9 Best Payment Processing Libraries For Your iOS Application

Written by Hemendra Singh on September 21, 2016 | Updated on: September 21, 2016

9 Best Payment Processing Libraries For Your iOS Application

Nowadays, smartphone apps have become one of the favorite mediums to shop anything over the internet. Users really like the mobile apps for convenient, faster & smart shopping and they also use them even to find the product information.

However, when building a mobile app one needs to go through a lot of steps and procedures. But, if you are creating an eCommerce app for iOS, the most importantly you need to integrate a secure payment processing system to smoothly run the whole purchase process.

To make your iOS app’s payment processing easy and smooth, here are best libraries, allowing you to effortlessly accept payment right from your iPhone app.



Simple transaction, user-friendly & well-documented API, easy to use control panel and powerful dashboard, make Stripe a great library to use. The library allows us to transfer the credential information directly from the user’s browser to the Strip, which adds an additional security feature because the credit card detail can’t be stolen. Stripe support a wide range of APIs for several platforms including Python, Java, iOS, Ruby etc.



Payum provides you, everything related to payment processing. Payum is a payment processing library in PHP 5.3+. It covers Stripe, PayPal, Be2Bill, Klarna & others. Sometimes, when you need more details about the payment transaction, error or payer, Payum provides access to all data that takes part in communication between your payment gateway and code.

Payum is one of the versatile libraries because of its high level of customization. It is most useful for businesses who want to offer features like recurring payments, instant notifications and refund of payment.



PayPal is a very popular and the easiest gateways to integrate with PHP. You can download the iOS Mobile payments library SDK from PayPal & can implement MPL components in your iOS Application. PayPal provides a full kit with extensive documentation and examples. The available APIs for PayPal includes express checkout, direct payments, fraud management filters and many others.

Cardinal Commerce

Cardinal Commerce

Founded in 1999, Cardinal Commerce iOS library provides secure transactions & authenticated payments. Cardinal Commerce is very popular and used in 200 countries as well as available in 180 different currencies. The Cardinal Commerce library offers mobile payment platforms, alternative payment options and much more.



Authorize.net provides hassle-free payment processing & provide you the tool to accept payments from anywhere at anytime. Authorize.net is highly secure as well as easy to integrate into the application with a great user interface. It allows the payment acceptance via Master Card, Visa, Paypal etc and also allows the user to safely save the credit card information for later use.



Mercury is one of the fastest growing payments processing library because of its reliable service, fast transactions & PCI compliant data security. The integration of Mercury in the iOS application makes the transactions simple and easy. It allows your iPhone application to accept all payment types, with 24*7 customer support and gives you customized reporting options.



E-xact has worked with a large number of businesses from the small shop to the big one. They are aware of the difficulties & opportunities that are tied up in accepting payment processing from your iOS app. They also offer recurring billing, open source API software and others.



Worldpay is very popular for payment processing and offers better customer services for Merchant. It provides a reliable & secure platform that enables merchants to accept a vast array of payment types from cross multiple channels, anywhere across the globe.

Wordplay provides payment gateway libraries for iOS card payments with multi-currency processing, online payments along with data analytics and optimization.



Braintree is in competition with the stripe. The main reason behind the competition is the easy integration of Braintree, a number of payment options available, and their quick checkout option.


MonerisMoneris library delivers flawless technological solutions and better customer support for their merchants. It focuses on providing you easy, safe and hassle-free payment processing on your iOS app. Every year they complete more than 3 million debit & credit card payments.



The Datatrans payment libraries allow a direct processing of the payment operation within a Phone app and provide flexible payment APIs for iOS as well as Android.

The main advantage of data trains is that the customer can’t come out between the payment process.

Final Words

However, there is a big list of payment libraries, but you need to choose one that perfectly fits your iOS app requirements.

You need to dive into deep research to find the suitable iOS application payment library that can enhance your app user experience. Some of the payment libraries provide full security and safety, other provides customization and accepting alternative forms of payment. These features differentiate all the libraries in some extent. Analyze the features, pros, and cons of each iOS payment library and then select the ideal one.

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