive interface ensures your application has these functionalities:

  • Registration Portal
  • Login function
  • Funds deposit
  • Funds withdrawal
  • View order book
  • Keeping a record of transactions and balance
  • Statistical reports and charts, etc.
  • Buying and selling orders
  • Good customer support features
  • Low fees
  • Private keys
  • Decent fee structure

3) Wallet Solution

app like binance
Embed a supportive cryptocurrency wallet or exchange account with help of a cryptocurrency exchange script for a crypto exchange in your application or website. All the crypto tokens or stable coins can be stored in the user’s wallet on your application. Developing a wallet solution just like Binance exchange with enhanced and strong security features to buy cryptocurrency will help build trust between users and your cryptocurrency platform.

A wallet is a background process that handles requests for fund transfers for buying crypto or selling crypto on the exchange server. You can integrate it into your cryptocurrency exchange app with the help of a cryptocurrency exchange script or API that suits the purpose.

4) Admin Console

cryptocurrency exchange app development
An admin console is purposed to help the exchange operator manage various operational aspects of a cryptocurrency trading and other exchanges. The features of an admin console can be customized according to specific business needs. However, every good admin panel or console can generally edit trading fees, record transaction history, manage smart contracts, manage cryptocurrency listing, add new currencies credit/debit funds to wallets, and look into support issues.

How to Develop App like Binance? [7 Easy Steps to Follow]

develop cryptocurrency trading app

1) Identify the Problem

The first step is to identify the app’s aim by clearly understanding the customers’ common problems, analyzing the existing solution, and defining how your cryptocurrency exchanges app will solve the problem. This analysis will also help you select the best type of Blockchain for your application. Then, conduct a cost-benefit analysis to know if the application is really worth the investment and learn about the potential risks involved.

2) Right Consensus Mechanism

Blockchain systems are not for centralized exchanges but decentralized and demand people to confirm the transaction. Hence, it is important to evaluate the best consensus method according to your application’s needs. When wondering about how to select a suitable consensus mechanism for your exchange platform, you should consider the following points: the anonymity of validators and trust in validators.

3) Right Platform

Selecting the right blockchain platform for your application is crucial as it allows you to create customized web applications without writing any blockchain code from scratch. A few examples of the common blockchain platforms are:

  • Ethereum
  • BigChainDB
  • Hyper-ledger Fabric
  • Quorum

Consider these questions as a criterion to help you get the right platform

  • The platform is distributed under which license? Is it entirely free?
  • How popular is the platform? Is the community around the platform massive?
  • On what scale do you rate the activity of the platform? How often does the platform receive updated patches?
  • Is it a public, private, or offline network?
  • How easy is it to use, navigate and how scalable?

4) Develop the model

Now you should decide whether you should use a hybrid, internal, or cloud system. Do some research on various suitable blockchain models. You can choose from allowed, unlimited, private or public, or hybrid blockchain models. Ensure to rate the best stack according to your chosen platform.

Once done, you must look into the configuration of your blockchain app as it is the most critical step. It is important because most components cannot be changed once they’re configured. If you are not sure about the exemplary configuration of your application, it is advisable to consult with an expert.

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5) User Interface

The user web interface of your web application is the face of your crypto exchange platform. After lining up the server components, you need to come up with the programming language, external databases, and servers for your application. The user interface should offer all the appropriate and necessary functions while being easy to navigate.

6) API creation

Although numerous pre-built APIs are available in the market, you may want to create custom APIs for your exchange application or website. APIs can be used to validate data, key trading pairs, address generation, intelligent contract interactions, and store and retrieve data.

7) Test the App

When ready to test your application, the best approach is to use the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model. It involves building a workable POC (Proof of Concept) solution and testing it to identify system crashes, memory and storage problems, latencies, and performance restrictions. Once you figure out the problem, you can fix it and move on to testing your application for other bugs until the cryptocurrency exchange application is completely functional.

When you’re developing a smart blockchain application, you can leverage the opportunity to learn a whole lot of essential and helpful information from the existing blockchain community through the significant blockchain development forums. These forums are loaded with blockchain experts worldwide who are generous enough to share the information and help others solve the problems.

Cost to Develop A Cryptocurrency Mobile App Like Binance

Component Pricing $
Design $1000-$2000
Development $5000-$10000
API $7000-$10000
Blockchain $2000-$4000
Testing $2000-$4000
Total $17000-$30000

It’s not easy to specify the exact cost involved in building a crypto exchange platform or estimate the cost for app development because their volume is unknown. Moreover, an estimate for the amount involved cannot be calculated without preliminary negotiations, as different clients have different expectations.

However, to give a rough idea, an MVP app with basic features can cost you anywhere between $15000 to $50000. Suppose you wish to develop a cryptocurrency exchange app for a specific target audience with the most advanced features for popular exchanges. In that case, the cost can be anywhere between $50000 to $100000.

When you talk about the time involved, a rough estimate for the time required by a development team to develop a cryptocurrency exchange app can be from 700 to 1500 hours or even more.

How to Earn through Cryptocurrency Wallet Mobile Apps?

1) Advertise

In-app advertising is one of the most widely used monetization models in use today but it requires good market research. People learning how to make their own cryptocurrency exchange app must know that this model can be used as a successful revenue-generating asset. Through this model, they can provide third-party partners the facility to share their banners ads, video ads, small and feature ads, or other types of ads on your application.

2) Freemium Model

You can provide a limited set of features in your application for free. Then, users can expand it later by signing up and paying for the additional online facilities, advanced functions, and features. The principle of this approach is super simple:

  • Crypto users download a free app
  • See the range and quality of services provided
  • Explore premium features with a preview.
  • Finally, pay for them if they want to.

3) Subscriptions

This model is nearly the same as the freemium model but does not have the same fee structure. It allows your users to test your mobile application first. However, unlike the freemium model, the subscription model is more suitable for web applications that have a higher user engagement for services that offer unique content and services for cryptocurrency trading. To make it work for you, do some market research on various centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, cfd trading, and other crypto exchange.
Cryptocurrency Wallet Mobile App

4) Affiliate Marketing

To earn revenue from your cryptocurrency application, you can launch affiliate marketing programs. In an affiliate marketing program, you provide the link to various advertisers’ product or service pages.

Often, many users are confused about the type of products or services they can affiliate with. Still, there always are several options depending upon your cryptocurrency application’s goals. Suppose your app only focuses on providing crypto trading services. In that case, you can provide affiliate links specifically to the advertisers who provide cryptocurrency courses.

5) Transaction Fees

This option to earn through your crypto trading platform or bitcoin exchange website involves asking the traders to pay certain transaction fees for initiating transactions or bank transfers. Make sure to check out what fee competitors are charging and then decide to charge more or lower fees.

6) Sell Data

If you build a user-oriented crypto trading platform where you are also earning from users’ transactions, learning courses, and accessing different resources using the product, you always generate and receive tons of data from third parties. It’s definitely not about selling customers’ personal data but about sharing data that indicates customer behavior through marketing automation or other such companies to use it for account-based marketing or advertising purposes.

Conclusion: Crypto Trading App Development

Given the increasing popularity of the crypto exchanges around the globe right now, it’s understood and justifiable why more and more people are willing to get involved in these crypto exchange systems.

Digital currencies apps and websites provide great opportunities both, for those who are just willing to get an idea of the crypto market and for those who already have good experience or expertise in it. But the crypto exchanges market still has various restrictions depending on the country you’re based in or the currency, and this always points towards the upside potential.

There is no doubt that building a quality crypto exchange app can bring you massive profits in a very short time. So, if you’re willing to develop a crypto exchange platform and have got any questions, feel free to contact us via email.

Hemendra Singh

My name is Hemendra Singh. I am a Director and Co-founder of The NineHertz, IT Consulting Company. I am having a keen interest in the latest trends and technologies that are emerging in different domains. Being an entrepreneur in the field of the IT sector, it becomes my responsibility to aid my audience with the knowledge of the latest trends in the market.