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We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
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    10+ Doctor Appointment App Features (2023)

    Updated Date: February 3, 2023
    Written by Hemendra Singh
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    Even the Doctor’s appointment has become the digital way in today’s virtual world. After the Covid-19 pandemic mostly people are preferring to consult doctors virtually rather than meeting them personally. Moreover, even doctors are also recommending the doctor appointment app. Globally people are choosing these apps as it has tremendous benefits and provides persistence to their sick patients.

    Developers are thinking of doctor appointment app development with more convenient features. Unless it is urgent to see the doctor, you can look for a specialist in this app. You can also find the timing of the office. However, before this app provides patients with the facility of pre-booking their consultation. Otherwise, before people have to wait for hours in the long queue just to get a 10-15 minutes consultation with doctors. Furthermore, today’s modern generation cannot imagine their life without smartphones. Hence including smartphones, modern people cannot imagine their life without the development of healthcare software.

    Nonetheless, in this digital era telemedicine is mostly practiced by doctors. This can help the doctors to schedule their other tasks also including the consultation with the patients. However, it not only saves the time and effort of the doctors and that of the patients. With the doctor’s appointment app, the healthcare corporation can provide a large number of services to the patients. Besides, increasing the confidence of the staff by constant practice.

    In this article, you are going to see some features for doctor appointment booking app. According to the survey, only 10 % of medical apps are doing well in adding realistic and vital features. Below are some of the features which are necessary to make your app more preferable and convenient for people.

    List of Doctor Appointment App Features

    1. Patient Account

    doctor booking app

    Foremost is the patient’s details that is the profile of the user in which all the information of the user is there. All the personal information of the patient must be mandatory to be filled in so that doctors can get in touch with their case history before taking charge of the patient. The user profile of the patients includes information such as their name, age, gender, and other basic details.

    The well-described personal details and history of the previous medical history help the doctor to easily detect the situation of the patient’s health.

    2. Profile of the Doctor

    The Doctor profile must have the data analysis feature of the doctor which will get updated frequently. The app has to maintain the analytic data of the doctor and make it accessible for the patients 24*7. It should contain the details of the doctor like their specialization, view photos, reviews of the clinic, qualifications, and the details which add meaning to the profile. Healthcare app development companies must focus on ‘How to develop doctor’s appointment apps’ in such a way that they must contain necessary data of Doctors. Which will be convenient for patients to consult a good doctor.

    Also, this appointment app also permits the doctor to show their marketing or promoting items that are enlightening to the existing patients or for the new ones.

    3. Online Prescriptions Feature for Doctor Appointment App

    Doctors can easily give online prescriptions in the doctor’s appointment app. Both patients and doctors can cope up with the prescription directly through the application. However, it develops the trust of the patient towards the doctor when they provide the prescription digitally. They can get the medicines either online or show the electronic prescription to the medical store to get the medicines.

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    4. Video Calling Facility in Doctor Appointment Booking App

    How to build a doctor on demand app or what features you can consider?? The video calling feature is a must to add to the list. A video calling facility should be there in the doctor’s appointment app as it makes the treatment more considerate. By seeing the patients virtually the doctor can tell the condition of the patient whether it is critical or not. Video calling is the most favorable feature.

    video calling feature for doctor appointment app

    5. Significant Location

    The location must be registered on google map-making patients to go to the doctor much easier. This app is developed to surround the API files making it easy for the doctors to visit the patient. Address with geo-location makes it a convenient and quick process for patients to reach the doctor rather than text messages. It also provides relief to staff who face difficulties in explaining the address to the patients instead of doing their clinic work.

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    6. Appointment Notification

    Patients of different age groups visit the doctors and they might be busy also. This notification feature will help patients to get the notification of their appointment with the doctor. However, it is possible that patient consultation bookings have been done by another member’s smartphone. The person who has booked the appointment must be busy and forget about the appointment. Therefore, this feature will act as a reminder to go for an appointment with the doctor. Notification can be sent via text messages, emails, or phone calls.

    7. Various Payment Options in Doctor Appointment App

    As the e-prescription is given by the doctors in the app only there have to be built-in payment options. Online billing makes it flexible for the doctor to calculate the payment of the patient within the app. Companies offer different payment getaways options like G-pay, Phonepe, etc including payments from credit cards and debit cards.

    payment option in doctor appointment app

    However, app developers are thinking of How to build doctor appointment apps ?? make sure that the payment methods are safe and authentic.

    8. Filter Option Feature for Doctor Appointment App

    Too many doctors are there who are practicing their different specializations. Therefore, doctor appointment applications must have the feature to filter out the best doctor in a specific specialization. It is hard to choose the doctor from the given n number of options. So, the app should have this feature and suggest more experienced and convenient doctors required by the patient.

    9. Genuine Reviews Options

    review feature for doctor appointment app

    Every field in e-commerce has its reviews which help the customer to choose the best option from the rest. The doctor’s appointment application review option must be there. Which makes it easier for the customer to choose the best doctor for their checkup. However, users must be given the option of giving ratings or reviews about the doctor. These genuine reviews will help in building the trust of the existing patients and attracting new ones.

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    10. Services at the Time of Emergency Cases

    In cases like emergencies, one does not have a fixed time. They can come at any time but the situation will not always allow you to take the patient immediately to the doctor. Therefore, for such cases, on-demand applications must be there which lets you know about the nearest health professional. It’s a great feature that you must add while developing a doctor appointment app.

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    Conclusion Thoughts

    In the above article, the most convenient and reliable method to build doctor appointment applications is given. However, developers will definitely have this question in their heads while making this app: ‘How do doctor appointment apps be built??’. To overcome this question they must keep in mind some important features. Which they need to create in the doctor’s appointment application. Making virtual appointments more realistic is the center of attraction for the developers. These apps are helping a lot to the patients irrespective of their location. However, enhancement of the services and on-demand medical facility features are in focus to keep in the appointment apps.


    1. What App Do Doctors Use for Appointments?

    Some of top apps that used by doctors are ZocDoc, Amwell, Doctor on demand.

    2. What are the Benefits of Online Doctor Booking?

    It’s quick and easy for doctors and patients. It’s so helpful for patient who need doctors suggestions on emergency basis.

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