40+ Best App Ideas For Startups, Beginners, College Students

Written by Hemendra Singh on September 06, 2021 | Updated on: September 21, 2021

40+ Best App Ideas For Startups, Beginners, College Students

The app ideas for startups will change your business completely.

The number of mobile applications we have seen over the years is tremendous for every small purpose; there is a mobile application. The apps have been serviceable in people’s lives and help them to grow. However, there are plenty of ideas on which we need to put lights on. So, today we will tell you 40+ best app ideas for startups in 2021.

The concept and ideas are fresh, unique, and are highly in demand. You will find the app ideas that haven’t been made and probably will create some history. According to a report, in 2021, 90% of people will consume mobile apps, and there will be more than 7 billion mobile users all over the world. The article is all about app ideas for startups. It is pretty helpful and practically acknowledged in the world of mobile applications.

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Best App Ideas For Startups, Beginners, College Students

The mobile app ideas 2021 can modify the very essence of your business. The list mentioned below is 40+ best app ideas for startups in 2021- which should be on the list of every entrepreneur:

1) On-demand Apps Ideas

Let’s start with the most trending one on the list of mobile app ideas of 2021. On-demand application development has delivered a revolution to humans. No matter it is a booking app, walking apps, grocery apps, and the list goes on. It has domain several sectors and will continue to be in the upcoming years.

2) Silent Mode App Idea

Silent Mode App is the perfect app for people who forget to keep their phone silent. It will save them from embarrassing moments and avoid such situations. With user location, the app will switch to silent mode automatically; it is indeed a trending app idea for beginners. Trust us- this idea will save so many oops moments for several people.

3) Instant Translation App

This idea is for the people who travel often and has trouble communicating with others in their native language. The apps will instantly translate the words, phrases, or sentences, and the best part is that it will be instant. So, while interacting with each other- you do not break the flow and continue the communication.

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4) Advance Travel App

Like language, traveling to an unknown land can be challenging. But what if an app shows you about tourist places and popular things which you should visit. Well, it sounds good- and if you are a startup company- you should go for this idea. With such ideas: tourists will enjoy more and love your mobile apps.

5)Healthcare App Ideas for Startups

After the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, we realize how vital a healthcare app is to humans. Not just for such moments, but healthcare apps are apps that never go out of style. We all need medical help at least once in our life, and healthcare apps will make everything effortless. If you do not want to take the risk, stick to healthcare apps as it always is helpful. Learn how to develop a pharmacy app?

6) Online Tutoring App

Educational apps are not a new concept, but the requirement for an online tutor is increasing. Hence, for top mobile app development companies, it is a perfect chance to start an app. The tutor will help you with your syllabus, homework, assignments, and all.

7) Crime Alert App

Sometimes crime is occurring, but we are oblivious to that situation- to avoid such criminal activity, an app should be made. The mobile app will notify you about the criminal, its background, the faces of wanted criminals, and crimes that happened to your neighborhood.

8) Food Delivery App Idea for Startups

We know it is not a new concept, and there are dozens of already existing apps- but it is still a good app idea for startups. The demand for food delivering apps is growing, and users need them more. You will need basic features like restaurant choices, delivery location, food menu, contact details, and more. Check Best 5 Food Delivery Apps in the USA You Must Consider.

9) Work From Home Opportunities Apps

In the last two years, we have come across that several jobs can be done remotely and function absolutely fine. After observing it, multiple companies have started hiring, and employees also begin looking for a job that can function from home. It is an ideal startup app idea for beginners, as people are looking for an app that has all information regarding work-from-home opportunities apps.

10) Invites App ideas for Beginners

The last movement can be hectic, and many times- we forget something important in the middle of chaos. Invite apps will help you to organize the event and create a list of to-do tasks. It will send invitations to the people quickly. The mobile apps idea will be a big hit for the party people.

Trending App Ideas for Startups & Beginners in 2021

11) Table Reservation Graphically Apps

Few are very specific when it comes to sitting at the table of the restaurant or maybe because of privacy, or a special date it could be any occasion. For them, it is perfect; mobile app development that should consider this fabulous idea to create an app. The best part- you can add is to show them graphically and let them choose the table they want.

12) Auto Answering App Ideas for College Students

Acquiring an auto-answering call is one of the easy startup app ideas for students which will be a hit in the world of application. The fundamental concept of starting these auto-answering apps is to present the opportunity to the users to enable their apps to answer the call while driving, riding, doing any other activity.

13)Find Me Song app idea for beginners

Some songs are stuck in our minds, and we are not able to recognize the exact tune for them- this mobile app for you. The find me song app will search that tone that the user is listening to, and will automatically display the result with its download link. Another feature is that they can write the word or tune of the song, and it will show the result. Learn how to make a music streaming app?

14) Food Giving App idea for beginners

In the startup app ideas for beginners, an app should be made for a social cause. Create an app where people can contribute or give food to needy people; it can fulfill their hunger, and no one needs to waste the food. The concept of the food give-away apps will be to help others.

15) Use of Fridge App idea for beginners

The use of Fridge apps will show you what is in your refrigerator and what should be missing in it. The mobile app will be helpful to know what to cook and how to use the fridge most appropriately. Till now these app ideas haven’t been made yet.

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16) Motivational App Idea

We all need motivation at one point, and imagine having an app that helps you stay motivated and inspired. Create an app where people can find motivational ideas, videos, concepts, photos, audio, and whatnot. Design an app and give the likely program to the people yielding ideas with the users.

17) Re-cycle Helper App Idea for Business

This app can browse your trash container and find if the degradable and non-degradable waste has been well placed in the bins apiece. Mobile app development is helping to make a town or place better and clean.

18) Stick To Your Wish App

We all make a wish- but not many people remain to fulfill that wish. Create a mobile app that continually reminds you about the purpose, encourages people to put the effort into it. There can also be features to establish standard goals.

19) Where to Deliver App

The mobile app idea will present information about channels that are available to deliver goods or products. It can also notify you of their location, especially when they are shipping your goods. The user can see the exact location and know on which precise it will be delivered.

20) Investment Suggesting App

An app that shows where to invest and what should be your next move is excellent. The app will provide you with consultation with the market experts to understand suggestions. The mobile app development companies should prefer it as it is unique and helpful. The mobile app will also show you the time and how many users are ready to invest. Must Read how to build a personal finance app?

Must Read Mobile App Ideas for Startups, Beginners & College Students

21) Scan and PDF converter App

The mobile app will help you to scan your copies, documents, and other files. Not just that; it will help you to convert your PDF format. For business work, it is an instant solution that should be adopted by everyone.

22) Product Authenticity Verification App

Imagine you order a product, and after a few months you find out that it is not genuine; what will you do? Not just online, sometimes in the offline market- we are unable to recognize the authentic product. Startups can generate an app that helps users verify the authenticity of the product by simply scanning the product.

23) Subscription Alert App Idea for Business

Now, users are subscribed to multiple mobile apps and website channels for personal or professional use. The app will inform you and help you maintain track of all your subscriptions and notes that you necessitate paying when the deadline arrives.

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24) Women Safety Alert App Idea for Students

It is essential for startups to create a women’s safety alert app. The feature needs to add is location, urgent contact number, alert of unsafety, and many more. The integration of technology and cause will help women to stay safe and secure.

25) Virtual Cook Simple App Ideas

Apps for the ones who are always confused about what to cook and how to cook. The mobile apps will recommend the recipe for cooking food with the list of ingredients you have. It will make your cooking simple and delicious. The mobile apps will save a lot of time and money and be a good opportunity for app ideas for students.

26) Housekeeper Finding App Idea for Students

One of the greatest annoyances users regularly face during peak time is to find housekeepers that can easily manage the task and duties. So forming a housekeeping finder app can be a fabulous idea for startups.

27) Use and Return App Idea for College Students

Another brilliant social cause for app ideas for startups 2021. The app will allow you to use a few products or stuff, and return them after a specific time. By this, you can use that product, and yet you can feel that you have not spent much money after it. You can also call it a trial basis where if you like that product you purchase it, and if you did not then you return it. However, it should be maintained disciplinarily- otherwise, people will misuse it, and no one will prefer to use your app.

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28) Song For Your Mood App

There are two types of people: one who has the same playlist and listens to their favorite song. And the second are the ones who like to listen to songs as per their mood. The mobile app will play music according to user mood, like if it’s a lazy day and users feeling that- the mobile app will play songs that are suitable for a lazy day.

29) Water-reminder App

Keeping yourself hydrated is so vital and a must thing to do daily. There should be an app that keeps you reminded to drink water. It will improve your lifestyle and health. The app should have a feature where the person can set limits and extend their amount as per their choice.

30) Consulting Application

One of the trending app ideas for beginners is Consulting application. It is a promising app that will help you to consult services. It could be from any field such as psychology, lawyers, doctors, experts, and many more. Online consulting services not just assist in maintaining time but also empower users to receive services in real-time.

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31) Make Money with Booking Share App

What a pleasant thought it is to share a book with someone. It could turn reality and transform into a mobile application. The mobile apps will allow you to share the book with your partner online- there will be two slides individually so no confusion can create among each other.

32) Event Management App

The event Management App will help you to manage the event with you. The mobile apps will have a list, tasks to follow, what is required, and many others- therefore, you can make sure your event is going according to your plan.

33) Make Money with Ecommerce App Ideas

One of the trending apps of the mobile application is the e-commerce app. For a startup, it is a magnificent idea as the demand for e-commerce apps is high. The e-commerce platform will sell necessary, luxury, and many products or items.

34) Cloud Kitchen App

It might seem similar to delivery apps, but it is not. The mobile app is an exclusive app for that cloud kitchen app. The mobile apps will show you what is going on inside the cloud kitchen- if your food is ready or not when it will be delivered, and all. Cloud kitchen is the kitchen- that is run personally by owners who do not have a restaurant or cafe to sit in; their entire business is operated online.

35) Home Automation App

It is a unique app and an amazing one for the startup. The mobile application indicates the function of advanced technology. The app will show you if your home light is on and allow you to turn it off. Save your money and energy just by acquiring a home automation App through which you can obtain things through a phone screen.

36) Find a Tenant

Getting a tenant is a challenging task, but what if there are apps that find your tenant in one click. The apps will make a group for both- the one who is looking for a tenant and for the landlords. It makes everything easy and quick during the process of a tenant.

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37) Internet Speed Checker App

This app presents your internet speed in the status bar and illustrates the amount of data utilized in the notification panel. The apps will support the user to control network links anytime while they are practicing their device.

38) Public Transport App Ideas

One of the significant app ideas for startups in 2021 is the public transport app. The mobile app will recommend the users with the most proper transport choice for them, that would be affordable and will get them to their destination on time.

39) Police Alarm App

The mobile apps will alert you regarding safety. If any crime occurs or you are witnessing it, you can alert the police with a police alarm app. It will have GPS that will help to track the crime scene and criminal activity.

40)Save My Document App

Everything is digital, and now saving documents has become essential. The mobile app will save all the necessary documents which you will need for your work. It will save your time and make your work efficient.

Bonus: 2 More App Ideas for Beginners

41) Room Cleaning App

How cool it will be to have someone who can clean and organize your room. The mobile app will help you to hire a person who can clean your room and enable users to get a room cleaning service. Learn how to develop a home service app?

42) Where is My Stuff App

Sometimes we forget things, even though it is right there and we have kept it. The mobile app will help you to find your lost items like tv remote, keys, or many others. It will have an in-built GPS system which will help you to find your lost items.

Conclusion: Mobile App Ideas for Startups

Those were the ideas which you should really consider if you are a startup company. The mobile app development company will evolve your business idea into the definitive product.

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