Social Media App Development: Role Of Database, Back-end & Admin Panel

Written by Hemendra Singh on February 21, 2017 | Updated on: February 21, 2017

Social Media App Development: Role Of Database, Back-end & Admin Panel

In the previous blog, we talked about the significance of social media apps and what is the role of a mobile client in social media app development. In this post, we will be explaining the role of database and backend in a social media app. It will help you to understand the whole process of creating a sophisticated social media mobile application.

process of social media app development

Database Of Your App

A database is the backbone of your social media app. Your database can be SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB etc. But if you are looking for the best database for your social media app then we would recommend MySQL or PostgreSQL.

The prime reason behind is that NoSQL databases don’t support one to one and many to one relationship and MongoDB doesn’t store photo likes.

Database for Social Media App

Now the next concern is the performance of your database. You could examine that by checking its query performance. A bonny database always fit into all the database queries, thus you should look for a strong database for your social media mobile app development.

But along with the performance of the database, there are some other features as well, which are mandatory for all the databases. Some of them are listed below:

>> Easy Backup and Recovery Options

>> General operability in difficult conditions

>> Monitoring

The backup system plays a vital role for a successful database. Your backup system should be capable enough to handle any accident and damage. If an accident occurs, the data can be easily recovered through the backup. Another thing which comes to the mind is ‘the capacity of your database?’ You have to check the capacity of your database as social media apps face heavy traffics and user engagement than the other types of apps.

If you are unable to handle the heavy traffic, you could hire a database administrator. A database administrator will always take care of your app’s database. Some companies provide the remote DBA services as well, you could take help from these companies.

The Backend Server

The performance of the backend depends on the real time traffic on your mobile app. For example, if 1 million users are using your social media app at the same time then will your backend be able to handle such huge amount of users.

Thus, choosing the right backend infrastructure is the prime concern in overall mobile app development. You have to make sure that you are having a load balancing backend server and you could scale it up in real time depending on the traffic on your social media app.

Backend Server for Social Media App

Now the question is, which one is the best backend? We would suggest, you should go for Ruby on Rails or MVC PHP framework for your social media app. Apart from the backend server, every smartphone app has an Admin panel which manages all the communication between users and an app. Let’s check it:

Admin Control Panel

A user can ask question-related to the history of the app, personal statistics or payments. The admin panel takes care of such questions raised by users. The admin panel has functionality for viewing all the user related questions and send answers back to the users.

Along with these features, the admin panel possesses entity management features for keeping the control over user-generated content.


If you are looking for a social media app then you have to know the three-tier architecture of social media app which are the mobile client, database, and backend. By understanding these, you will be able to build your own social media mobile app.

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