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Metaverse Crypto Games With Highly Effective DApps

Written by
Hemendra Singh on January 25, 2022
updated on: March 16, 2022
Metaverse Crypto Games With Highly Effective DApps

With each passing day, the popularity of NFTs is soaring to new heights. In 2021, there were several high-profile NFT sales, with a $69 million NFT as the biggest highlight. The world is now gearing up to welcome the metaverse, with some of the top metaverse games. The metaverse is a compiled ecosystem of virtual worlds that continues to exist after you’ve completed playing the game.

On top of it, most metaverse games involve ownership of NFTs, which are entirely virtual and unique. With Facebook changing its name to “Meta,” many companies shift their focus to the metaverse. Therefore, it’s possible to anticipate the rise of top metaverse games in the coming years. Many people, even experienced gamers, may be unfamiliar with the metaverse gaming concept. The following article seeks to present a list of popular metaverse games that you should play right now.

What Are Metaverse Crypto Games?

What are Metaverse Crypto Games
Crypto metaverses are immersive virtual worlds with enormous social and monetary possibilities. Their blockchain infrastructure allows them to tap into the larger crypto market, allowing virtual objects to be exchanged for real economic value outside of the metaverse. Metaverses are poised to become a key component in the next phase of blockchain games on the internet by merging the immersive environment of virtual reality (VR), the engaging playability of video games, the networked engagement of social media, and the value exchange of cryptocurrency.

How to Make Money while Playing Metaverse Games?

Virtual World Crypto Games
The most intriguing aspect of these blockchain-based games is that players can earn a lot of money while having fun. Gamers can earn money by playing NFT games in the following ways:

Top Metaverse Crypto Games to Not Miss:

Source: https://tenor.com/

1) Ethermon

The first one on the list is Ethermon, one of the first blockchain games to create interactive NFTs, allowing players to own, improve, utilize, and profit from in-game assets. The types of these games vary from on-site 2D RPGs to full-fledged 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing games in decentraland mana metaverse, where your Mons are turned into 3D characters.

2) Axie Infinity

Axie ‎‎Infinity ‎‎is ‎‎undoubtedly ‎‎a ‎‎pioneer ‎‎in ‎‎blockchain ‎‎gaming. ‎‎In ‎‎terms ‎‎of ‎‎unique ‎‎wallets ‎‎connected ‎‎to ‎‎its ‎‎Platform, ‎‎Axie ‎‎Infinity ‎‎comes ‎‎on second ‎‎among ‎‎the ‎‎games ‎‎on ‎‎this ‎‎list, ‎‎owing ‎‎to ‎‎its ‎‎prominence ‎‎as ‎‎a ‎‎ground-breaking, ‎‎innovative ‎‎dApps. ‎‎ ‎
‎However, ‎‎due ‎‎to ‎‎the ‎‎vast ‎‎NFT ‎‎trading ‎‎volume, the ‎‎game ‎‎is ‎‎at ‎‎the ‎‎top ‎‎of ‎‎this ‎‎week’s ‎‎ranking. ‎‎ ‎‎Axie holds ‎‎its ‎‎position ‎‎as ‎‎a ‎‎top ‎‎performer ‎‎in ‎‎the ‎‎blockchain ‎‎gaming ‎‎market, ‎‎thanks ‎‎to ‎‎the ‎‎appreciation ‎‎ ‎‎of ‎‎the ‎‎game’s ‎‎native ‎‎AXS ‎‎currency. ‎

3) The Sandbox

The next blockchain-based game on our list is The Sandbox, where gamers may make money while having fun; this is also considered the 3rd big-time nft game. This Metaverse crypto game’s primary goal is to incorporate blockchain technology into the gaming sector successfully.
‎This combines the capabilities of other autonomous organizations and distributed ledger technologies to build a digital environment with a large gaming community. Players can construct virtual worlds in blockchain-based games and create, purchase, and trade numerous digital goods.

4) Decentraland

Decentraland is a 3D universe where players develop virtual plots, host events, create content, and engage in other social activities. The core concept of Decentraland is based on blockchain to establish digital identities, ownership, and rarity for unique items. It’s one of the most famous and top metaverse projects predating the big metaverse craze.

Well, it ticks a lot of the metaverse boxes: a 3D interface, a digital economy, social elements, and in-game events. With more metaverse projects connecting to Decentraland, it also has the aspect of a metaverse crypto project. Decentraland is also particularly famous for its virtual real estate NFT called LAND. Along with providing voting power in Decentraland’s decentralized autonomous organization, LAND has seen a massive rise in its price, making it popular among traders for investing in nft games.

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5) Cometh

We’re going on an outer space expedition, so get your space suit ready. Cometh allows players to traverse the cosmos and mine asteroids for valuable tokens. You may obtain a starship, travel the galaxy, and earn tokens without ever leaving your room in this Defi power game with yield producing NFTs!

Travelling the galaxy on a Mining Units for Light Exploration) training ship given by the Galactic Federation is the simplest way to get started. It can travel specialized solar systems, and players can gain experience with ship control, but it can’t mine juicy comets.

6) Chainmonsters

Chainmonsters is the rising star in virtual reality games on Blockchain gaming. However, the game is limited to the number of players; it is still considered one of the best with their alpha version so far. The beta version is amusing for players, and adding Metaverse projects makes it even better. It has incredible in-game items, and the one looking for Metaverse crypto projects should try it once.

7) Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a worthy addition to the roster of metaverse crypto games. This is an NFT-based metaverse project that may be constructed on various blockchains, including Ethereum, WAX, and Binance Smart Chain in the gaming industry. The notion of exploration and mining is at the heart of this game. As a result, in-game asset-based NFTs are discovered and exchanged in secondary marketplaces.

8) Gods Unchained

If you love card games, God’s Unchained is the one for you. Players may purchase, collect, and play digital collectible cards using non-fungible tokens in this popular NFT blockchain game. It’s a free-to-play game, which means you may make money right away. There are three game modes available: Solo, Ranked, and Direct Challenge.

Each one includes slugging it out for Stars, Flux, and card packs as a prize! Then you may use Flux to create entirely tradeable cards on Immutable X.

9) Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is a mobile tower-defence game part of the TOWER ecosystem. Existing mobile games like Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes, which have over 2 million downloads, are included in TOWER.

Anyone can play Crazy Defense Heroes by linking their MetaMask wallet and your CDH user ID, which will let you earn TOWER tokens simply by playing the games on your phone.

10) Arc8

Arc8 by GAMEE is the most popular Metaverse crypto game on Polygon. Arc8 is a collection of mobile games that allow users to earn cryptocurrency rewards.
Users can start playing right away, accessible for both iOS and Android devices. Arc8 develops its games with a focus on skilled gameplay and battle mechanisms to make them enjoyable and rewarding.
Arc8 is an excellent concept that pays users based on their skill level. Arc8 also has several tournaments and events where participants can earn even more rewards.

That’s all about the top 10 Metaverse Crypto-Games that you should never miss. To get acquainted with the market cap of these games take a sneak peek at the table below.

Game Supported Platform Built Year MarketCap
Ethermon PC 2017 $4.2 billion
Axie Infinity iOS and Android 2018 $4.4 billion
The Sandbox PC, iOS and Android 2012 $4.5 billion
Decentraland PC 2020 $5.7 billion
Cometh iOS and Android 2011 $4.4 billion
Chainmonsters PC 2022 $8.4 billion
Alien Worlds PC, iOS and Android 2020 $5.4 billion
Gods Unchained PC, iOS and Android 2021 $2.3 billion
Crazy Defense Heroes PC, iOS and Android 2018 $1.8 billion
Arc8 PC, iOS and Android 2021 $3.4 billion

The Future of Metaverse Games

In gaming, the term “metaverse” refers to a notion that allows players to envisage different realities. While technology creates an entirely new dimension, it also creates new career opportunities. It would be appealing to live in a virtual environment free of the difficulties that plague the actual world. The metaverse requires fresh discoveries, ideas, protocols, and technology to thrive. Metaverse is unquestionably the gaming world’s future. There has been massive investment by big tech giants, and gaming companies like Meta, Sandbox, Epic Games, and Decentraland are among the early investors who have shown interest and faith.

Pros And Cons of Metverse Crypto Games

Pros -Cons
While Metaverse Crypto Games promise various pros, they also have significant cons. Let’s take a quick look at some of the positives of this trend and how they compare to the disadvantages.



Final Words

The top Metaverse crypto projects have dominated the gaming industry and are expected to reach incredible heights in the future. Presently, there are plenty of opportunities and games in the virtual world. The concept of crypto online games is here to rule the digital land, so take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy it in the best possible way. Get immersive experience and prizes while having fun, definitely the best combination ever to the gamer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does metaverse have crypto?

Each metaverse crypto community platform often has its own crypto metaverse tokens that can be purchased by paying transaction fees and used online.

Question 2: Can I earn crypto by playing games?

You may also earn cryptocurrency by playing the platform’s many games. Interestingly, each Axie is a non-fungible token (NFT) that is eventually created on the Ethereum network.

Question 3: How do pay-to-earn games work?

The Play-to-Earn approach allows players to generate in-game content and assets, which can then be easily monetized. Creators can be involved in every step of the process, from creating new assets to pricing them, and they can even be compensated for secondary trades on their inventions (in the form of NFT royalties)

Question 4: What do metaverse projects mean for crypto?

Crypto metaverses are virtual environments with vast social and commercial potential. Their use of blockchain infrastructure enables them to access the larger crypto market, allowing virtual goods to be swapped for real-world money outside of the metaverse.

Question 5: How do I get into NFT?

Make a connection between your wallet and the nft marketplaces. On the platform of most marketplaces, there is a simple ‘Connect wallet’ option. Browse the metaverse tokens for an NFT that appeals to you. If you wish to trade NFTs, most marketplaces use an auction system; you will need to bid for the NFT you want.

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