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Hotel Booking App Development in 2023 [Complete Guide]

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Hemendra Singh on December 12, 2022
updated on: December 15, 2022
Hotel Booking App Development in 2023 [Complete Guide]

Since the last decade, the majority of industries have digitized, including the travel industry. All of us prefer visiting Agoda, Booking.com, Trip Advisor, Airbnb, Expedia, and other booking applications whenever looking forward to take a break and travel. Why not? After all, it helps save a lot of time and money. One can easily book a room at an affordable price with a few clicks using discount coupons offered by these applications. In this guide, we will find out how to make a hotel booking app and the cost, and features for hotel booking app development.

Not only discounts; booking a hotel online comes with numerous other benefits like – comparison, loyalty points, reviews, etc. As a result, the e-travel industry has generated over $800 billion in 2021 and will hit the $1464 billion benchmark with a CAGR of 10.58%. The industry also took a big hit in 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak; anyhow, it is expected to recover 85% by the end of 2022. Therefore, it’s an ideal time to launch your hotel booking app and generate huge profits. If you want to launch your own mobile app, hire a reputed on demand app development company.

Here is a list of facts related to the e-travel industry that might excite you, even more, to step into the industry as soon as possible.

I think these facts and data are enough to inspire you to make a hotel booking app.

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What are Hotel Booking Apps?

These applications are diligently designed to help people book hotels, hostels, resorts, etc., from anywhere within a few clicks. The best part is that it can be done anytime, anywhere, anyplace. With the introduction of such applications, the process of booking hotels has been reorganized and gained its full potential. Now there is no need to visit hotel-to-hotel with all your baggage to find a good hotel under your budget.

As a result, everyone prefers booking online nowadays as they can easily find the best place to stay by taking reviews into consideration. On top of it, users also come across various discounts and offer, helping them save a few bucks on bookings. You might be interested how to make an app and make money, here is an ultimate guide.

Top 5 Hotel Booking Apps

Hotel Booking Apps
Hundreds of hotel booking apps are available on App Store and Play Store. Anyhow, only a few of them are capable of offering quality services. Therefore, here is a list of the Top 5 hotel booking apps that you can consider before starting hotel booking app development.

Name Play Store App Store Downloads Rating
Booking.com Yes Yes 100,000,000+ 4.7
Marriot Bonvoy Yes Yes 5,000,000+ 4.7
Airbnb Yes Yes 50,000,000+ 4.6
Agoda Yes Yes 10,000,000+ 4.5
Trivago Yes Yes 50,000,000+ 4.4

1. Booking.Com

The first and foremost on the list is Booking.com. It launches new and exciting deals every day for travelers. Even the users can connect with other travelers to share their experiences. People can easily compare hotels to unlock the best deal for themselves. Even it lets you manage your bookings as per convenience.

2. Marriott Bonvoy

For those who haven’t heard about it in the past, Marriot Bonvoy is a very popular and reputed Hotel Chain with over 7000 hotels worldwide. Users can easily check into their hotel rooms using the “Mobile check-in” feature. Even the mobile key can be used for locking and unlocking a room, getting access to the gym, pool, lounge, etc.

3. Airbnb

It is one of the trending hotel booking apps currently. A user won’t only book a place to stay with Airbnb; somehow, they will unlock an unforgettable travel experience. It is highly recommended to book long-term rentals. The traveler gets to choose from over 6 million properties in 191+ countries.

4. Agoda

It is highly preferred to find out the best and most affordable accommodations with 2 million properties to choose from. Exclusive offers are launched regularly for travelers. It also has an in-built map feature to help you find the property easily. It also offers 24×7 customer support to the users to help avoid complications.

5. Trivago

The last but not least app on our list is Trivago. It is a world-famous application with millions of accommodations to offer. Here you get the best offers and deals, as Trivago does not work on a commission basis. It is an advertising business model which tends to offer unbeatable deals to its users and generates revenue through ads. Here is a complete guide on how to build an app like Trivago. The success of these applications can inspire you to launch and create a hotel booking app.

5 Types of Hotel Booking Apps

The e-travel industry has multiple types of hotel booking apps. Each one of them has its properties. Consequently, it becomes crucial to learn about each of them before beginning to create a hotel booking app.

1. Hotel Consolidator Apps

These types of applications work to gather all the essential information about the hotels and provide it to their users. Furthermore, the user can decide which hotel is more suitable for them depending on the amenities, location, etc., and book a room.

2. Last Minute Booking Apps

These applications are highly famous among travelers with a spontaneous nature, who always tend to make reservations at the last minute. Finding a place to crash at the last minute used to be a hustle until these applications came to the rescue.

3. Hotel Chain Booking Apps

Big hotel chains like Marriott develop these applications. In these applications, all the properties of a particular hotel chain are listed. For example – a user can find all Marriott Honvoy’s properties worldwide on their application.

4. Advanced Booking Apps

Unlike last-minute planners, some travelers like everything pre-planned. Using such apps, an individual can book a room in a hotel up to a year before. It might sound crazy, but apps like Expedia and Priceline have made it possible.

5. Hybrid Booking Apps

These applications are a mixture of the above two types as they let you make a reservation age before and on the last time. People can make the reservations as they wish, depending upon availability. Here you can find a list of unique app ideas.

How to Create a Hotel Booking App?- 3 Stages

how to create hotel booking app
Creating a hotel booking app is quite a lengthy and complicated process and can take up to a month to complete. The complete process of developing an application can be divided into three stages i.e., strategy stage, designing stage and final stage. In order to understand it better; here is a step-by-step guide to help you build a hotel booking app conveniently.

1. Strategy Stage

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