Newly Release Android 12 Beta 4 Version: Updates, Tweaks and Improvements

Written by Hemendra Singh on August 13, 2021 | Updated on: August 16, 2021

Newly Release Android 12 Beta 4 Version: Updates, Tweaks and Improvements
  • Google launched the latest Android 12 Beta 4 version with some modifications and improvements
  • Android 12 beta 4 release date was 11 August 2021
  • Android 12 Easter egg is now live in Beta 4 version
  • The update focuses on performance and stability
  • Game Dashboard is now easier to launch with an in-game quick toggle

Android 12 Beta 4 Version: Updates and Improvements

Ahead of the official release of Android 12, Google has released the fourth beta version of this operating system called the Android 12 Beta 4 version. This beta version’s most notable feature is that it has managed to achieve Platform Stability. Beta 4 contains the final Android 12 APIs and 31 SDK, ultimately enabling developers to test their apps for the upcoming operating system. With the release of this beta version, changes impacting Android app developers are:

In this version, all the app-related surfaces and behaviors are now locked and packed. As instructed by Google, developers can now install the production version of their applications to any device that is running on the Android 12 Beta 4 version. This will let the developers analyze, review, and do final testing and identifying all of the Android 12 behavior changes and Android 12 features like App splash screens, mic and camera indicators, Privacy Dashboard, etc, and their effect on their apps. Beta 4 now comes with a floating tool button that allows users to directly access the quick panel making it simpler to access newly added toggles. Other features included in this version are AppSearch, Game Mode, a new notification style for phone calls.

It is crucial to know that Android 12 beta 4 updates don’t introduce any new major consumer-oriented features, since most of the features of Android 12 have already been included in the previously launched beta versions. But in the Beta 4 version, some minor modifications and improvements have been introduced. Let’s have a look at what’s new on Android 12 Beta 4.

Images Got Highlighted in the Multitasking Menu

It is made easier to share content from the latest multitasking menu in Android 12. As per 9to5Google, in the latest Android 12 Beta 4 version, users can see that images are highlighted in the multitasking menu. Users just have to tap on the image to get access to shortcuts for Google Lens, copy, share and save.

For enabling quick sharing, this version allows users to simply drag the image and drop it to the contacts bar.

Interactive Visual Modifications

In the latest beta version, a new Material you makeover is given to the visual theme. Android 12 beta 4 updates bring you more themed icons. Also, the Google Search logo on the Pixel Launcher has gone through an attractive makeover with four primary colors from the wallpaper. This redesign intends to give a more consistent and identical look on the device with improved color coordination among different app icons and tools.
In this latest release, more icons are also added. Some confirmed icons are:

  • Pixel Tips
  • Google Chat
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Google Tasks

Updated Wi-Fi and Mobile Data Pop-Ups

The new toggles in this beta version make the interface look cleaner. Google has also introduced toggle buttons to switch off WiFi and mobile data.

Much Awaited Easter Egg

This Android 12 Beta 4 version introduces Easter Egg. You can try this out by going to the Settings app, opening “About phone,” then “Android version.”, now tap on the “Android version” thrice to open the easter egg.

Highlights of Android 12 Beta 4 Updates

  • Lock icon given on fingerprint devices
  • For quick sharing, Recents multitasking menu highlights the images
  • Google logo gets a Material You makeover
  • Dark theme legibility has got fixed in Settings

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