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How Much Does Progressive Web App Development Cost?

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Hemendra Singh on July 16, 2020
updated on: November 4, 2022
How Much Does Progressive Web App Development Cost?

“Does any Progressive web app development company cost higher than any similar working firm? What affects the cost to hire dedicated PWA developers? Is the cost remains constant or varies? If it’s constant, then how is it possible? And if it varies, then what are the factors? Let’s find everything about the PWA.”

The concept of a progressive web app agency was originally proposed by Google in 2015. Over the years, it has garnered a lot of attention given its relative ease of development and ability to deliver a top-notch user experience. A leading progressive web app development company banks on the latest technologies to deliver a unique blend of mobile and web apps. These websites are built on the skeleton of web technologies but still feels as hassle-free as using an application. The progressive web apps developers rely on the web ecosystem, community, and plugins along with the relative ease of maintaining and deploying a website in the respective app stores.

Why Progressive Web App Development are Different from Other Technology?

PWA technology

Studies have revealed that 20% of users are lost on an average between the first time when the user comes in contact with the app and the time when the users start actually using the same. The main reason behind this is the multiple steps that are involved in this process ranging from searching for the app, downloading and installing it to the launching of the same. A progressive web app, on the other hand, allows users to start using it immediately. In this way, it eliminates all unnecessary installation and downloads which can consume your valuable time and system resources. Once the user returns to the app, they shall be prompted to install and upgrade it for enjoying a full-screen experience. A progressive web application banks on the inherent characteristics of a mobile app to improve its performance and user retention statistics without having to deal with the complications associated with maintaining a mobile application.

Progressive Web App Development Companies help in delivering solutions where the users are expected to return to on a frequent interval. Flipkart relies on a progressive web app – Flipkart Lite for its e-commerce platform. Before deciding on whether you require a progressive web app, native mobile application, or website, businesses need to primarily analyze their target audience and their most important actions. In stark contrast to its peers, a progressive web app development is compatible with all browsers. The ultimate experience delivered to users gets enhanced whenever the user’s browser gets updated with brand new APIs and features.

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The concepts of progressive web app development cost can further enhance the functionality of your website if it already has an application-like interface. It can work on any device and even enhance the same progressively. This is done by taking advantage of the available features present in the browser and the user’s device. Being a website, the progressive web app development services can be easily found out through search engines. This comes in as a major advantage over native applications which do not have proper web searchability.

Pros and Cons of Progressive Web App Development

pros and cons of pwa

Native apps Web apps Hybrid Apps PWAs
Development Cost High Low High Low
Maintenance Low Low High Low
UI High Quality Average Average Average
Platform independence No Yes Yes Yes
AppStore distribution Supported No Supported No
Offline functionality Enabled Disabled Disabled Enabled
Push notifications Yes No No Yes

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps


Disadvantages of Progressive Web Apps

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Factors Affecting Cost Of Progressive Web Apps Development

factors affecting cost PWA

Several factors contribute to the cost of progressive web app development. Every project is unique in terms of the complexity of its website. Variations also exist in terms of technologies used, approaches, and domain knowledge of the progressive web app development company. Irrespective of all these factors, the price of a progressive web app will hold a positive relationship with the amount of time taken in building the same. You can calculate the project cost once you have determined the key factors defining the cumulative spending on the creation of the progressive web application.

hire PWA developer

Take Away

Progressive web apps are being termed as the future of the web given their profound reliability, rapid installation, fast loading, network independence and push notifications. All of these features help businesses in boosting up conversion rates by improving user engagement. Big names like Pinterest, Twitter, Flipboard and Lancôme are banking on this cutting-edge technology for delivering a high-end experience to their users. Companies wishing to deliver a fast, reliable and engaging mobile experience to end users also need to invest wholeheartedly in progressive web application development.

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