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We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
We hereby declare that we do not provide individuals with monetary compensation, freelancing opportunities, or part-time jobs. Any claims or offers suggesting otherwise are false and should be disregarded.
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    10 Best Game Companies in Chicago (2024)

    Updated Date: April 12, 2024
    Written by Hemendra Singh
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    The Chicago market is full of game development companies that are doing wonders. Game companies in Chicago are constantly upping their game by using AR/VR technologies to catch the attention and interest of game players. Chicago gaming companies are doing excellent jobs in developing fighting, arcade, shooting, and puzzle-based games. Not to forget that games and Chicago share deep connections, given that it was the first one to launch world-famous games like Arcade Bars and Pinball.

    So, if you have a compelling game idea and are looking for reliable Chicago game developers, this article is for you! We have enlisted the most remarkable and top game developers in Chicago.

    Continue reading till the end to learn about the best-ranking Chicago game studios and how to pick the right one! Let’s begin.

    Top 10 Video Game Companies in Chicago

    Developers from Chicago game development companies deliver elite gaming solutions with perfect graphics, animations, features, rewards, and more. They use advanced gaming techniques and create games that are all platform friendly and much loved by the players.

    Have a look at the 10 best-reviewed gaming development companies in Chicago below.

    Nine Hertz 2008 225+
    Wishbone Club 2019 19+
    Iron Galaxy Studios 2011 350+
    Kevuru Games 1982 1000+
    High Voltage Software 1993 200+
    JackBox Games 1995 40+
    Babaroga 2001 NA
    Wargame Chicago- Baltimore 1997 160+
    Jintronix 2012 14+
    Lightstream 2014 25+

    1. The NineHertz: Best Game Development Company in Chicago

    The NineHertz is a well-known Atlanta-based video game development company serving in Chicago. With 200+ game developers and more than 10 years of experience, it has developed many exciting and engaging games for the Chicago market.

    The company experts keep experimenting with a new era of digital experience that can amaze everyone, building compelling games for PC, mobile and online platforms. Rated amongst the top gaming companies, they are adept at developing all sorts of games – Casino, Unity, NFT, 3D, and more. Some of the famous games by the company include Real Car Racing games for PC, Endless Runner, and Pizza Maker VR. With NineHertz, you can rest assured that your games will turn out to be just how you imagined them.

    2. Wishbone Club

    Launched in 2019, Wishbone Club is a reliable company for fostering positive game experiences to increase downloads and plays, resulting in profits for operators. The company rewards clients with engaging and exciting games, bringing to life your dream world. Moreover, it makes gaming rewards for medical-related company products.

    Wishbone Club has customized engagement paths that cover games like trivia and treasure hunts. Playing such games results in improving player choices to achieve better lifestyles. If your gaming idea relates to treasure hunts and questionnaires, you can surely reach out to game developers from Wishbone Club.

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    3. Iron Galaxy Studios

    Iron Galaxy Studios is one of the top-ranking Chicago gaming companies. The company has 60+ shipped titles, 10+ platforms, and 20+ partners, sharing great relationships with industry giants and helping clients create engaging games.

    As one of the best gaming studios for developing fighting games, Microsoft has recommended it to lead the making of fighting game franchises, Xbox One and Killer Instinct. This gaming company is growing yearly in terms of clients and IP development. Some of the popular games Iron Galaxy has worked for include Fortnite, Conan Exiles, Fallout 4 XR, Video Ball, and 7 Days To Die. Undoubtedly, they are your ideal game development partner who will transform your imagination into reality.

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    4. Kevuru Games

    Kevuru Games offers a complete range of mobile game development solutions. The company keeps looking for new ways to create and present the most thrilling games. Serving clients globally, Kevuru Games has successfully completed 50+ projects for partners and their portfolios with their expert team of 350+ developers and programmers who create games across multiple genres and styles.

    You can freely rely on Kevuru Games to develop and skyrocket your gaming idea. Some selected projects include Monster Legends, Claire Hart, Big Farm, Comics Bob, Star Wars, and Empire Age Of Knights. Fueled by a passion for creating legendary games and adopting client-centered practices, they will undoubtedly make an unforgettable gaming experience for your dear audience.

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    5. High Voltage Software

    With 200+ employees, High Voltage Software company is one of the oldest in Chicago. Launched in 1993, the company earned popularity after the launch of the game- Hunter: The Reckoning. The company has not stopped since then and has given the best game projects in the market, including the distribution of The Conduit and Nintendo Wii Console. One of their most cherished works is the famous game “The Walking Dead: Saint and Sinners.”

    High Voltage Software company is authorized developers for PS4, PS5, XBOX (X series), XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, and oculus. The expert game veterans have extensive hands-on experience in VR gaming development. Their game developers are creative, passionate, and driven to offer the best-quality game graphics and user experience, ensuring to deliver the best.

    6. Jackbox Games

    Jackbox Games, Inc. is a Chicago gaming company famous for its series – You Don’t Know Jack and The Jackbox Party Pack. Launched in 1995, the studio operated by the name “Jellyvision Games” till 2001.

    With a team of 40+ game developers, graphic designers, and HTML5 experts, Jackbox Games is one of the leading Chicago game companies. Its Chicago game developers have worked for Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing game for PS3, PS4, Amazon TV, and XBOX One.

    The company develops mobile, console, Amazon fire TV, PC party games, and more. In addition to single and duo players, they also offer games that can be played with 10 to 10,000 players. So, if your game idea involves multi players, reaching out to Jackbox Games in Chicago is the best option.

    7. Babaroga

    Chicago game developers from Babaroga create enticing games that will take your audience by surprise. Babaroga is a full-service game development company that started in Chicago in the year 2001. It has contributed 75+ titles and earned several industry awards like PocketGamer, AISAS (DICE), IGN, and Air Gamer.

    Babaroga has created its framework to support gaming projects that need high performance and fidelity. It offers full engine support for phones and tablets, PCs, 2D/3D graphics, HTTP, BT, and WIFI networking. Further, it shares a single code base platform that offers less maintenance. Its cross-platform decreases porting time and join the same code for Android, Win, and iOS. All in all, they will help you create a seamless gaming experience.

    8. Wargaming Chicago- Baltimore

    Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore is one of the top Chicago game companies operating in Illinois and Hunt Valley, Maryland. The company has over 50+ passionate employees continuously contributing to an industry-leading environment. It is responsible for video games like World of Tanks and Wargaming’s Flagship Title.

    The game developers are accomplished artists, engineers, and programmers in Chicago. Wargaming Chicago Baltimore has also grown its presence in eSports gaming with Wargaming.net League. Its games are Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4 friendly. So, if your idea relates to wargames or esports, Wargaming Chicago- Baltimore can be a great help.

    9. Jintronix

    Jintronix Studio turns physical exercises into an interactive gaming experience. It is a health and technology-based company that gives fantastic motion sensors with games. The company works with real-life therapists and assists them in bringing the next level of patient care, allowing the elderly to recover from various health issues.

    Games by Jintronix are used in several nursing homes, hospitals, and health care units for unique and fun approaches to helping sufferers recover from illnesses. So, if your gaming idea has a cause to help others, you should connect with Jintronix game developers.

    10. Lightstream

    Founded in 2014, Lightstream successfully runs in Chicago with 25+ passionate and energy-driven game developers. The company aims to create software that allows anyone to present their talent and skills to the world.

    Lightstream developers have a big idea for the upcoming live streaming industry. Apart from other streaming apps, the Lightstream platform supports YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, and Twitch. The company builds tools that let gamers modify their streams with guest options for multiplayer, their original images, and logos.

    Benefits of Hiring A Chicago Gaming Company

    game development companies in chicago
    Hiring developers from game companies in Chicago is a recent yet profitable trend. Game designing and development involve many tasks. Game operators assign these tasks to reliable game developers because professional game veterans are skilled in turning your game idea into reality.

    So, if you are confused about hiring a Chicago gaming company, check out the benefits of hiring developers from Chicago game studios.

    Faster Development Process

    The game development process is quicker when you hire a professional game developer provider. Game companies in Chicago have experienced game developers who have the proper knowledge, tools, and software to get your work done in the shortest time span, allowing you to enter the gaming market at the earliest possible.


    Hiring a professional Chicago game company to develop your game is better than hiring different freelance professionals. This way, you can be assured that you won’t have to go back and forth between other professionals or coordinate them. It also becomes easier to avoid delays which may increase your development costs. Furthermore, several companies offer custom packages for your projects, which can be priced lower than standard packages.

    Security and Compliance

    You must follow certain norms and regulations during development to avoid legal issues. A game development company will help you avoid these legal troubles by ethically developing games with the licensed software. Also, maintaining game security is essential. Professional game developers are skilled in detecting and rectifying threats and making the game secure.

    Stress-Free Development Process

    Game development is a step-by-step process requiring much attention and efficiency. To ensure that your game can compete with top-notch games like Candy Crush, Free Fire, and PubG, you must ensure it is bug-free and perfect. And this can be pretty stressful.

    When you appoint a professional game developer, you can enjoy a stress-free process. Experts will see to all the processing as well as keep you informed about every game development from scratch. Consequently, you can enjoy a hassle-free creation and launch of your game.

    Tips To Choose A Reliable Video Game Studio in Chicago

    Video Game Studio in Chicago
    Chicago gaming companies constantly compete to offer the best-quality game design, programming, and launches. You can benefit too if you select the right game studio in Chicago.

    Before choosing any game companies in Chicago, here are a few points to consider.

    1. Development Services

    An ideal game development company offers various services like iOS/ Android, HTML5 game development, arcade game, and more. The more the type of services provided by a gaming company, the better the options for you. Thoroughly check their listed services and see if they match your requirements. Furthermore, enquire about the level of expertise they have in the listed services.

    2. Studio’s Profile

    A gaming studio’s portfolio tells about the types of game development projects it takes, the success rates, and its expertise. Usually, a good studio portfolio is extensive with case studies and results. You can also check with their previous clients and see how their experience working with the company was.

    3. Studio’s Reputation

    Always search for a gaming developer with a good reputation. Check the company’s review online, work history, client feedback, reviews, and ratings for past projects. Furthermore, it is advised to choose a gaming studio that is well-experienced and has taken on similar projects in the past. If you come across an issue that was mentioned by previous clients, discuss it with the company. Clearly outline your expectations and see if they can meet them.

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    4. Look For Technical Expertise

    Before picking one from several Chicago game companies, you should check the technical knowledge of game developers. Choose a game-developing company after you are fully satisfied with their expertise. Evaluate their ability in creating the design, developing layout, HTML5, codes, stacks, animation designs, and other aspects of development. This will help you gauge if they will be able to meet your requirements.

    To Conclude: Game Development Companies in Chicago

    Hiring one of the leading Chicago game studios is an excellent option for your upcoming gaming project. However, to enjoy maximum benefits from any Chicago gaming company, you must find and select the best one. Consider all aspects of development, chart out your needs, and compare these companies in great detail. Finally, choose the one that best meets your requirements to ensure you build a game that offers an unforgettable experience to your audience.

    FAQs on Best Game Development Company in Chicago

    Q.1 What are the qualities of a good game developer?

    Hiring a good game developer is central to your development process. Some of the qualities of a good game developer include having an in-depth knowledge of the developing process and game platforms. Furthermore, they must know how to tackle security issues and polish your ideas.

    Q.2 Which field is the best for video game development?

    Adequate knowledge of computer science, software engineering, designing, and related fields are necessary to become a game designer/developer. One should be excellent in programming languages like C++ or Java and have skills in AI, networks, game physics, and graphics.

    Q.3 Can someone steal my game idea?

    Yes, but not totally. You cannot copyright the theme or game mechanics you use. The rule book is the only thing that can only be copyrighted. Yet, it is sometimes rephrased, and that’s legal. The last option is to patent your game, but it is expensive.

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