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Best App Store Alternatives For iOS Users in 2023

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Hemendra Singh on September 05, 2022
updated on: January 25, 2023
Best App Store Alternatives For iOS Users in 2023

Besides the Apple App Store, there are a plethora of stores with the best free apps. Over 2.1 million Android apps and 1.8 million iOS apps in the Apple-Google hegemony that app owners must contend with when launching their app.

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To help publishers to submit apps on app store, we’ve compiled a list of the best iOS app stores. You can find apps for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in a variety of places, not just the Apple App Store. Do you wish your iOS device had a bit more variety? Our list of Apple IOS App Store alternatives for iOS includes some of the best options. You might be interested to know about top iPhone app development companies.

Best iOS App Store Alternatives For Users in 2023

Apps Price Launching Year
BuildStore $19.99/month 2013
AltStore FREE 2019
EonHub FREE 2019
CokerNutX FREE 2021
Cydia FREE 2008
Xabsi FREE 2008
TweakBox FREE 2017
App Valley FREE 2017
Getjar FREE 2014
iOS Heaven $8.99/month 2007
Tutu app  FREE 2012
Appland FREE 2011
Topstore FREE 2008
Tutubox FREE 2010
Sileo $10.99/month 2018

1. BuildStore: App Store Alternatives

alternative app stores ios
BuildStore has over 15K active daily users, making it the most popular tweaked app store. Asideloading tweaked apps and games without jailbreaking was the first ever signing service for iOS devices, steadily operating since 2013. With over 300 games and apps daily updates and 20-30 new ones added monthly, today it is a safe and trustworthy store.

It is the only place where you can find some of those apps that aren’t available in the official Appstore. There is no malware on the store. However, Apps with viruses are not accepted in the store. A manual testing process is also conducted on all the apps. BuildStore virtually eliminates the possibility of damaging your device.

2. AltStore: Alternative App Store for iOS

ios app store alternatives
This is one of the best 3rd party tweaked app stores for iOS devices that does not require jailbreaking. AltStore does not require developer certificates, unlike other unofficial app installers like TweakBox and TutuApp. Several GBA emulators can also be downloaded from AltStore for iOS.

An alternative app store for iOS called AltStore allows you to install any .ipa file that isn’t available on the Apple App Store. Riley Testut developed Altstore and currently supports a few apps, but it will soon support more. The AltStore also lets you download and install IPA files on your own.

For AltStore to work, users must download the AltServer. Additionally, Wi-Fi and firewall settings require advanced knowledge. Installing and updating applications requires a Wi-Fi connection as well. You can also download an iOS PS2 emulator from AltStore.

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3. EonHub: Apple store alternative

app store alternatives
As an app store alternatives to installing unofficial apps and games on iOS, jailbreakers use EonHub as a third-party app store.

The iOS app store can also be replaced with this app. With over a thousand games and apps, all of which are free, EonHub offers new features, unsigned apps, tweaks, and more.

This store does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone. With its simple user interface and frequent updates, EonHub offers a great user experience.

Third-party content can be installed using EonHub without jailbreaking or installing anything.

4. CokerNutX: IOS App Store Alternatives

App store alternative
CokerNutX is a new third-party app store for iOS devices. Thousands of unofficial and third-party apps, games, and settings are available here.

CokernutX does not require an Apple account and does not have geographic restrictions, unlike Apple’s official app store.

You can download thousands of apps, games, and other content from CokerNutX, one of the best iOS app stores. CokerNutX has an easy-to-use User Interface. As CokerNutX does not require jailbreaking, you can use it without jailbreaking.

Free and compatible with all iOS versions, including iOS13.

5. Cydia

ios app store alternatives
There are many third-party appstore alternatives available for iOS, but Cydia is one of the best. Cydia was only available for Apple devices by jailbreaking a few years ago. Now you can download Cydia without jailbreaking. You can download Cydia in several ways. All iDevice models and iOS versions are compatible with it.

Users will find it easier to use thanks to its easy-to-use user interface. It is compatible with most jailbroken devices. You can install Cydia as easily as eating a piece of cake.

6. Xabsi

ios app store alternatives
When it comes to third-party iOS app stores, Xabi is one of the best app store alternatives. In addition to being compatible with all iOS and iDevice versions, it is also updated regularly.

You can install this app as an alternative to Apple’s app store whether your computer is 64-bit or 32-bit. In addition to the official Apple App Store, Xabi offers thousands of unique apps.

We will now examine the features of this third-party iOS app store. Using this third-party app store may require jailbreaking your device.

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7. TweakBox

alternative app stores ios
There are some great tweaked apps available in TweakBox. Without the Apple App Store, you can install any modified apps using TweakBox.

User-friendly and attractive, the app is easy to use. A variety of apps and games are available in this app store that are not available in the official Apple App Store.

SSL encryption is included with TweakBox. It’s free to download all the apps and games on TweakBox. All iPhones and iPads are supported by Tweakbox.

8. App Valley:

alternatives to app store
AppValley has replaced Apple’s app store. Several apps, ringtones, games, improvements, emulators, and more can be downloaded for free from this third-party iOS app store.

AppValley is a safe place to download apps and games. Regular updates are available for the app. Apple’s new security features are not interfered with by AppValley on iOS 13.

The iOS app store does not require a jailbreak to be downloaded. This means your device does not require jailbreaking in order to use App valley.

9. Getjar: appstore alternatives

app store Alternative
Apps from this store number in the millions. The site’s corporate clients and mobile devices can be used to download apps. Advertising is abundant on this iOS app store, which is its main disadvantage.

A great 3rd party app store for iOS. The Getjar app store lets you download safe games and apps for your iPhone.

10. iOS Heaven

app store vs apple store
The App Store for iOS is one of the best. On the iOS heaven website, you will find over a thousand apps. Web browsers and IPA archives can be used to install those apps.

iOS heaven does not require any iOS store download. On the iOS heaven website, you can download all the apps.

11. Tutu app

You can download apps from the TutuApp for Android and iOS devices for free. With TutuApp, you can download apps and games directly from the Google Play Store and Apple Store on Android and iOS devices, respectively.You might be interested to know about Play Store Alternatives.

TutuApp now offers many more features that give you free access to paid apps. There are many third-party app stores for iOS, but TutuApp is one of the best.

Tutu does not require a jailbreak to install. Without jailbreaking your iPhone, you can install the Tutu app.

12. Appland

App Store Alternatives
It is difficult to find an app store alternatives for iOS that is more flexible and offers the best features than Appland. There are many ways to download apps from this iOS app store. Apps or websites can be used.

Your iOS app store can be created through Appland. Nearly every country in the world offers the service. Revenue is generated by Appland based on your region’s users.

Apps numbering in the thousands.
Installation and use are easy.
Interface that is simple and easy to use.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Almost all iOS versions are compatible.

13. Topstore

iphone app store alternatives
There are many third-party app stores available for iOS, but TopStore is one of the best. The TopStore app allows users to download free apps, games, tweaked apps, and mod games.

Downloading apps or games from TopStore is completely safe. iOS 8 and up are not a problem and it works on all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touches. TopStore does not require users to jailbreak their devices in order to use it.

14. Tutubox

alternative app stores iphone
With TutuBox, you can access iOS emulators, tweaked apps, hacked games, and jailbreak tools that you need most.

Thousands of applications and games are available through TutuBox without having to jailbreak your phone or getting revoked often. There are no fees associated with downloads. All iOS versions that run version 13 or higher will work with Tutubox.

Pandora++, Twitter++, Instagram++, YouTubeMusic++, and top emulators like Delta, Provenance, GBA4iOS, and games including GTA, Sniper 3D, iSpoofer, Real Racing 3, Minecraft, Shadow Fight 3, Last Day on Earth can be tweaked. It is also possible to install tools like Odyssey, Electra, Phoenix, H3lix, and Unc0ver on TutuBox without using a PC.

15. Sileo

best app store alternatives
The Sileo is one of the best appstore alternatives, but Sileo is doing well to be ranked so high. Originally developed as an alternative to Cydia, this application seems to have taken its own place in the market.

That’s our list of alternative App Stores that explains the potential opportunities. Now let’s take a look at the advantages of third-party app stores. Read it out.

Advantages of Alternative Apps Store?

There is no alternative for the App Store or Google Play Store that offers as profitable a revenue share model as Google Play Store. The two popular app stores don’t pay for app downloads, but third-party app stores do offer more lucrative deal on apps.

Alternatives to Apple App Stores offer the following advantages:

Features Of App Stores Alternative

Alternative app stores nowadays can be divided into two primary groups: minor, specialized stores targeted at specific demographics or issues, and larger app stores that Original Equipment Manufacturers run. And over the years, the growth of alternate app stores has increased immensely, almost close to a billion. But why is the reason behind this?

Read the features of selecting app stores other than IOS to understand the reason behind the massive growth in recent years.

Why Do Users Select Alternative App Stores?

Reasons, why users select alternative app stores are listed below:

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the best Apple App Store alternatives . With the above mentioned alternatives it seems there are a plethora of alternative options available. Therfore, third-party app stores assit you to reach a wider audience.

Moreover, Do your research and check reviews before downloading apps from third-party stores.
Additionally, For consultation and publication of your app/game on any app store you can choose, contact The NineHertz, one of the leading ios app development companies.

FAQ’s on App Store Alternatives

1. Does iOS have another app store?

App Store for iOS: Builds.io. A new alternative iPhone app store launched in 2013, BuildStore brings tweaked versions of your favorite games and apps to any iOS device.

2. Which is the safest app store?

There are plethora of apps store apps alternatives available, but some of the safets apps are listed below:-

3. Can I use Appvalley on my iPhone?

Therefore, the answer to the question, is Appvalley safe, is a resounding yes!

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