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How to Make Doctor Appointment App like ZocDoc? [Features + Cost]

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Hemendra Singh on June 17, 2020
updated on: November 3, 2022
How to Make Doctor Appointment App like ZocDoc? [Features + Cost]

If you are witnessing that your administrative staff is spending hours scheduling appointments every day. And want to get rid of this appointment management situation. Doctor appointment app is the key to all your problems. The world’s top clinics are already using this facility of mHealth applications for an online doctor appointment. And you can also be part of this movement by developing a doctor appointment booking app. Besides the medical appointment scheduling, the doctor application provides patients with the benefits of checking the complete history of appointments, test results, getting prescriptions and chatting with the doctor through messages or live video.

Not only this approach will help you grow your healthcare mobile app development business but also let you hold a grip over a good market share. So if you are having any unique idea and want to transform it into reality. This blog will help you get desired doctor appointment apps with a better understanding of the benefits of this type of app, features to include, cost estimation and timelines. Let’s start with having a glance over the digital health market.

Digital Health Market Size and Trends

Digital health has already turned out as an established market. Thanks to various industries outside of healthcare which contributes a major share of 40 per cent in this sector. It includes lyT, tech and consulting companies.

Also, we get to see the emergence of new players every year which keep on transforming this arena with the introduction of new products. This influences aspects like business models, monetization, technical complexity, security and others.


Source: Grandviewresearch.com

Doctor App Business and Monetization Model

There are numerous business models available, doctor applications owners can choose from. However, we are listing here only those monetization models which are highly popular and adopted the most.

In the year 2017, there were around 325,000 mHealth applications available in the overall app stores. And the market is witnessing year-over-year growth of 25%. According to the report from Grand View Research Inc., The global mHealth market is expected to generate revenue of $112 billion by the year 2025 comprising the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44%.

Whereas, another trusted source suggests the mobile health market’s CAGR around 41% in the period from 2015 to 2020. The volume market will generate during this period will be around 2020.

In the digital health sector, doctors applications have turned out to be one of the top contributors. And the revenue generated during the year 2020 is expected to increase up to $58.8 billion as compared to the amount of $25.39 billion in 2017, demonstrated in the following graph.

Reasons to Develop a Doctor Appointment App for Your Medical Center


There are numerous reasons why medical centres are heading towards the development of doctor appointment apps. Not only does the doctor scheduling app help in saving time but it also supports generating revenue. Also, they allow us to maintain good relationships with the patients and provide operational convenience.

Here are various other benefits both the clinics and the patients enjoy with the doctor appointment booking apps.

For Clinics

For Patients

Key Features of Online Doctor Appointment App

doctor booking app

An online doctor appointment app should have the following features. However, you may find some specific features in particular applications. Let’s have a look at the core features almost every doctor appointment booking app includes.

Additional Features You May Include

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