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Multimedia Messaging App Development Like Snapchat [Clone App Cost]

Written by
Hemendra Singh on April 16, 2021
updated on: April 29, 2022
Multimedia Messaging App Development Like Snapchat [Clone App Cost]

We all live in a social-oriented world where people love to make new friends and stay connected with their current ones. Almost all peoples of our generation love to express their feelings through images, videos, emojis, and many more. And being an absolute solution for this, there are so many multimedia messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Line, Pinterest, Snapchat, present that is widely used by young generations in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. Snapchat is the most popular and attention-grabbing platform that is widely used by Americans. It’s a great time for multimedia messaging app development like Snapchat. Besides many companies focus on creating multimedia apps, they also focus on creating on-demand mobile applications for benefits in day-to-day life.

What is Snapchat App?

Snapchat is one of the biggest success gainer apps in this technology field. Mainly, Snapchat is the best multimedia messaging app that enables you to share your pictures, demographics in a very innovative and advanced way with your friends. Users of this or you can say that snappers of this app can capture pictures and videos, join subtitles and various effects to them, share them with the world as stories, or post them to selected users.

Today’s teenagers say that they love to share their emotions through pictures rather than just text, which is why Snapchat is gaining much popularity.

Snapchat at a Glance, Multimedia Messaging App

Latest Snapchat Trends You Should Know About

snapchat app

Source: Statista.com

How Does Snapchat Make Money? Business Model Canvas

snapchat business model

If your aim multimedia messaging app development like Snapchat, you must have to know how it works and what model is followed by Snapchat. By this, you can get the challenging idea that helps you in developing your mobile application. Here we exactly describe this model canvas.

Key Partners

Key Activities

Presenting a platform for users to connect and tell stories through images and videos.

Value Proposition

Key Resources

Customer Relationships

Customer Segments


Cost Structure

Revenue Streams to Make Money

Core Technologies of Snapchat Clone App

technology of snapchat

How to Monetize Multimedia Messaging App Like Snapchat?

snapchat monetization

This ad type is famous among big corporations. Sponsored Lenses fluctuate according to day like:

snapchat app revenue

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What are Famous Snapchat Terms?

If you are the new one for Snapchat, you might get confused with the terminology generally used in Snapchat. It is also worth mentioning here that if you desire to build a Snapchat clone app, you need to add these kinds of terminologies to make your app more attractive and appealing. Here we mention some most popular terms used in Snapchat.

How to Make Multimedia Messaging App Like Snapchat?

how to develop snapchat clone app

This step-by-step and straightforward guide will help you to make a Snapchat clone app. In this guide, we mention all the necessary steps that you must consider to make your app unique.

Do Market Research for Snapchat Clone App

It is the initial step in which you have to consider things that you need for your business. Start studying your market and discover your direct and indirect competitors. Several things that you must consider in this step are:

Start Prototyping

In this stage, the experts develop rough wireframes that show you how your app looks like and the functions performed by your app. This prototyping will help the experts in finding the improvements so that no mistake can be made and nothing is left.

Select Your Desired Platform

This step requires you to concentrate on the platform on which you want to publish your app. It may be Android or iOS, or both. This step depends on your budget and your target audience. But it is suggested that you always choose both platforms to make your app available to a wide range of audiences. One can also consider building a cross-platform application for both major operating systems.

UI/UX Design of App Like Snapchat

Now the designing part begins! It is possibly the central part of an app’s developing process similar to Snapchat as this part is dedicated to how your users go to view the app. In this step, you will have to make sure that your app is user-friendly, appealing, interesting, just like Snapchat.

Now, You Can Start Coding

Once the designing process is done, it’s time to integrate the features you want to add to your application. As the development step goes ahead, your Snapchat-like app developer might simplify particular demands toward the design functionality.

Testing is Crucial

Testing your application is necessary for the developing process to find out the bugs and errors before launching the app. This process also lets you rectify your mistakes and enables you to add the needed functionalities to your app.

Create a Marketing Strategy of Your Multimedia Messaging App

Building a solid marketing strategy will let you make your app available to a broad audience. Marketing your app on social media and other influential platforms will help you gain more and more success, making your app popular.

Success Tip: Always create your strong marketing strategy before at least 2 months from the date of launching. It will help you in saving your time.

It’s Time to Launch

Now your app is ready to launch. Make your app available on both the Play Store and App Store so that you can get what you want. Also, start marketing your app on social media from the day of launching so that the users will know about your app from the very start. Here are 8 ultimate mobile app marketing stats you must know.

hire snapchat clone app developer


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Top Snapchat App Features: Should Include in It’s Clone App

app like snapchat

Fascinating Stickers

As we all know that no online communication is completed without top-notch stickers usage. That’s why Snapchat also uses this to help its users communicate with their friends using stickers according to their emotions. So, it is suggested here to add these kinds of fascinating stickers in your new multimedia messaging app development so that the users cannot bore by using your app.

Adding New Friends

Everyone likes to meet new peoples and make new friends. It is the core function of any social media apps. Besides the conventional ways of attaching friends via usernames and phone connections, Snapchat presents some bright ways:

Stories and Discover Option

Stories are now the most common function that every social media site is using. A story is a snap that distributes for 24 hours to all of your friends and then vanishes. The viewer can see your story as much as they want, and you also get informed if someone has viewed your story.

The Discover option is mainly developed to provide a unique approach to exploring Stories from various editorial teams. Discover is a feature where you can discover sponsored stories from well-known organizations like BuzzFeed, CNN, Mashable, People, and many more.


A “Geofilters” is an uncommon graphical surface open when the user is in a specific geographical area, such as a town, event, or address. To allow this functionality, you have to add location in your photos, and for achieving this, the developers use geocoding. Note that geolocation is remarkably popular nowadays, and it is worth considering applying this highlight in your new Snapchat Clone app.

Astonishing Lenses

Lenses are the most known and exciting feature of Snapchat. The lens is mainly a funny real-time effect that you can add to your photo. Under this feature, you have a variety of seven lenses every day, the number constantly stays the same, but the lenses themselves exchange to provide uniqueness every day.

Video/Audio Calls

It is also the most common feature that is used to let users communicate with their friends. Snapchat always brings the things that the users need, and hence this feature will allow you to send photos while chatting and let you leave an audio note if your friend isn’t online.


This feature will let users send money to their friends and spend it with a debit card through Snapchat. There is an obligation that you have to become 18+ years old to use this feature.

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Technology Used in Multimedia Messaging App Development

The technology stack of Snapchat is mainly classified into 3 major categories:

Best Snapchat Alternative Apps for 2021

Snapchat Alternative Apps

The Comparison table is mentioned below:

Brand Name Founded in Supported Platform No. of installs
Instagram 2010 iOS and Android 1,000,000,000+
Wickr 2012 iOS and Android 5,000,000+
Telegram 2013 iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web 500,000,000+
SnapSeed 2011 iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, and Web 100,000,000+

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Snapchat?

Basically, the cost of building a mobile social media app like Snapchat depends on many things that you want in your app. The app’s complexity, advanced features, and many more things play an important role in deciding the social media app like Snapchat development cost. But the estimated price of creating a Snapchat clone app is around $45,000 to $60,000. The costing of different countries are as follows:


For the above discussion, it is noted that Snapchat provides advanced features to its users that make them more satisfying. It mainly focuses on the user’s needs and wants and hence updates itself to meet users’ requirements. If you also create an app similar to Snapchat, you need to think and work innovatively so that users prefer your app to meet their communication needs. Make your app more user-friendly, appealing, and attractive so that users use your app more.

FAQ’s On Snapchat

Q.1 When Did Chat App Snapchat Come Out?

Snapchat was launched in the market in July 2011.

Q.2 What Programming Language Does Snapchat Use?

The various programming languages used by Snapchat are Python, Objective-C for iOS, Ruby, Android-SDK, JavaScript, Cocoa Touch, and PHP.

Q.3 How To Delete a Snapchat Account?

If you want to delete your Snapchat account from your Android phone, here are easy steps that you follow:

If you want to delete your Snapchat account from your iPhone, here are easy steps that you follow:

Q.4 How to Change Snapchat Username?

To change your username in Snapchat, follow these steps:

Q.5 What Do Snapchat Emojis Mean?

Q.6 How to Make a Snapchat Filter?

The easiest way to make a Snapchat filter is:

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