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10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Written by
Hemendra Singh on August 31, 2022
updated on: January 2, 2023
10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Users across the globe use Google Play Store to download apps, games, books, and movies. Unfortunately, many apps aren’t available on Google Play Store due to Google’s restrictions. On Google Play Store, you won’t find popular sports gaming apps like Dream11, My Team 11. However, there are plenty of Google Play Store Alternatives to enjoy these apps and can be easily downloaded from your internet browser as APK files.

So You don’t need to worry if you want to use a popular app but can’t due to various reasons. We will show you multiple alternatives of Google Play Store, which will solve your problem. Read it out.

Top 10 Play Store Alternatives in 2023

The android app store alternatives represent the largest and most diverse segment of the mobile app industry, which is why we’re starting our list with them. You might be interested to know about trending apps.

APKPure 2014  free NA 180 million
9Apps 2012 free Approx.18 million 250 million
Amazon Appstore 2011  app prices vary. Approx.0.48 million 0.48 million
Aptoide 2009 FREE but the app costs vary. Approx.0.7 million 6 billion 
Aurora Store 2021 Free NA 5 million
Samsung Galaxy Stores 2009 Free, price cost vary Approx.3 MILLION  4 milion
GetApps 2017 free NA NA
APKMirror 2014 Free NA 2 million
Huawei App Gallery 2011 Free  Approx.45,000 384 billion
GetJar 2004 Free Approx.0.85m 70,000 

1. APKPure- Best Play Sotre Alternative

Google Play Store Alternatives
With APKPure, android users can download Android applications (APK files) for free and install them after they’ve been downloaded. Unlike the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, it allows users to download region-specific apps.
Moreover, on the APKPure android app store, users can find famous apps like TikTok, PUBG Mobile, and many more.

  • Thousands of apps available for downloads
  • Restriction free downloaded apps
  • Secured and encrypted apps
  • Android/iPhone compatible apps
  • Easy-to-use interface for quick installation

2. 9Apps

Android app store Alternatives
The 9Apps app store for Android is one of the most popular and widely used alternatives for Google Play Store. Almost as large as the Google Play Store, the 9Apps library has thousands of apps. Therefore, the free games and apps provided by 9Apps are an enormous benefit.

Users can discover the most popular apps and games by searching through the categorized sections and trending app listings. With 9Apps, you can enjoy a super-fast, safe, and accessible experience.

  • Millions of apps available for download
  • Safe, secure, and faster downloading
  • Download a range of apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones, and more
  • Most Android OS devices are supported
  • Pretty enjoyable browsing interface

3. Amazon App Store

Play Store Alternatives
In addition to Kindle, Fire Phone, and Fire Tablet, the Amazon appstore is the main app store for Amazon Fire devices. But the Amazon AppStore isn’t just for Amazon devices; it can also be used on any Android device.

This App Store alternative offers a free app every day, so it’s worth downloading. So, feel free to download paid apps for free.

  • Thousands of Amazon apps for download
  • Find apps by categories
  • A secure platform for finding apps
  • Quick interface for downloading and installing
  • Apps available for Fire OS, Windows, Android,and more

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4. Aptoide

Android App store alternatives
It is well known that Aptoide has apps that cannot be found on Google Play Store.

You can download free apps from the Aptoide app store that aren’t available on Google Play services. Apps and games that are NSFW can even be downloaded using Aptoide. Aptoide has even received updates for some apps in the past.

  • A great alternative for play store users
  • Millions of apps available for download
  • Get personalized download recommendations
  • An open-source platform for developers to publish apps
  • Download games, apps, productivity tools, and more

5. Aurora Store- Best Android App Store

play store alternative
Free mobile apps and games are available for download on Aurora OS, an open-source app software platform. With its fresh-looking UI, the app store offers a clean experience thanks to its unique aesthetic design.

An example of Aurora’s key features is Anonymous login, Google Login, Light/Dark mode, Device Spoofing, Filtering F-droid apps, Blacklisting apps, etc. Providing a fantastic user experience is made possible by all these features.

  • An open source play store alternative
  • Download apps or update existing apps
  • Access best Google Play Store alternatives using either anonymous credentials
  • Built upon latest Material Design guidelines

6. Samsung Galaxy Store

galaxy store
Galaxy and Gear devices come with Samsung Galaxy Store. Users of Galaxy and Gear devices are primarily interested in play stores for perks and deals.

You can customize your device’s experience with many themes and fonts available in the app store. Apps can be browsed and downloaded without requiring users to register or log in. Moreover, it is easy to use and navigate since it supports almost all local languages. Through exclusive offers, players can discover high-quality offers and special benefits.

  • Platform for downloading apps, games, themes, and much more.
  • Access a Premium Gaming Experience
  • Clean and simple user interface

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7. GetApps

Play Store Alternatives
As Samsung Galaxy Store is a dedicated app store for Galaxy and Gear devices, similarly, GetApps is an app store by Xiaomi for all Xiaomi devices. Millions of apps are available on GetApps for users to browse, manage, and install.

Mi Credit, Mi Pay, etc., are some of the exclusive apps available. TikTok, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other famous apps are available in the app store. GetApps is a free app store that requires no registration. If you are a newbie in app development, here are some app ideas for beginners.

  • Access to the ranking of most downloaded applications and games.
  • Create collections of apps according to your interests
  • Includes a home page with trending apps, a search engine
  • Only works on Xiaomi devices.
  • Great interface to use

8. APKMirror

Play Store Alternatives
APKapp mirror lets you download tons of free Android APKs, including app bundles and regular APK files. However, APKMirror does not have an Android app. Therefore, users will need to visit the website in order to download the APK.

  • Works perfectly with any smartphone that has the Android operating system
  • Comprises such as communication, photography, video games, finance, etc.
  • Safe and sealed with 360° protection.
  • Avail localized offers and add to your wishlist.

9. Huawei App Gallery

google play alternative
The Huawei App Gallery was previously a dedicated app store for Huawei and Honor devices. However, since the US sanctions and Google ban, it is now only available as a google play alternative for Android devices.

There are more than 1.3 million apps available on App Gallery, including many popular apps and publishers. There are more than 400 million users of the app gallery. In addition to parental control, it provides rock-solid security.

An app or game can be searched by using charts and curated lists. App Gallery users have access to a variety of local exclusives, including Gift Centers, Exciting Promotions, and Local Events with Prizes.

  • Works perfectly with any smartphone that has the Android operating system
  • Comprises such as communication, photography, video games, finance, etc.
  • Safe and sealed with 360° protection.
  • Avail localized offers and add to your wishlist.

10. GetJar

google play alternative
Download free mobile apps and games from GetJar, a free catalog of applications. For Android and Symbian devices (mostly Nokia devices), one can download apk files and Jar (Java) files.

There are various categories for the apps, so browsing them is easy. Also, subcategories are available, which makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

When users download apps using GetJar, they can earn virtual currencies. It is possible to purchase premium apps on Amazon or the best Google Play Store alternatives using GetJar Gold Coins.

  • A platform for downloading apps, games, themes, and much more.
  • Access a Premium Gaming Experience
  • Clean and simple user interface

Benefits of Using Google play Store Alternatives

Here are the benefits of play Store alternatives, lets take a look at it:

  • As soon as the Government orders them to do so, the Google Play Store apps & App Store will remove an app (one that may be one of your favorites). But you can use or download the app from the best google play store alternatives version.
  • Lists and categories are now available.
  • Test out various apps that don’t exist in Apple App Stores or Google Play Stores.
  • It is possible to download the previous version of your app if you don’t like the new update or if it contains bugs, if you have updated your app from the Play Store & App Store.
  • You can download several paid apps for free.

Why Do We Need an Android App Store Alternative?

We shouldn’t solely rely on the best Google Play Store alternatives. It is worthwhile to consider using the replacement of play stores as you gain access to powerful apps with better customization features and deeper compatibility with Android devices.

Due to some security concerns, some of the apps cannot be found on the Google Play Store. The commissions on most of these Google Play Store alternatives are minimal to nonexistent. If developers receive more money, they will be able to support your favourite apps for a more extended period.

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How to Design Your Mobile App Store Strategy ?

  • Being an app publisher, if you want to know the best mobile app store strategy then distribute your mobile apps wisely, and increase downloads by a considerable margin without putting it in every store. Therefore, consumers will be more likely to download your app when they switch phones – and perhaps operating systems.
  • Despite all the submissions, your app won’t be discovered if no one knows about it. Optimizing your app for search will make it easier for consumers to find it.
  • You should begin by naming your app and describing it. If you want people to discover your app in the app store, consider what keywords are most relevant to the function of your app.
  • Complete all the fields offered by the app store you’ve chosen. It is possible to add keywords and tags to some play stores, but not to others, for example. Your description and form fields should be tailored to the app store you are targeting at the moment.
  • Your app should be ranked and reviewed by people who use it through specific app stores. You don’t want to miss out on this chance as many mobile app stores use rankings as part of their search results.

Lastly, make sure your thumbnail and images are optimized for the specific app store. For your images to render properly, some websites publish recommended image ratios. Consumers are turned off by pixelated or stretched images because they appear unprofessional.

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In order to choose the right alternative of Google Play Store, you should do your research. Each app store has its own advantages and disadvantages. Neither the Play Store nor the App Store can be completely replaced. It is still possible for them to find an alternative play store that allows them to download apps that will not be available on Google Play Store apps that are restricted by government policies or geographic restrictions.

The above-mentioned app stores, however, are all free to use, so you can give them a try without hesitation.

FAQs on Play Store Alternatives

1. Does Android have any other app store?

Several Android, Online / Web-based, Android Tablet, F-Droid, and Kindle Fire apps are available as alternatives to Google Play Store. Free and open-source apps F-Droid is a good alternative. The Aptoide, Steam, Aurora Store, and APKPure apps are all great alternatives to Google Play Store.

2. What is the best way to download apps on Android without the Play Store?

You don’t always need the Play Store to download Android apps. If you do not have a Google Play Store, please refer to the above list of google play store alternatives.

3. What is the best android app store?

Except for the google play Store, all of the stores mentioned above are among the best google play stores alternatives.

Hemendra Singh

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