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20+ Top Solidity Programmers for Hire in 2022

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Hemendra Singh on July 04, 2022
updated on: September 30, 2022
20+ Top Solidity Programmers for Hire in 2022

Earlier, the viability of Blockchain technology was questioned. However, by 2022, the vast majority of experts have realized that it is a viable solution to business challenges. Solidity is a versatile, user-friendly programming language used to create smart contracts. The language is gaining popularity, with an increasing number of businesses and organizations benefiting from it.

Now the current scenario is the whole market is flooded with Solidity Blockchain development companies. When developing enterprise-level apps, you can hire remote Solidity programmers based on your specifications and needs. Let’s take a look at the top-rated Solidity Development Agency based on a few criteria.

Top Solidity Programmers in 2022

Company Name Founded Year Employee Strength Hourly Rate
The NineHertz 2008  250+ $25-$49/hr
Suffescom 2013 100-250 $30/hr
RisingMax 2021  49- 250 $25 /hr
LeewayHertz 2007 51-100  $25/hr
OpenXcell 2005  249-999  $30- 50/hr
SOLULAB 2014 49-250 $20-$40/hr
Idealogic 2016 25-100 $35/hr
LABRYS 2017 40 $100 – $199/hr
S-PRO  2014 120+  $50 – $99 / hr

Best Solidity Developers for Hire

solidity programmers
In order to develop an enterprise application, you may need to hire Solidity programmers based on your needs and preferences. Let’s look at some of the best Solidity development companies based on a few criteria such as hourly rate, employee strength, the company’s expertise, and many more.

1. The NineHertz: Top Solidity Programmers Overall

Hourly rate: $25-$49/hr
Employee Strength: 250+
Founded: 2008

The NineHertz is one of the best solidity development agencies based in Jaipur, India, with offices in the Uk, US, and other countries. Established in 2008 and now has a team of 250+ professionals that offer different services. If you are looking to use these services for your company, you can hire any of their Solidity developers and build applications. They will help you irrespective of your industry as they serve all the sectors that follow blockchain applications.

The NineHertz Developers are Experts in

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2. Suffescom

Hourly rate: $30/hr
Employee Strength: 100-250
Founded: 2013

Suffescom is a top IT firm because it specializes in almost every technology. Suffescom has a dedicated development team that many top IT companies hire to create diverse applications based on various technologies, with over 9+ years of experience and serving 1200+ projects.

Suffescom Full Stack Developer are experts in:

3. RisingMax

Hourly rate: $25 /hr
Employee Strength: 49- 250
Founded: 2021

RisingMax is among other best Solidity development companies, and their experience in solidity programmers can help you a lot in creating a unique application. RisingMax has over 15 years of experience and has completed several projects, so it is confident in undertaking any project, particularly if it’s related to Blockchain.

If you want to build a blockchain or Solidity-based application, you can always rely on this company. Hiring their remote top Solidity developers and creating a unique and innovative application.

RisingMax developer are experts in:

4. LeewayHertz

Hourly rate: $25/hr
Employee Strength: 51-100
Founded: 2007

LeewayHertz is one of the blockchain solutions. LeewayHertz helps to leverage Blockchain technology to improve data security, reduce data storage costs, eliminate data duplication, save time, and complete process automation. This organization hires the best Solidity programmer to provide you with feature-rich Blockchain development services tailored to your specific business needs.

LeewayHertz has over 15 years of experience and has completed over 11500 projects worldwide, with 97% of them being retained. Hire LeewayHertz Solidity programmers to take advantage of this Solidity development firm.

LeewayHertz developers are experts in:

5. OpenXcell

Hourly rate: $30- 50/hR
Employee Strength: 249-999
Founded: 2005

OpenXcell is one of the best Solidity development firms with expertise in this field creating amazing applications. OpenXcell’s skilled and experienced Solidity developers can assist you in launching your project on blockchain technology.

It includes all interfaces with the Ethereum blockchain and distributed technology, including writing smart contracts with the programming language solidity, auditing your smart contracts, generating tokens, and assisting you with the Cryptocurrency exchange system. Their developers have excellent coding skills and adhere to strict compliance standards to create the best solution for you.

OpenXcell developers are experts in:

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Hourly rate: $20-$40/hr
Employee Strength: 49-250
Founded: 2014

In the race of top solidity development companies, SoluLab is a strong contender. SoluLab has accomplished a great deal in the IT industry, having completed over 1500 projects and assisting over 500 clients with their desired tasks. Hire solidity freelancers or developers from this solidity development agency and take advantage of the benefits of Solidity to build Enterprise, finance, or entertainment applications.

SOLULAB developers are experts in:

7. Idealogic

Hourly rate:$35/hr
Employee Strength: 25-100
Founded: 2016

Idealogic is also one of the top Solidity development firms, helping companies create a secure decentralized system based on private, public, or hybrid blockchain networks. They also help to safeguard the company from deception and ensure safety and transparency. You can use these technologies by hiring a Solidity development company or Solidity programmers to create Solidity-based applications for your organization.

Idealogic developers are experts in:


Hourly rate:$100 – $199/hr
Employee Strength: 40
Founded: 2017

In terms of blockchain development, this company has earned a lot of reverence over the years. This company has also developed an excellent blockchain solution. The best part is that their solidity developers can take your project from anywhere and finish it exactly how you want it. And they serve every industry imaginable, so what are you waiting for? Hire solidity programmers from LABRYS, one of the best Solidity development firms.

LABRYS developers are experts in:

9. S-PRO

Hourly rate: $50 – $99 / hr
Employee Strength: 120+
Founded: 2014

S-PRO’S developers are extremely talented and skilled at creating custom applications. S-PRO can assist you in developing custom Blockchain solutions, smart contracts, token generation, and smart contract auditing. S-PRO is a full-service IT firm that offers services in every domain and has received positive feedback from clients. Hire this Solidity development firm or hire Solidity developers to create interesting and unique applications.

S-PRO developers are experts in:

10. Talentica Software

Hourly rate: $35-$60/hr
Employee Strength: 201 to 500
Founded: 2003

This company is again one of the best Solidity development firms that aimed at developing reliable applications. Talentica’s skilled and experienced Solidity programmers are in charge of developing applications with high levels of privacy for dealing with money transactions, transaction scalability, smart contracts, DApp, Asset Tokenization, and stable coins. If you want to utilize these services for your business, you can hire Solidity developers and create applications. They will assist you regardless of your industry because they serve all industries that use blockchain applications.

Talentica Software developers are experts in:

11. Altoros

Hourly rate: $50-$99/hr
Employee Strength: 250–500
Founded: 2001

Altoros, a Top 100 Global Outsourcing company, is listed among the top solidity development firms. For over 30 years, it has worked with enterprise clients and SMEs to increase their value through innovative technologies such as custom software development and product design that includes quality assurance work.

The company has 250+ experts to provide their clients with a full range of services from R&D to contract maintenance — ensuring they have 24/7 access no matter what industry you’re in or how big your business is.

Altoros developers are experts in:

12. ValueCoders

Hourly rate: <$25/hr Employee Strength: 249-999
Founded: 2004

ValueCoders is one of the ideal IT companies because it excels in almost every technology. With over 16+ years of experience and serving 4200+ projects, ValueCoders has many devoted development teams that numerous IT companies hire to develop different applications depending on multiple technologies. So don’t put it off! Hire the best Solidity development company right now!!

ValueCoders developers are experts in:

13. Unicsoft

Hourly rate: $50-$99/hr
Employee Strength: 49- 250
Founded: 2005

Unicsoft is another excellent Solidity development agency that can assist you greatly in creating a unique application with their experienced Solidity developer. With over 15 years of experience and several projects under its belt, Unicsoft is confident in taking on any project, especially if it’s about Blockchain. If you want to build a blockchain or Solidity-based application, you can always rely on this company.

Unicsoft developers are experts in:

14. PixelCrayons

Hourly rate: <$25/hr Employee Strength: 249-999
Founded: 2004

PixelCrayons is one of the top companies with Solidity programming language expertise. It is one of the leading providers of blockchain solutions. BPixelCrayons has the best Solidity developers in the industry to provide you with feature-rich Blockchain development services such as improving data security, reducing data storage costs, eliminating data duplication, saving time, automating entire processes and addressing your business challenges.

PixelCrayons developers are experts in:

15. PixelPlex

Hourly rate: $50-$99/hr
Employee Strength: 50–259
Founded: 2007

PixelPlex is one of the most innovative software development companies you’ll want to work with. It combines industry expertise with innovative design to generate long-lasting, high-quality products that consistently meet expectations!

Its entirely devoted team will handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. A talented, innovative team of product experts is ready to assist you in bringing modern digital products and market-leading solutions to market.

PixelPlex developers are experts in:

16. FewerClicks

Hourly rate: <$25/hr Employee Strength: 50
Founded: 2017

FewerClicks is an award-winning Solidity blockchain development firm. They help entrepreneurs to combat the digital war by developing digital solutions to meet future needs and focusing on tools that can help you reach your goals and advance your business technologically. They begin by consulting, identifying needs, and then defining optimal solutions and technological advances from start to finish, as well as assisting in the development of new technological solutions.

FewerClicks developers are experts in:

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17. Dot Com Infoway

Hourly rate: <$25/hr Employee Strength: 249-999
Founded: 2004

Dot Com Infoway has experience in developing apps for a number of platforms. They also create high-quality enterprise apps that simplify processes and optimize business supply chains. They take pride in creating highly customised apps while also making sure quick turnaround and reasonable prices.

Their team of blockchain developers can help you turn your ideas into reality by developing outstanding apps. They ensure a precise and complete customer experience by creating Blockchain technologies for your company that will ultimately provide easy and secure documents of transactions.

Dot Com Infoway developers are experts in:

18. Trinesis Technologies Pvt Ltd

Hourly rate: <$28/hr Employee Strength: 51-200
Founded: 2018

Trinesis is an IT-related product and solution provider that assists businesses in accelerating their digital transformation in a safe and timely manner. Trinesis employs enthusiastic professionals. Their goal is to create innovative products that solve your business problems by helping you implement your digital strategy. Their team includes technical experts, data professionals, developers and designers.

Trinesis Technologies Pvt Ltd developers are experts in:

19. Zignuts Technolab

Hourly rate: <$25/hr Employee Strength: 200+
Founded: 2012

Zignuts Technolab is a leading Web & Mobile App Development Company with offices in the US, India, and Germany. They are determined to be among the most efficient in the industry’s development and deliver cutting-edge technologies. This includes mobile apps, cloud integration, IoT, eCommerce Blockchain, on-demand mobile, wearables, and other technologies. They are considered the top solidity blockchain development agency offering several perks to customers and meeting their all exceptional needs!!

Zignuts Technolab developers are experts in:

20. MobileCoderz

Hourly rate: $27/hr
Employee Strength: 51 to 200
Founded: 2017

MobileCoderz ranks among the best IT firms due to its extensive experience in all types of technology. This form has a team of dedicated developers who have years of experience and have completed numerous projects. The company has a strong technological foundation, allowing them to develop high-performance, flexible solutions. They have numerous cloud providers that offer IoT, Blockchain, ML, and open-source solutions. Majorly they focus on education, logistics, security, retail, tourism, and healthcare.

MobileCoderz developers are experts in:

Which is the Best Solidity Development Company?

solidity developers
Solidity is similar to Python and JavaScript. Solidity is expected to become one of the most popular programming languages for implementing smart contracts on various blockchain platforms in the coming years. Overall, you can select the best Solidity Blockchain Development Company because each of the firms mentioned above has a proven track record in their respective fields. As an added bonus, you should prioritise The NineHertz as they provide top-notch services with an unforgettable experience.

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