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We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
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    30+ Best Android App Ideas for Startups

    Updated Date: July 7, 2023
    Written by Hemendra Singh
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    As a businessman, you would like your business to grow and flourish in the long term. Therefore, such practices should be adopted to help your business achieve the same. One of them could be to launch an Android app for your concerned business.

    In today’s technologically driven scenario, the significance of having an online presence for any business is extremely important and that’s why businesses are investing in mobile app development in large numbers.

    Allied Market Research predicts the mobile app market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.4 % starting in 2019 to reach a value of US$407.31 billion by 2026. This means every year new mobile app ideas are giving birth to thousands of mobile apps that are creating a change for good in the digital space.

    Being a businessman, you can also launch your mobile app and make money. It could be a social networking app, a food donation app, an augmented reality app, or a voice translation app. Having said that, let’s get straight into the list of the best android app ideas.

    Why Having an Android App is Crucial for a Business?

    In general, more than 80% of mobile time is spent using mobile applications.

    Android was launched in 2008 and since then there was no looking back. Currently, the android smartphone OS market holds around 85% of the market share with its millions of applications in the Google play store.

    Furthermore, it is anticipated that the volumes will increase at a five-year CAGR of 2.4% with shipments worth 1.41 billion approaching this year. There are more than 2 million apps available on Google Play Store and the number of such apps is still growing.

    As per Statista, nearly 109 million applications have been already downloaded from the Google play store and the number is anticipated to grow to 187 billion by 2025.

    This article will be throwing light on some of the most trending android app ideas for startups that can be fruitful for your business. So if you are wondering, ‘Which android app idea can I pick for my business?’ then this blog is for you.

    30+ Topmost Android App Ideas for Startups

    Android App Ideas Examples
    Railway Tracking App
    • RailPlanner
    • Tickety Split
    • Rail Commute
    • Tube Map
    • HopStop
    Voice Interpretation App
    • ITranslate Voice
    • Google Assistant
    • Translate Voice Translator
    • Microsoft Translator
    Beauty Service App
    • Soothe
    • Vênsette
    • Swivel
    • Urban Company
    Health Check-up and
    Food Organizer App
    • Yummly
    • Mealime
    • MealPrepPro
    • Doctor On Demand
    • Talkspace
    • Teladoc
    UPI Payment App
    • Google Pay
    • Paytm
    • PhonePe
    • BHIM
    • Amazon Pay
    Parking Spot Locator App
    • Parkify
    • ParKing
    • Parked Car Locator
    • The Parking Spot
    • ParkWhiz
    Augmented Interior Design App
    • Houzz
    • Dulux Visualizer
    • IKEA Place
    • MagicPlan
    • DecorMatters
    Document Scan App
    • Adobe Scan
    • Document Scanner
    • Tiny Scanner
    • CamScanner
    • Microsoft Office Lens
    OTT App
    • Netflix
    • Amazon Prime
    • Disney+
    • Jio Cinema
    • MX Player
    • Eros Now
    Home Security App
    • Vivint Smart Home
    • Cove Mobile App
    • LifeShield Interactive App
    • Nest
    • Alfred

    1. Railway Tracking App

    A railway tracking app is one of the best mobile app ideas for businesses targeting travelers’ communities. People living in various places are dependent upon trains as a medium to commute.

    A problematic situation could arise where the trains are late and you have no means to know whether to wait or find another medium to reach your destination. A railway tracking app can be very useful in such a scenario as it can provide you with insights into the train’s location and the time it would take to reach the station.

    Unique Features of Railway Tracking App

    • Track real time live train running status
    • Offline train tracking using Tower and GPS
    • Show time and distance of intermediate stations
    • List almost every trains
    • Book tickets from this app

    2. Voice Interpretation App

    The next app idea which is one of the most trending app ideas currently is a voice interpretation app. When you travel to a foreign country, one of the biggest barriers is to communicate with the locals being a non-native speaker.

    In such a situation an app that can interpret your voice by addressing the words over voice which will accurately meet the native language can prove to be an asset and will save a lot of time. It is an innovative app idea and a leading android app development companies can assist you in developing feature-rich app.
    Unique Features of Voice Interpretation App

    • Automatic Speech Recognition feature that recognizes your voice and words and transforms them into text
    • Translate the transformed text with machine translation feature
    • With voice synthesis the text is spoken in a target language
    • Speech-to-text
    • Cloud Translation

    3. Beauty Service App

    Nobody wants to wait in a long queue to get a haircut done or for any other beauty enhancement-related service. Surely, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Well, time to say goodbye to all the discomfort as the next app idea for your mobile devices is an On-demand Beauty Services App.

    You can consider capitalizing on this unbeatable android app idea for creating your own application that acts as a platform for beauticians and customers. Beauticians and Hairdressers can list their services within the application by paying an amount. There will be no shortage of customers and beauticians can make a lot of money.

    Therefore, making an on-demand beauty service app that acts as a platform for both users and beauticians is a great business idea.

    Unique Features of Beauty Service App

    • View various beauty services around a certain area or locality
    • Browse and then select salons and stylists
    • Schedule appointments while sitting at home
    • Rate and Review beauticians and other services
    • Keep a track of all your past bookings and future schedule

    4. Health Check-up and Food Organizer App

    This app will focus on one’s well-being and propose suitable diet plans and meals depending upon the user’s health condition. This app will keep a track of all the calorie intake and suggest a diet plan accordingly. For example, heart patients will be suggested plans that are heart-friendly. You can also link the application to a food delivery mechanism for ordering your food online.

    Unique Features of Health Check-up and Food Organizer App

    • Dashboard and Food Logging
    • Integration with fitness trackers
    • Get customized diet plans and user goals
    • Get live expert consultations
    • Engaging statistics

    5. UPI Payment App

    Online payments via mobile apps are the new normal and that’s the reason it is considered a great android app idea for businesses. While transferring money digitally or making payments online, people want a system that is fast and secure.

    Hence, one must consider the fact that customers can make payments through their bank accounts, mobile wallets, and credit cards via a robust UPI app.

    Unique Features of UPI Payment App

    • Make Easy and secure payments
    • Track all your transactions with record
    • Get access to a mini pass book
    • Go cashless

    6. Parking Spot Locator App

    One of the most innovative mobile app ideas – The parking Spot Locator App. This particular application can help users with tracking down a reachable free parking space in a specific area.

    The application can make use of GPS, area, webcams, and other relevant details for discovering a parking spot that is available and accessible for its users so that users can stay up to date. Simple yet highly effective!

    Unique Features of Parking spot locator app

    • The system can track location of the vehicle
    • Browse pickup location
    • Schedule estimated arrival & departure time
    • Enter booking for parking space
    • Car back request

    7. Augmented Interior Design App

    What could be better if you can actually visualize a room and see how it looks before investing your hard-earned money into it? Isn’t it cool! This can be achieved via an augmented interior designing app which is one of the most prominent app ideas for beginners, projects, and startups.

    This app will make it possible for people to literally visualize the décor using their smartphones. Users will get access to design the space as per their taste and preference within the android application. They can also suggest ideas regarding possible alterations.

    Unique Features of Augmented Interior Design App

    • Get a virtual measuring tool that augments the reality view captured by the camera
    • With 3D model modification, you can adjust attributes like color, material, size, etc.
    • Test different types of lighting with the Virtual Lighting feature
    • Get a vast library of augmented design templates
    • In-app snapshots and social sharing feature

    8. Document Scan App

    Scanner apps are getting quite popular these days as people find it convenient to keep their important documents on their mobile phones securely in various formats like PDF, etc. If you are looking for ideas for an Android app, then this might turn out to be the ideal choice to put your best foot forward in the online business.

    If you can offer an app that quickly scans documents in high quality and saves them as multipage PDFs, then nobody can stop you from making a fortune in 2022 with this android app idea.

    Unique Features of Document Scan App

    • Scan any type of document with ease
    • Crop or resize the scanned document
    • Share the document via social media
    • Create copies of your document

    9. OTT Apps

    If you are a movie buff and seek entertainment in the form of web series, shows, and movies, then this is among the best app ideas for start-ups. As per P&S intelligence in 2020, the global OTT services market made revenue of $91,881.6 million and is expected to grow massively during 2021-2025.

    With apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, people are exposed to world cinema and want more of it. As the demand is so insanely high, new players are entering this sector to make money. You can also try your luck & consider this amazing android app idea if you run a business.

    Unique Features of OTT Apps

    • Get access to the content from all parts of the world
    • Watch your favorite movies, tv-shows and documentaries sitting at home
    • Schedule your watch-time as per your convenience
    • Multi-lingual

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    10. Home Security App

    Isn’t it convenient if you get immediate alerts on your smartphone using an Android app? You can get notifications of any irregularities inside your premises on your smartphone. A home security app lets you do that. There are already apps in the market such as XFINITY and Frontpoint that are redefining the global home security system industry. You just need to install a couple of electronic devices in your home and get it linked to the app.

    Unique Features of Home Security App

    • Get live video monitoring on your mobile phone and desktop
    • Geo-fencing for climate and security
    • Custom automation schedules
    • Get an instant notification when a door/window is opened or closed

    11. Online Dating App

    Love is in the air and so are the dating apps so the list will be incomplete unless we take into account this brilliant social networking app idea that connects people seeking love or friendship.

    Dating apps like Bumble and Tinder have already transformed the online dating industry. The dating app market is expanding at a steady rate, all thanks to Android dating apps. Being a businessman, you can consider launching your Dating app for love seekers.

    Unique Features of Dating Apps

    • Get push notification whenever you get a new match or message
    • Link your google or Facebook account and create your profile
    • Apply filters in terms of age, sex, location and search your potential matches
    • Private chat feature for people of mutual likes
    • Video call/audio call with your match to know him/her more

    12. Fitness App

    Fitness apps are in demand as people today are more health conscious. Consider investing in an android fitness app that can track people’s habits assisted by registered pathologists, nutritionists, and health experts for lowering the risk of lifestyle disorders.

    The app would be loaded with several charts helping users in managing their overall health and well-being. The user can track his health in terms of sugar, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

    Unique Features of Fitness App

    • Keep a track of your fitness goals with fitness tracker feature
    • Get free health and fitness tips time to time
    • Track your daily footsteps
    • Get customized diet plans as per your body type and health condition
    • Get one on one fitness consultation from an expert

    13. Food Delivery App

    The next astonishing android mobile application idea on our list is an on-demand food delivery app. We all love food, isn’t it? What if it becomes the base for one of the most popular android app project ideas for startups? An on-demand android food delivery app will let your customers fulfill their food cravings within a couple of clicks.

    This app will help your business in delivering an easy and uninterrupted customer experience with maximum sales in minimum time.

    Unique Features of Food Delivery App

    • Search restaurants in your area as well as in other areas
    • Apply filters as per your food preferences
    • Get real-time order tracking feature
    • In-app payment
    • Give your feedback to give rating to the food and delivery services
    • Get complete history of all your past orders

    14. Video Editing App

    A video editing app is one of the most successful mobile app ideas among all categories. One of the strongest reasons why such mobile apps are so in demand is the increasing consumption of video content all around the globe. There are mobile apps like FilmoraGo and Kinemaster that have become so successful that almost every content creator is using them.

    Unique Features of Video Editing App

    • Edit your videos without any hassle
    • Apply effects and graphics to make your video interesting and engaging
    • Dub your video with your voice and add subtitles
    • Boost your productivity with time-efficient video editing

    15. Blockchain-Based Payment and Transfer App

    A complete payment system is offered by Blockchain-based payment which transfers applications that rely on Decentralized Ledger Technology. The transactions via Blockchain are secure, easy, and don’t require an intermediate party.

    Due to its promising nature, many cryptocurrencies have been launched on Blockchain technology to date. If you have blockchain applications ideas, then this powerful technology can act as a tool to launch your next dream android app in the market.

    Unique Features of a Blockchain App

    • Eliminate middle men and maintain transparency in your transactions
    • Facilitate peer-to-peer transfer or payments
    • Save all your transaction data in a secured manner
    • Create a crypto wallet easily and use it for payments

    16. Podcast or Music Streaming app

    Today, nobody downloads mp3 files to listen to music as streaming apps have made music, podcasts, and audio content more accessible to everyone. Every year more streaming apps are coming on the platter to fulfill the demand of audio-hungry customers who are willing to pay to listen to their favorite content without any advertisement interruption.

    Hence, if you are looking for a mobile application idea, this is what you can do.

    Unique Features of Podcast or Music Streaming App

    • Get access to world music with over 20 million songs
    • Create your playlist and listen your favorite music
    • Get custom radio stations
    • Download songs for offline mode
    • Upload your songs and share it with your friends

    17. Taxi Dispatch and Management App

    Yet another brilliant android app idea on this list is to develop a taxi dispatch app that can be utilized by a taxi company for managing all sorts of fleet operations such as driver management, dispatch, real-time tracking of the driver, incentives, GPS-enabled navigation, payment settlement, and many more.

    Unique Features of Taxi Dispatch and Management App

    • Optimum customer satisfaction with real time taxi tracking
    • Feature to detect dangerous or accident prone driving
    • Automate payments
    • Multiple location use
    • Scalable and cloud based

    18. Criminal Alert App

    Now that’s interesting as well as life-saving. God forbid you to meet a person who seems to be a nice guy in the first place but later turns out to be a criminal with a lethal criminal record. We hope and pray that you may never face such a situation which in itself sounds scary, but the future can’t be predicted.

    Therefore, a criminal alert app would help you to encounter such a scenario. Plus, as we said, there is a potential chance that you meet someone who is actually a criminal that you don’t know about. A criminal alert app will work in such a way that it will alert you of criminals in your area so that you can save a life as well as help the cops catch a lawbreaker.

    Unique Features of Criminal Alert App

    • Safeguards you and your surroundings
    • Alarm feature that prevents any potential danger or threat
    • Ease of use

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    19. Online Study Material App

    During the pandemic, educational institutions were shut and many of them shifted to online mode for delivering lectures and conducting online classes. This mobile application idea that we are talking about is none other than ‘EdTech’ that made millions of dollars for young startups during the pandemic.

    Therefore, what could be better than an App that provides all sorts of study material for your subject in just one click? The job of an online study material app is to offer study material to students studying various subjects who are in different grades.

    Unique Features of Online Study Material App

    • Learn modern learning techniques while sitting at home
    • Get uninterrupted access
    • Get quality study material easily
    • Saves a lot of time and money

    20. Used Clothing Sales App

    There must be many clothes in your wardrobe that are still in good condition but you don’t wear them anymore. Ever consider selling them but don’t know where? Well, with the help of a used clothing sales android application you can not only dispose of your unnecessary apparel but also can earn a few pennies.

    No wonder clothing apps are so popular these days that startups are considering new application ideas in this domain.

    Unique Features of Used Clothing Sales App

    • Get branded clothes at cheaper price
    • A great tool to say your old clothes goodbye
    • Users can list their accessories too

    21. Online Study App

    In the current society, the tendency of going remote is the new normal, and education is no exception. That’s the reason so many EdTech companies like Unacademy, BYJUS, and Vedantu are there in the market teaching students remotely and making millions of dollars.

    Therefore, while searching for great app ideas, you must take EdTech into account. An online study app can fulfill students’ requirements without any hassle.

    Unique Features of Online Study App

    • Efficient parent teacher student communication
    • Study while sitting at home
    • Easy and convenient
    • Affordable and time saving

    22. Fuel and Gas Delivery App

    Yet another great mobile app idea for startups and businesses is – The fuel & Gas Delivery app. It is one of the best mobile app ideas which helps a person get fuel and oil for his or her vehicle at a specific location.

    The only thing these apps need from you is your contact details and you can make the payment within the application or at the time of fuel delivery. Such mobile apps act as a great tool in connecting the dots between users and fuel centers with their ground forces to deliver the concerned products.

    Unique Features of Fuel and Gas Delivery App

    • Users can order fuel anytime from any location
    • The pricing model is quite flexible
    • Flexible payment structure
    • Track your fuel delivery order
    • Give reviews and rating online via your app

    23. Gift Delivery App

    The purpose of creating a mobile application that people can use to give their loved ones a pleasant surprise by sending gifts directly to their doorsteps. The gifts can be chosen from any popular brands or local vendors/local stores. The store owners can customize their store profiles too. Buyers can choose from a vast pool of products.

    Plus with these shop apps they can choose the packaging and designing style as well. Once the transaction is completed, the job of delivery personnel starts where the assigned person will pick the item up and deliver it to the doorstep of your loved one.

    Unique Features of Gift Delivery App

    • Choose a gift from a vast collection of thousands of products
    • Get discounts and offers to crack the best deal
    • Get customized gifts
    • Track your order
    • Easy payment options including cash on delivery mechanism

    24. Mall Navigation App

    A mall navigation app helps in displaying the detailed map of the mall. This brilliant app idea comes under one of the most innovative app ideas which has the potential to maximize customer satisfaction. It will not only help a user to find the stores, food courts or washrooms, but would also help the users in finding the quickest route to choose their destination.

    Unique Features of Mall Navigation App

    • Provides a comprehensive list of point of interest
    • Show routes for people with mobility issues
    • Get audio-visual information concerning a particular location
    • Information whether parking space is free or available
    • Facility audit feature

    25. Wedding Planner App

    One of the most successful mobile applications of recent times is a wedding planner app. It is just like a marketplace for all wedding related topics. Venues, catering companies, flower shops, designers, and musicians, etc. can advertise themselves in such a marketplace.

    The future couple can browse through the app and can choose whatever services they like from their preferred service provider.

    Unique Features of Wedding Planner App

    • Feature of social sign up and login
    • Browse for event organizers and suppliers as per your budget and preference
    • Apply filters in terms of location, price and other details
    • View vendor’s profile, ratings, reviews and portfolio
    • Optimize your search as per the required service

    26. On-Demand Cook Finder App

    Seeing the enormous potential of the food market industry, an on-demand cook or chef finder app can be a great android app idea for any businessman. As far as the functionality is concerned, a cook finder app is quite similar to any on-demand booking app.

    This app can act as a bridge between talented chefs and customers who want to fulfill their cooking requirements at a specified location.

    Unique Features of Cook Finder App

    • Find cook in your area
    • Search a chef with minimum qualification or experience level
    • Review the ratings and starts of different chefs to choose your chef
    • Chefs can also create their profile to get hired

    27. Pet Marketplace App

    Pet Marketplace App is another brilliant Android App Idea for businesses to go with. Such an app could be a one-stop destination to solve all your pet-related requirements be it pet caring, pet shopping, or any other similar requirement.

    Within the app, you can buy pet products, book pet care services, read blogs and explore new product arrivals. Monetization of such apps can also be done via Ads, eCommerce, and Merchandise to generate more revenue.

    Unique Features of Pet Marketplace App

    • A complete hub to buy and sell pets online
    • Purchase a variety of food for your pet
    • Sell & purchase accessories related to pets like chains, etc.
    • Read tips on how to take care of your pet

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    28. Tenant Finder App

    The amount of time spent on looking for tenants can be significantly reduced with a tenant finder and communications android application. The reason why we call it a great android app idea is because it acts as a bridge between landlords who are willing to rent out their properties and tenants who are interested in finding an affordable and convenient place to stay.

    Unique Features of Tenant Finder App

    • Find a suitable home easily within your budget
    • Simplification of the paperwork and other similar formalities
    • The tenants can make the payment via the app
    • Offers perks like credit card boosts and monthly giveaways

    29. Brand Identifier App

    The job of a brand identifier app is to make users aware of various brands and products prevailing in the market. If you scan a product’s logo or tag, then the mobile app will automatically list articles, information and news regarding the manufacturer as well as about the product. It will present some valuable information regarding the product so that users can make up their minds before a purchase.

    Unique Features of Brand Identifier App

    • Browse thousands of products of various brands
    • Get all the information of a specific brand
    • Invest your money wisely with the help of brand identifier app

    30. Event Planning & Invitation App

    This app is extremely useful for users in planning events like birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, etc. The users will get access to all the necessary information, resources and tips for their upcoming event. Organizing an event via this app will significantly reduce the extra time and effort. Also, the users would be able to send a customized invitation to their guests.

    Unique Features of Event Planner App

    • Simplification of information distribution
    • Increasing attendee engagement
    • More possibilities to grab sponsors and exhibitors
    • Exposure to new revenue streams
    • Boosts efficiency

    31. Supermarket Checkout App

    While the bill is being processed in a retail store, nobody prefers to wait in a long queue. Here comes the supermarket checkout app which can solve this problem. With these apps, you can easily scan the products using your mobile devices while shopping and make the payment accordingly. It is surely one of the brilliant app ideas that you can consider for your business.

    Unique Features of Supermarket Checkout App

    • Overall checkout process takes less time
    • Reduced labor costs
    • Widely adopted by customers all across the word

    32. On-Demand Cleaning Service

    This on-demand cleaning service app can be very helpful to those people who don’t have time to clean their homes and office premises. Now at your convenience, you can hire people to clean your office or house at your preferred time and schedule.

    This app can be used by professional cleaners & house cleaning services agencies to offer their services to those who need such services through this platform. A lot of features can be added namely payment transfer, ratings & reviews, book appointments, advanced search, and many more.

    Unique Features of On-demand Cleaning Service App

    • Immediate cleaning feature after a party.
    • Get different cleaning plans.
    • Chat facility that allows service providers and customer to interact

    We hope that you have gathered some valuable information that will help you in your mobile app development. But wait for a second, we are not done yet. There is still some part that is being left.

    How Much Does it Cost to Develop Best Mobile App?

    Every mobile application has a different function, and the cost of making an app depending on the app’s features, complexity, UI/UX design, functionality, technology, and other factors. Let’s take a quick glance at the table for better clarification.

    App Type Estimate Cost Time
    Simple App Development $40,000 to $60,000 2-3 months
    Basic App Development $60,000 to $150,000 3-6 months
    Complex App Development from $300,000 9+ months


    Even if you have brilliant new ideas for mobile apps, it is important to remember that they will just represent a small part of your success; much will depend on how these ideas are put into action. For this reason, you must build a fantastic team, to work on the project and take on a high level of responsibility.

    If any of these ideas motivate you to create an android app, you can always get in touch with us for development services. Our team of skilled experts will make every effort to deliver a final product that meets or exceeds your expectations

    FAQs on Android App Ideas

    1. How can I create an app?

    Well, as a beginner if you are planning to build an app on your own, you need to learn a lot in order to create your first android mobile application. App development is a complex process, especially if you are a beginner and know nothing about it.

    To begin with, you need to learn some development methods and different programming languages. Luckily, creating an app is a lot easier today than before, thanks to technology. With some basic knowledge and a computer, you can create your app within a few weeks.

    2. How to turn your app idea into reality?

    Take time to do research on them and decide which one you’ll focus on. Finally, you need to turn your app idea into reality.

    • Write down the feature list
    • Conduct market research
    • Find out the targeted audience
    • Determine the monetization strategy
    • Seek a local web/app developer and have estimates
    • Finish the UI/UX
    • Have the web/app developed and tested
    • Introduce the web/app and market it
    • Collect market feedback and prepare for the following phase

    3. What kind of app should I create to make money?

    The Top 8 Development Segments that can help you earn money by creating unique apps, let’s have a look.

    • Entertainment
    • Business and Finance Apps
    • Lifestyle Apps
    • Education Apps
    • Music & Audio
    • Tool Apps
    • Shopping Apps
    • Social Media

    4. Can Android apps use machine learning?

    Yes, machine learning can definitely be used in creating an app. Android supports a wide variety of machine learning tools and methods: ML Kit, Google’s ready-to-use machine learning SDK. Model Maker.

    5. How can I ensure that my application idea is valuable?

    Your app users can provide you with the most honest feedback, so take all the reviews and ratings very seriously. In case you are testing your app among your family and friends, make sure the feedback is genuine.

    6. Can you suggest some mobile app ideas for beginners?

    For beginners, there are a bunch of ideas like, a calorie counter app, temperature converter app, digital receipt app, gift delivery app, bill management app, mall navigation app and many more. These are some top mobile app ideas that can be taken into consideration.

    7. What makes a mobile app good?

    A good mobile app is a result of great market research. It is a combination of both business-centric elements as well as user experience. It should create value for its users by providing them with an unforgettable experience and robust performance. As far as businesses are concerned, it should be helpful in user retention and generating revenue.

    8. Which type of app idea is in demand?

    One of the most demanding app ideas is an On-demand video streaming app. Netflix, is one of such globally successful mobile applications is a great example of an on-demand video streaming application. As the OTT market is booming, therefore such app ideas are in demand.

    Hemendra Singh

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