Microsoft’s New Office App Now Available on iPad

Written by Hemendra Singh on February 18, 2021 | Updated on: February 18, 2021

Microsoft’s New Office App Now Available on iPad

No need to keep an extra phone or laptop with you anymore to operate MS-Office. Dear iPad users, your device is all set to help you conveniently access MS-Office. MS-Office by Microsoft is an integrated app having Excel, Word and PowerPoint under one roof. All your office equipment is on your device when you are on the go.

Apart from the MS- Office update, Microsoft has also updated other beneficial tools like quick conversion to PDFs, converting images to data or tables, signing documents for iPads. These updates are as promising as the introduction of MS-Office for compact gadgets in 2009 (android and iOS).

The features of MS-Office version 2.46 are as latest as its launch date and the functionality is on par with all the latest Microsoft standards. This iPad MS-Office is highly recommended for corporate workers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, students who own the iPad. No doubt, this utility is a boon for those on the go with their day-to-day tasks. MS Office is a toolkit for them to access anywhere and anytime now.

iPad is far more convenient than any compact gadget as its display is larger than the phone and is portable. The latest Office version’s major benefits for iPads are readability, quick accessibility, and on-spot channelizing of the files and folders.

You can download the free version of MS-Office from the iPad app store but make sure that you have subscribed to Microsoft 365. The cost for subscribing to Microsoft 365 is $6.99/month.

Though, Microsoft has recently introduced. Office for iPads viz-a-viz has added iPad-friendly features to its ‘Office’ like mouse and trackpad support.

The new MS-Office app for iPads is proof that Microsoft is elevating its graphs in the market. It is thinking from their user’s perspective, making sure to give a better experience to them.

The new MS-Office version for iPad has advanced features meant to ease the lives of iPad users.

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